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April 5, 2022

I Am Very Unhappy – Is My Heart Chakra Blocked UYT325

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The Fourth Chakra, The Heart Chakra, And You

Are you having issues understanding who you are, loving yourself, or loving others? The actual question, maybe, is your heart chakra blocked? You could definitely have a blocked Heart Chakra if you said yes to any of the above. So how do you know that you have a heart chakra blockage? What are some of the more common heart chakra blocked symptoms? And how do you clear your blocked Heart Chakra? Let’s take a look at all these points.

I Am Very Unhappy – Is My Heart Chakra Blocked?

When There Ceases To Be Joy In Your Life

Let’s talk about the blocked flow of joy. The first thing and a significant key to your happiness is understanding who you are. And, well, how does that relate to the heart chakra?

How can you love yourself if you do not know who you are? If you do not know who you are, what do you believe? Who are you loving? This is a foundation stone of all spiritual development, “know thyself.”

This was written in the ancient temples. For the initiates’ first step, you had to delve deeply and know yourself. So how do you know yourself? One of the ways is through meditation is by turning within and quieting the mind. Meditation helps by turning you away from distractions and other people in the outside world. And through self-reflection and the internal process of self-discovery, you peel away the onion layers. You get to know who you are inside, the true you.

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The Inner Journey, Heart Chakras For Beginnersunblocking sacral chakra and heart chakra imbalance

And so step one is to know yourself because you can not love yourself until you know yourself. And if you can not know and love yourself, you do not really know what love is. So how can you love anybody else? So that is the question. So what are the blocked heart chakra symptoms you need to be alert for? So we will address this in a slightly different way than just giving you a list of symptoms.

So, first of all, let’s talk about the heart chakra. The heart chakra is in the center of your chest. And if you know a bit about the chakra system, you know that there are seven main chakras. There are actually three below the heart chakra and three above the heart chakra. And those chakras or energy centers below the heart chakra, you could say, have a little more focus on the physical reality. The three energy centers or chakras above the heart chakra, you could say, have more of a focus on a spiritual reality. So the lower chakras have got your information about the physical world about physical reality.

What Are The 7 Chakras And The Chakras’ Meanings?

  • The first chakra relates to health, wellness manifestation, how you create your life in the physical world. Basically, how you get your survival needs met, and that kind of thing.
  • The second chakra has to do with human relationships, how you interact with others, via your emotions and sexuality, etc.
  • The third chakra has to do with energy distribution. It relates to how you use your energy in the physical system.
  • The fifth chakra has to do with spiritual communication. The sixth chakra is all about your spiritual sight.
  • The sixth chakra also called the Brow Chakra deals with such emotions as imagination, wisdom, intuition, thought, decision making, and clairvoyance to name a few.
  • And finally, the Crown Chakra deals with your knowingness.

So the heart chakra six sits between these two sides, you might say heaven and Earth, the upper and the lower realms. So, you can think of the heart chakra as a balance point. So, you create a balance between body and spirit, Heaven and Earth, upper and lower realities.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra relates to the experience of Oneness. So it allows you to connect to the interconnectedness of all things. You are an aspect of the Divine Source. You are part of the great “All That Is.” You are part of that Oneness.

So through your heart chakra, you experience alignment with that idea of Oneness. Or experience an imbalance being out of alignment with Oneness. If you align with that, you will experience yourself as part of a greater whole. That greater whole could be part of the planet, part of the human species, and at one with other people, realizing how you are interconnected. Interconnected rather than being separate from one another.

Let’s take an alternative path in exploring what might be the symptoms of a heart chakra. Let’s look at some dichotomies.

If you were out of alignment in your heart chakra, you would be disconnected from that idea. Potentially disconnected from the Divine Source and the Oneness and the great all that is and the interconnectedness of all things.

The other aspect of the heart chakra is affinity. And affinity relates to, in human terms, what you could call passion. When you feel passionate about something when you feel drawn to something. It seems to create momentum or magnetization, pulling you towards something. So if you are in alignment and experiencing an open heart chakra, you would be in touch with your passion. So that aspect of your inner guidance system says things like; this gives you great joy, you love this, and you choose to follow it.

Do You Need A Chakras Healing?is my heart chakra blocked

When your heart chakra is blocked, you do not know what you like. You do not know what you want to do with your life. You do not know what your life purpose is. These will denote that you may be out of alignment at the level of your heart chakra.

