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how to communicate with a deceased pet
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Have You Lost A Wonderful Animal Companion!

Today we look at how to communicate with a deceased pet as well as grief counseling for owners of lost pets. Even though I do advertise it I can communicate with pets that have passed. We do not have pets because it is a fad or the thing to do. They are special. There is avisits from dog spirits after death very specific bond that occurs with pets and their human families. Because of this, you don’t have to make a large leap to believe that they can come back to visit after they have passed. It makes sense. They are spirit beings just like us on their specific journeys. We are all equals in spirit form. I receive questions from my students about their deceased pets quite often like ‘will I see my dog in the afterlife and will my dead dog visit me’.

Most of us like animals and have pets that we love. It is sad when we lose these additions to our families. Wouldn’t communicating with pets in the afterlife be wonderful? We look for closure with human family members by going to channels. You can also visit mediums for deceased pets to do the same for your pets that have crossed over. Amazingly, you can communicate with animals spiritually just like people. Just like with people you can learn how to use an open heart and telepathic animal communication to understand who animals truly are. It is also our responsibility to treat them accordingly.

Signs From Pets In Heaven

Many people see or sense their cats or dog spirits after death quite often. Some do not recognize the visits. some even try to deny it. So how would you know if these wonderful creatures are trying to get a hold of you? Here are some ways…

  • If your pet is very strong in your thoughts and you begin to feel them next to you.
  • Maybe you recognize a specific odor associated with them.
  • One of their toys or other pet paraphernalia may just show up.
  • They come in dreams just like relatives do.
  • You may see them running the halls of your home.
  • Then there is the pitter-patter of little paws. You may hear their footfalls.

How To Talk To Animals Telepathically!signs from deceased pets

All animals use telepathy to communicate with each other. You have seen it in action but are probably not aware. Have you seen two dogs playing with each other or having some sort of dispute? This is all carried out on a non-verbal level. They were talking amongst themselves telepathically.

We too are all able to communicate Telepathically. It is one of the many psychic abilities that all people are born with. Regrettably, most of us are socialized to the point of having this gift go dormant as we learn how to use speech and comprehend words. With a little effort and practice, You can recover your abilities.

One interesting thing about telepathy is that time and space cause no limitations. You can tune in to individuals anywhere in the world. Once you rediscover this gift it is a small step to speaking with deceased spirits especially loved ones who have passed over. This also includes animals especially pets.

Animals have a desire to make themselves aware to you, to be heard. Animal Communicators can be a source of gaining a more profound understanding of animal friends both alive and who have passed that usually ends with more awareness.

How To Communicate With A Deceased Pet

Today our guest, Animal Communicator Theresa Wagner, will be sharing stories from animals both on the earth and from the other side.

Teresa has had a deep love for animals all of her life and so when she began communicating with them it was no surprise. It is being with animals that brings her to the core of her soul while here on earth. Being with and helping animals and the people who love them provides meaning, guidance, joy, and purpose in her life. In 1991 she began working as a professional animal communicator and has worked with over 12,000 clients in over 20 countries since that time. Teresa also specializes in grief support and has worked as a pet loss grief counselor since 1986. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and founded The Animal Loss and Grief Support Institute which offers classes and certification in pet loss grief counseling.

You can contact Teresa at and

Here are some questions we will be asking Teresa during our interview:

  • When did you first discover you could listen to the animals?
  • What is animal communication and how does it work?
  • Tell us more about telepathic communication?
  • When should you use animal communication & how can it help?
  • Can you tell us some stories about communicating with animals on the other side?
  • How can you help someone who is grieving for the loss of a pet?
  • Can you give us some examples of how you work with human and animal clients
  • In communicating with animals, why is it important to honor each animal as an individual, sentient being rather than relying on archetypes about animals?
  • What is the biggest revelation you have had about animals so far?
  • What domestic animal is the most misunderstood?
  • You have an animal communication training program – tell us about it.
  • What is your mission – what would make you say your life was a success?
  • Do animals have individual souls or a group soul?
  • If you had some quick advice to give to animal lovers about how they can become closer to their animals by communicating with them, what would you say?

Man’s Best Friend

Reach out to me, from beyond the veil
Reach out to this, life so frail
And I will walk with you awhile
And I will live for your smile
Take my hand and we can go
Take my hand, I love you so
I know your pain; I know your fear
So, lift your head, for I am here
To stand beside, to walk you through
Take my hand, for I love you

By Danielle Ruegg © 2001

Whether you are a pet owner or just love animals join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Communicate With A Deceased Pet when we speak with Theresa Wagner about how to talk to animals and understand them as well as communicating with deceased pets.

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34 Comments on “How To Communicate With A Deceased Pet! – UYTI147”

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  2. Hi Lesley,

    Is there any update on the cat, Loki, who got lost? Did it’s previous owner try to retrieve that poor kitty? That story broke my heart! But happy to hear that Loki is okay.

