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December 10, 2019

How To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One UYT224

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Are You Wondering How To Communicate With Spirits Of Loved Ones?

Many of you want to know how to communicate with a deceased loved one. You don’t have to how to call upon a deceased loved onehold a seance or invest in an Ouija board. You may feel that you have to somehow go out of your way to call upon a deceased loved one. Those that have passed especially loved ones tend to linger. It is more about how to tell if a deceased loved one is around than wondering if they are. They are there.

There is always the option of going to visit a medium or someone proficient in channeling spirits that will help you with the reconnection. They certainly can help you with speaking directly to these loving Spirits on the other side.

Tuning In To Signs From A Deceased Loved One

The other option is that you can learn how to do exactly that yourself for yourself. You have the ability because you were born with it. You are Spirit in physical form. Hence you have the ability. You can reconnect with these gifts. You can re-learn to read the signs of spirit presence. You can learn how to see spirits and how to interact with not only your loved ones but anyone else that has passed. You also can do so without the use of gimmicks, tools, or any third-party resources.

Believe it or not, loved ones communicating after death is not as rare as you may think. Remember that Spirit is eternal. They are not weighed down by a body so time and space do not affect or hold on to them. The issue is more about loved ones communicating after death not being heard. You just need to learn how to read the signs from a loved one in heaven. Death is not the barrier many make it out to be.

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Why Death And Grief Can Affect Afterlife Communication

First, let’s take a little look at death and grief. and the grieving process.

When you die you leave physicality behind. This means that you leave behind such things as your Body, Time, Space, duality, Body Personality. You leave behind your Temporal Self which was the container for your Spirit while in this life.

  • You are refocusing into the world of spirit (no time, no space, oneness, Multi-dimensional self).
  • You are no longer identified with your pain or other problems of your physical life.
  • You experience yourself as Spirit, your true spiritual nature, and have a wider awareness and perception than when in physical form.

Now those people who are left behind are still in the physical world. Still experience time, space, duality, physical limitations. They generally will experience the emotion of grief which is adjusting their energy to your absence in physical form.

One of the big issues is that they remember the suffering and pain around the circumstances of the death experience. They are left to contend with their beliefs, culture, and rituals around death and what this means to them. They are still experiencing themselves as being limited by physical senses.

How To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One

Can the dead hear us when we talk to them? Because of your physical nature and the emotion of grief, it can block the communication paths to the deceased Spirit. If you, who is still in physical form talks to someone who has passed on they always know. This is very important.

That means if you have something to say – all you have to do is “say” it and the message will get through. There is a very simple way to do this. Just close your eyes and ask to connect with them and think about what you want to say in your mind. They will pick it up telepathically.

How To Talk To A Spirit Of A Loved One

If someone in spirit talks to someone in the physical they do not always know. This is because of the

can the dead hear us when we talk to them
Woman On A Telephone Connected To The Sky

the physical world can be so overwhelming and tends to drown out the signals of the non-physical.

Yet, sometimes the beloved will succeed at leaving a message that can be validated in the physical. I have many personal after death communication stories as well as those of my students and clients.

Then there are the other times when you are left desperately wondering if the loved one is alright or if there is a message because you are just not capable of hearing the voice of a deceased loved one who has passed. You haven’t switched on your psychic abilities, your spiritual gift of mediumship.

The answer to this question is very simple. The loved one is always alright. They have help, guidance, are being looked after. They can experience disorientation or projections for a while, but ultimately they are helped with that.

How To Develop Mediumship?

How can we make a connection with spirit? There are some things you must understand before you can be successful.

Spirit has a high vibration and you being in this physical reality, still in your Physical body have a low vibration. The goal is to be able to match them on their vibration because they will not lower theirs. In simple terms, you need to raise your vibration. The easiest way to do this. to raise your vibrations is by meditating.

How To Become A Medium: How To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One

Here is a simple Meditation method to help you to activate your psychic ability of mediumship what is mediumand how to receive a message from a loved one in spirit…

  • Find a nice comfortable quiet spot so that you can tune out as much of the noise of the physical world as possible.
  • Relax and be receptive, do not try, let go of effort.
  • Quiet your mind and your emotions.
  • Let go of fear, anxiety, and any preconceived ideas of what they might say.
  • Believe and release doubt that you can do this.
  • And Listen.

This format should make you more receptive to the messages of spirit and can help get there on your own. If not then you could go to see someone like myself who knows how to communicate with spirit and can do so for you or train you to do so on your own. Here is a place to do exactly that Unlock Your Intuition.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth How To Communicate With A Deceased Loved One and learn to cross the barrier of after lief communications.

On this podcast you will learn:

  • The answer to “can I truly connect with spirit”?
  • What is mediumship?
  • How does mediumship work?
  • What is channeling?
  • What is the difference between mediumship and channeling?

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