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The secret to knowing how to eliminate stress from your life may seem a mystery. Yet you can learn how to reduce stress naturally and actually quite simple. The best stress reducer is available everywhere and at any time. to relieve stress and anger or any other negative emotion is to replace it with Peace and joy, for short put learn stress relief techniqueslove in your heart. Peace is a wonderful state of mind and heart. It will soothe the savage beast within us all. The same holds true for joy. When you have any of these wonderful gifts in your heart and are acting upon them, your life is wonderful and relaxed. It is one of the easiest and least intrusive ways of how to relieve stress and anxiety. No meds required!

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenges

How To Eliminate Stress With Ease And Grace

When peace enters your heart happiness abounds for you and all those around you. Many would say that this is a fairy tale life and just doesn’t exist because we live in this world of strife and anxiety. It does not have to be so. The point is you have ways to relieve anxiety and the ability to make your life what you wish it to be. Have you ever met someone who brought peace and tranquility everywhere they went? Our guest tonight, who has had more than four decades teaching wellness and consciousness, is exactly that type of individual. Swami Tirtha “The Orange Cowboy” joins us today and brings us some wonderful gifts.

Swami began having spiritual experiences at the tender age of 10. These have altered his life in divine ways and set him on the road to what he considers his divine destiny. Life has had its bumps for Swami who experienced a devastating tragedy at the age of 17 which he survived by seeking spiritual pathways. This life journey brought him to understand his passion and life purpose and personal mission of spreading joy wherever his feet take him, strengthening their communication with their intuition or angels. People he speaks with report rediscovering their joy, authenticity, and even better decision-making abilities all of which are stress relief techniques. Some have considered having created miracles in their lives and careers.

How To Eliminate Stress With The Orange Cowboy

Swami’s undertaking is to be an emissary of love and work towards creating world peace. Of course, he knows he cannot do this alone so he has a plan which includes employing the popular venue of film. He is actually working on his first movie which will be a comedy about listening to your heart and trusting your authenticity. You can feel the faith that emanates from Swami, that it will have a global impact on our innermost being internationally.

Ayurveda Encyclopedia was Swami’s first book and became an overnight success. His other writings include Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times, Ayurveda Primer, 21 Days of Joy and the Stress-Free College Student [listed on Bryant University’s Pinterest page next to the Top Books that Changed the World]. As well as being an author and teacher the Swami is the host of his own TV show, “Talking with Our Angels” and one interesting fact about him is that he has spoken to White House’s commission on alternative medicine.

Here Are Some Of The Questions We Ask Swami:

  • Tell us about your new TV show – what is it about?
    What is Ayurveda, Energy healing?
  • Is there a relationship between Ayurveda, shamanic energy healing and angels for you?
  • You speak about the Age of Celebration; can you explain that?
  • What is your take on creating a community with like-minded healers and guides and how is that beneficial?
  • What are you doing with Ayurveda these days; have you updated your teaching methods?
  • How did you choose to write a book about Joy?
  • Many people do not feel they have a clear reason what they are on the planet for; do you have any advice about finding one’s vision?

As well as being an author and teacher the Swami is the host of his own TV show, “Talking with Our how to reduce stress naturallyAngels” and one interesting fact about him is that he has spoken to White House’s commission on alternative medicine. You can Swami at

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to reduce stress and tension
  • How to control anger and frustration
  • Natural stress relief

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Eliminate Stress And Tension From Your Life, and relax with Swami Tirtha as he gives us a wonderful meditation.

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