    1. Sorry, Samantha for my tardiness in replying to you. However, sadly Loki did not return. We were all sad about it. I never did get back in touch with her family to see if he had visited. Thank you for your concern,

      1. Hey I lost my dog Suki she had brown hair she was a pitbull boxer and lab mix she was the same age as me I really want to know how she is doing and if she is happy up there

    2. dear doctor lesley i lost my cat dory and she was my bestfriend and i swear i saw her go under my bed can see if she is happy up there and maybe tell me becasue im so devastated and i miss her Rip baby.

  3. Dear Dr. Lesley,
    Hello. My name is Sherri Moore and I really need your help. My cat Socks passed away in my arms at home on Thursday March 14, 2019. He was 16 years old and had suddenly become sick with a fever, constipation and started wheezing. I rushed him to the vet the two days prior to his passing and the vet came to our home Thursday morning. He wasn’t well. I am devastated beyond words and I am an absolute mess to be honest. I live on a farm and I love all of my animals. The one’s I currently care for and one’s who have passed away, but Socks the Cat is my best friend and I love him dearly. You see, I owned a retirement home just 5 minutes away from my home on 18 acres and Socks the Cat was the Therapy Cat up until I sold my retirement home almost two years ago. He was loved by so many elderly people during that time. He wasn’t like other cats. He was very different. Please tell me he is in Heaven and he is alright. I just want to him to know I love him. He was my best friend and I feel so lost and alone. He’s been by my side for 16 years and I just want to hear from him if I can. Thank you for your help and listening. I don’t have many friends and honestly, I don’t think people understand that he was everything to me.

    1. Thank you for sharing this story. I am sure many people would understand. Socks is alright and could sense you loved him while he was alive. I still sense his a part of his energy is with you and its a happy picture of you stroking him and both of you being enthralled with each other and happy sharing loving moments.

    2. Sounds like FIP, I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my precious girl cat to FIP because she was misdiagnosed vets thought it was cancer, but now that I’ve been helping other cats with FIP i know 100% that’s what it was. If only i knew.

    3. Hello Sherri, I just had to reach out to you because i am experiencing the same thing! My soul kitten of 18 years passed away 3 weeks ago in my arms at home also. I’m a complete mess and just wanted to say i’m here if you need to talk since we are going through the same thing. I’m very sorry for your loss, this is the worst pain ever.

  4. Dear Dr.Lesley,

    My dog Jake passed away after having stage four of heart worms. I sat with him until the vet had to put him to sleep, because he was in to much pain. I was wondering could u sense him for me, so I get can get some closure, and if you do can you tell him I will always love him.

  5. My dog was missing three days after i found her dead she was really nothing but a skelton really and there were fur left im really still grieving pretty bad exspecially cause i lost her mother also last year i got closure by finding her but i really would like to know how she died and did she suffer does she forgive me and will she try to communicate with me and the reason i say that is because the day after she was missing in front of my yard is our road and across on the other side of the road is some woods i knew and never will i forget her bark but when i was yelling out for her i would hear her right there but when i got closer it stopped but there was a hill up to flat surface from road before the woods where i never walked up to i just stayed on road and looked and listened never saw anything so i went back home still i would hear her from same spot everyday untill that third day a child seen my missing poster with her pic and said he seen her dead and when the child took me to her was that very same spot except i had to walk up the embankment and there was her skelton and the smell was awful it was like she was barking from dead to let me know where to find her

    1. Dear Crystal I am sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. You are welcome to book a session with me if you wish. Otherwise, we can do a free reading about it on the radio show. I will try to remember to print it out and take it with me BUT the best way is for you to either join the facebook group and post a question while we live stream the show ( Alternatively, you can phone into the radio show live on a Tuesday between 7 and 8 pm Pacific Time (

  6. I lost both my little cats in March and April last year, one to diabetes who was 16 (Chocolate, Moogie) and the other to a cruel disease which affected her back legs which made it necessary to put her down (Caramel, Tautus shell, also 16) and I have had some particularly strange experiences, especially just recently…I have often dreamt about both of them but about a month or so ago, I was woken up in the middle of the night by a ‘breath’ sensation on the back of my neck and its exactly the same as what Chocolate used to do in the mornings to wake me up!! And I am not imagining it and not exaggerating or making it up, its happened three times now… I often used to chase Caramel for fun down the hallway of my apartment and later when I moved into our office here in Melbourne, Australia…I am constantly getting little messages and having dreams about them…It’s incredible…And the feeling that goes through me when I feel this sensation on the back of my neck, gets me actually talking to both of them now the way I used to as if they were right next to me…Maybe its all in my head, I don’t know…but it seems real..Do you think perhaps that it is actually them or am I going crazy??… They were in my bedroom in my office that I’m living in now, both of them, shortly before they died so maybe they’re still lurking around in spirit?? One of their toys (i have a whole bag of them) managed to fall out while I was rearranging some cases the other day and the way it ‘fell out’ was a bit odd and it attracted my attention – I still have their dinner bowl and water bowl…The only thing I haven’t heard is a meow!! Dreams are full on and constant and intensifying all the time and becoming more and more common…

