How To Develop Patience – The Fourth Chakra Part 2

how to develop patience by opening the heart chakra
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How To Develop Patience And Accept Yourself And Your Life!

Learning how to develop patience is a key to a happy life. It is the fundamental principle in being able to accept yourself and others. It is a major aspect of your heart chakra awakening. This challenge is all about acceptance. To be able to accept yourself and your life exactly as it is. Accept the people in your life and the situation in the world. Let go of your blocks to accepting all as it is as well as your judgments or your need to fix situations and people

It can certainly be a learning experience to have your affinity and oneness without needing to do anything. Yet the truth is that by manifesting your affinity, you are affecting the reality of others and you are influencing the world.

So develop your patience and neutrality and allow awareness and acceptance of the ugly and beautiful and not judging the overall plan are some of the signs of heart chakra opening.

The Temptation To Play God When Opening The Fourth Chakra

Another common pattern in opening the heart chakra and experiencing oneness is to start to believe that you know what is best for others and the world around you. Once you have a glimpse of the “Great All That Is” (God) you may start to believe that you know what is right and how things should be and you may want to fix everything according to this.

From our limited view, the temptation can be to try to make the world all beautiful, loving and perfect. Yet it’s important to understand that only God is whole and has the full picture. It is true that we are part of God, but not that we can view the world from the same perspective as God. It is not possible for us to know the entirety of the Divine Plan and the meaning behind many things is hidden from our limited view.

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Closing The Fourth Chakra Down

Many people are living with a closed heart chakra and do this purposely as a survival technique. They do this to protect themselves from pain, but this causes a heart chakra imbalance and has the opposite effect of that which is desired. It is quite common for a person to close the heart chakra down and then look for others to blame. They are at fault because they do not love us enough. This only enhances the sense of self isolation and makes for more misery. You do not have to close the fourth chakra down to survive painful experiences. In fact, it’s much better to keep it open and allow energy to flow through it so that the pain is released and not stored there.

Learning how to open your heart chakra with meditation is of the best ways to reactivate an underactive heart chakra or create a re-balancing, a healing if you will. An open heart chakra feels like bliss at times and will give you the ability to perceive your life and that of those around you in a truly spiritual way because you have learned how to develop patience and acceptance for all.

Now that you have now mastered How To Develop Patience there is more to gain from the heart chakra. The first part of this series How To Overcome Loneliness – The Fourth Chakra Part 1 helps you live a full, happy life.

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