So let’s look a little more in detail at the idea of the heart chakra being an intersection where different energies meet. So, one of the big things is giving and receiving. Are your giving and receiving in balance? If your giving and receiving are not balanced, you may not be loving yourself or genuinely loving another.

So let’s say that you are more on the giving side. If you are more on the giving side, maybe you are doing things like putting other people first and yourself last. But, on the other hand, you may be spending all your energy looking after everybody else, not having anything left for what you like to do.

These actions can show that you are out of balance between giving and receiving. And so forth, you are not giving to yourself, and you are giving all your energy to everybody else. That is not loving. It is not loving yourself. And it is not loving to the other person either. Because, number one, the best gift that you can give to everyone on Earth is to love yourself, nourish yourself, and give to yourself. And then you can be the light of the world, that spark of divine consciousness that you are. But also, if you are out of balance between giving and receiving, that will eventually show. Then there will be resentment towards those other people you are over-giving.

Free Healing and Intuition Course

Free Healing and Intuition Course

And so, a symptom of an imbalance in the heart chakra is an imbalance in the dichotomy of giving and receiving. And you have all heard this thing said, “you have to fill your cup up first so that you can give from an overflowing cup. It is so much better to give from abundance and not from lack. And that means you really have to take care of yourself first. In your reality, you should be the most important person to you.

And that is a difficult concept for some people to get, especially our mothers who have children and so on. And you know, as mothers, you have a tendency to put your children first and consider them to be the most important person. But each one of us was born here as a unique spark of divine consciousness. And you are meant to give that vibration in the world. So if you are putting somebody else first, that is not happening.

Are You Operating Out Of Obligation?

Another dichotomy that you could talk about in terms of being unbalanced or not at the your heart chakra and you level is obligation versus personal preference. Are you operating out of obligation? Are you choosing things because you feel obligated to another person? This person could be your boss, spouse, child, or others. You do not want to do this. But you feel obligated to do this.

You would rather be doing something else, but you are driven to do this. It is another version or way of putting others first. It is operating from obligation versus personal preference. If you operate from obligation, you will never fulfill your purpose. You will never be the one that you came here to be. And you will never truly express your unique vibration in the world. Because you will always be putting your personal preferences on the backburner.

You are meant to come here with free will. And if you choose what you prefer, take the genuine signal from your heart chakra that feels delightful and passionate. Then you will create a joyful life, then you will create the highest expression of yourself. This is when you will genuinely share the unique divine spark you are with the rest of the world.

Sometimes obligation can be a belief inside you that you are operating from. Maybe that other person does not even expect you to do that. Consider this.

Don’t feel wrong about any of these traits you may be living. But, do you think we would be hard-pressed to find a human who does not have these imbalances? And in some way, you are constantly on a seesaw of getting out of balance and out of alignment and back in alignment.

How To Unblock Chakras?

The best way to clear your heart chakra or other chakras is through a regular meditation practice. Therefore, I have included a link to a heart chakra meditation to help ground and center your negative energy and clear your blocked chakras.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Heart chakra affirmations also have their place in healing any unbalances in your chakra.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, I Am Very Unhappy – Is My Heart Chakra Blocked, and take a look at how your heart chakra can affect your day-to-day life.

Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of I Am Very Unhappy – Is My Heart Chakra Blocked:

  • Ligia – I have this feeling/knowing that a long-term relationship is coming soon. Is this intuition or wishful thinking?
  • SG – How come, throughout my friendship with my friend Kari my heart has physically felt things I’ve never felt before? I can’t describe it. I always thought it was from my heart being closed or over-giving.
  • Carol – I feel I am always directed by my heart, especially in regards to following my passion. Still, I find that I can often jump from one passion to another as I am passionate about so many things. What does it mean?
  • Wies Lawa – When my heart is open for many but not all; is it karma or what?
  • Brian – Can the heart chakra, or any of the chakra’s for that matter, be blocked when we come into this lifetime (from a past life). And if so, why wouldn’t we clear that before we come into this life, like a fresh slate?
  • Christine – I think I have more problems loving myself than others. I tend to be quite critical of myself. Is it more this life or past life?
  • Katie – How do we “get past” or through a situation where we love someone and desire a romantic relationship with them. But the other person loves us, too, but is either not emotionally available or doesn’t want a romantic relationship? Suppose we accept it and respect their feelings. Then, how can we move on to manifest romantic love with someone else when the feelings remain with this other person?
  • Prasad – Can you tell me something about my overall Kundalini system concerning my Heart chakra?
  • Andarini – Is prolonged sadness or depression related to misalignment of heart chakra?

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