    1. Hello Craig, thanks for writing in. I reckon that the purpose of this experience is to help you validate, that we never actually lose any of our connections with our loved ones. Once they pass over there is still a relationship and connection. It can never be lost. You still have all the old moments with your pets and it sounds like you are creating some more.

  7. we just lost ourcat we had for 12 years and i always called sweet pea but her name was arguy
    my wife was bathing her due to fleas and suddenly she dropped dead , we have three cats the two survivors they traveled with us to florida and pigeon forge and had a ggod time playing with thme but my heart bares a heavy load , i came home and my wife said she was gone , she passed awayand icouldnot believe it , i have such a bond with herbut she always touched anything that was mine she would lay on my shoes , i gave her my old briefcase because she always laid on so when i got a new one that became hers , she would lay on my chest in bed at night kissing me and then would either sleep on pillow above my head or under the covers she always laid on my shore loved twinkies but i never got to say good buy hope she will let me know it is alright and she knows i loved her alot and she loved me alot that i know without a shadow of a doubt would like a sign from her one more last time don

  8. the other day my beloved sissypoo died in my arms it broke my heart I never wanted her to suffer. I believe after much reading she died of congestive heart failure. I cant get her out of my head , I lose interest in so much because its not the same without her . even though she was my moms dog , she and I had an unbreakable bond from the time we met she was 5 weeks old and half a pound. She was a runt of her litter a beagle/ dashound mix I was the first to feed her , take her outside and hold her . I have 14 years of wonderful memories but what keeps me up at night is hating knowing she suffered till the bitter end and I didnt see the signs . I felt her take her last breath. I wasnt prepared for that but at the same time , I wouldnt want her to be anywhere but my arms . she was the best dog ever and I wish I couldnve put her out of her misery before it was too late . I will always live with that regret

  9. we lost our dog musashi a couple of month ago due to an enlarged heart , wish i could know if he will be reincarnated and be back with us. my wife and i really loved this dog and the feeling was mutual.

  10. I recently lost my cat that I had since I was born, I remember the soft touch off his fur and I’m crying even writing this. when I needed someone to cry on he would always jump onto my bed and lay next to me and I could just lay my head down on him and let it all out, I still haven’t accepted his passing cause I just found out yesterday. it has been so hard on me because he was my best friend and I just wish I could’ve held him one last time and told him I love him and that Everything is going to be okay, but I couldn’t.. I didn’t even know until a couple days after, and I’m mad that they didn’t tell me cause I thought that I was going to see him one last time but I’m not and it hurts so bad. I know he’s flying in the sky and that I can look to the clouds and remember all of the memories and all of the good times we’ve had together, I’ll for ever miss my munson monica moon, forever in my heart.

  11. Hello, Dr. Lesley, I write to you from San Jose, Costa Rica.
    Nine days ago my Cocker Spaniel, Nelita, died of a fulminant cancer, actually, we had to put her to rest quickly because her pain was increasing, but I know she wasn’t ready to go leaving behind her beautiful life with us, her family who loves her deeply. I sense she left in complete sadness. I’ve been living in agony since then because I sense her sadness and I have tried to communicate with her but I couldn’t and I still can’t. I don’t know if I am losing it, but I heard her breathing the first two nights after her passing, you see, her cancer made it impossible for her to breath and I heard her… but I don’t know now. I light candles everyday and to talk to her but I am afraid she is also lost. For a couple of nights I lit a candle in the window for her to find her way home because she rests in an unknown place for her and it was so sudden that she didn’t even realice what happened… what happened was that the second night I saw this orange orb that moved slowly towards me and turned into a small gold flame when I tried to touch it… I don’t know, but I don’t think it was her and since then I am so scare, I even heard a male voice that night. Now I can not sleep in my room, the same room I used to share with her… besides, the lonelyness is so definitely that creates a painful hole in my heart. I can’t sleep at all, the emptiness is so grand. I swear, I rather not sleep than waking up to the realisation that she is no longer with me.
    Can anyone help me? I need to know if she is fine and that she forgave me. I think she died because of me. I also promised her that there would be no more pain but it is so painful to know that even if she was 14 years of age she wanted to live so much.
    Please, help, I am deeply sad, almost going crazy.

  12. Veronica….I feel your pain. I lost my beloved Charlie just about 7 weeks ago. I feel lost, guilt, and so much sorrow. For the first month, I cried several times a day over the loss of my dog….he was only 8 years old. Now when I close my eyes I see him in the animal hospital ….,,it is a nightmare. His passing was an accident that I feel is my fault. I accidentally left a small bag of kitchen garbage on the railing and in the morning he ran down the stairs and ate what was inside. I have never left this before and the guilt is just overwhelming. It is very hard to forgive yourself and every day I talk to him….telling him how sorry I am. I am 72 years old and alone…so he was so very special to me. He was my best friend and loving companion, replacing the children who gave forgotten me and grandchildren I do not get to see. I understand your feeling of emptiness as I experience it daily. My so called friends are cruel and not understanding. One even went so far as to tell me to dig my grave and bury my self. Heartless…… I don’t think the saying that time is a healer really works either. I feel worse some days as the days go by.
    How does one truly forgive themselves for causing the death of their best friend. I can only hope that Charlie knows that I loved himso much….and never would have intentionally harmed him. It is the constant picture of himin the arms of a vet assistant…..and then lying on the couch with tubes and lines attached to him…his glassy eyes looking up at me and then it was over. Those are the constant nightmares that I have. If only I could go back in time and put the garbage on top of the stove like di need on a daily basis. So I just wanted to write and say you are not alone. I feel your pain and sorrow. Take care of yourself and reply if you would like.

    1. Hi Maxine,
      I know its been several weeks since you wrote this, maybe you are feeling better about the situation by now. I just wanted to say don’t let guilt overwhelm you. We all make mistakes and I am sure Charlie forgives you because pets offer unconditional love. I recently lost my beloved dog and I feel guilty too, because she became disabled and was in pain and I should have put her to sleep but I dragged it out for three months, making her suffer because I held out false hope and couldn’t deal with the idea of putting her to sleep. And when she was sick and didn’t feel like eating I’d get mad at her. I feel really guilty about that and for dragging her life out when I should have put her to sleep to end the suffering. But instead of dwelling on that I asked her forgiveness and am trying to remember the 12 good years I had with her and the great life I gave her overall. Try and focus on the good memories of Charlie, and not the one incident or mistake. If anyone is going to forgive its a dog. They forgive automatically and I guarantee Charlie wouldn’t hold it against you. I have also tried initiating communication, letting her know I am sorry and how much I loved her. I actually lost 2 dogs within a month, and the first dog that died came to me in a couple of very vivid dreams. It was interesting in that I was walking a dog that she liked who passed before she did, and I “ran into” her in the dream and left her dog friend with her. I am hoping I will communicate with the second dog soon. Praying that you will heal.

  13. Dear Dr Lesley

    I’m wondering if you are able to be in contact with two of my cats, one died yesterday due to illness that he had caught, he’s name is Coco and I’ve been emotional all day about and wants to know if he’s okay or not. On the other hand, I have another cat, he’s name is Jahseh and he has been missing a period of time and were worried sick that he might of been dead or somewhere else

  14. Dear Dr Lesley,

    I was hoping you could help. My baby Jinx (cat who was 9 years old) passed away a week ago at home. He had only been diagnosed with a suspected tumour just a week before- I didn’t even have time to accept his diagnosis, I spent the entire week until he passed researching online- we tried holistic vets (actually helped heal his paws quite a bit and he started using the toilet again!) and in the last moments I came across distance healing. I did what I could in the morning and sent thoughts as mentioned and did feel energy but I found out later that he passed. I cried for days. I had him since he was 3 weeks old, so I felt like he was my child. I suffer with adhd and anxiety, so my family told me to leave and get out of the house because I was starting to get anxiety attacks. I was wondering if you could tell me if Jinx resents me in any way for not being there in his last days. The night before he passed I FaceTimed him and his ears perked up when he recognised my voice. I also gave him kisses before I left- but part of me just didn’t believe he was as ill as the doctors said because he was so strong. I miss him dearly and just wish I could have him back. I just want to know that he knew I loved him- that I didn’t abandon him but instead went away so I could focus on researching and trying to find a cure, and that he is happy now. It would mean the world to me. Thank you.

    1. Jinx doesn’t resent you in any way and did not feel abandoned by you. He was happy being your pet.

  15. I would love to book some chat with you about my kitten wasabi, she was only 14 months and it was a traumatic experience of illness leading to her death After surgery that I’m still in shock with. I’m broken in so many ways and need to find a way to have some peace with her being gone. Depression has struck my household after her passing and I am not really sure how we can move past is. Knowing any information about her would be a blessing. Thank you!

  16. Thank you. I’m going to put money aside to be able to book. Still currently paying her medical bills. But thank you I will book as soon as I can.

    1. yes there are lots of ways – look at the header on the website thers 2 phone numbers and an email address – info[@]

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