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March 7, 2023

How Are You Expressing Gratitude And Appreciation In Your Life? UYT364

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Why Is Gratitude So Powerful And Important?

Do you express gratitude and appreciation regularly? Yes, these two actions can make your life and others’ lives much more fulfilled. And everyone wants to feel more fulfilled? When someone expresses gratitude towards you, it also creates gratitude and thanks within you. This sense of gratitude transmission is very important and one of the many reasons I chose this topic. We’ve been doing this podcast for more than seven years. And once in a while, someone surprises me. This week was one of those times.

How Are You Expressing Gratitude And Appreciation In Your Life?

An Active Gratitude Display

A lady wrote to me, saying, “Thank you so much. for everything you’ve given. Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me. And I would like to give back to you.” And, this lady offered me some things which I greatly appreciated. It lightened my heart.

These gratitude examples happen in my life every once in a while. Occasionally I will receive a gift or some form of display of gratitude and appreciation. And it means the world to me. Knowing I have made a difference for or touched someone enough for them to reach out to me with a show of thankfulness makes such a difference. I feel very appreciative of it. Their appreciation of me causes a powerful sense of gratitude in me. What a wonderful circle this creates, and the best part is that it is so easy to do.

Gratitude And Appreciation Examples

One of the people watching the show live tonight is one of these people. A shout-out to Andarini. I met Andarini really at a live event. She came with a gift from her country, which I greatly appreciated. These expressions of appreciation are a form of validation for what I do in the world.

What Gratitude Really Means gratitude helps your appreciation grow

So what is gratitude? It’s a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or appreciation. And when something appreciates, it grows and expands. And when you appreciate something or somebody, you acknowledge and value them.

Gratitude and appreciation are qualities of being thankful. These displays cause you to show appreciation and return kindness. Both of these are vibrations, and they are unconditional and heart centered vibrations. So if you are grateful and appreciative, you’re in a higher vibrational state of forgiving, joyful, loving, and kind.

This helps you let go of expectations and other lower vibrations that are not a match for appreciation and gratitude. Both appreciation and gratitude and appreciation are super high vibrations. These vibrations are very close to the highest vibration, that of love.

How Do You Raise Your Spiritual Frequency?

When you delve into actively practicing spirituality, one question comes up often. It is a question of raising your consciousness. The answer is simple, raise your vibration and frequency. But how do you raise your frequency? The simple answer is to be in a state that causes it. Choose positive states of being as mentioned, forgiving, joyful, loving, and kind. They all allow you to move into an expansive state.

If you think about feeling appreciative, it is a state of expansion. And in that state of expansion, it allows you to be open, more wide-reaching, expanding your consciousness, and explore more things.

A Gratitude Attitude Is Necessary For Manifestation

Because you are in a higher vibrational state, you can attract positive situations and positive realities. You can attract innovative ideas unavailable to you at lower vibrations. You are always talking about wanting to create wonderful positive things in your life. To do so, you need to increase your vibration. You can use the vibrations of gratitude and appreciation to help manifest the life you truly want.

Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Secrets Of Manifestation Mastery

10 Steps to Overcome Blocks to Abundance

Because with a lower vibrational set point, you are not a vibrational match for those things you want. You’re not going to find that life you desire. They’re not going to be available to you with a lower vibration.

The world, the universe, and everything in it is energy, and energy has a vibrational signature. And because the energy you’re putting out matches the energy you will receive. So if you’re putting out love, appreciation, gratitude, then love, appreciation, gratitude is what’s coming back at you.

Why Is Gratitude Important?

gratitude and appreciation helps grow the attitude and vibration of loveBut if you’re putting out something at a lower frequency lower, love, appreciation, and gratitude are not going to be able to come back at you because you’re not a vibrational match. You cannot experience what you are not a vibrational match for. You can only experience a vibration that is a match for the vibration that you are being. So this concept is being stated in different ways because it is crucial. It is the basis of life.

For example, think of yourself as a magnet. And the magnetic force that you exude is adjustable. So set your magnet to loving beautiful experiences. What comes your way will be exactly that. Now if you set your magnetic force to negative and unhappy, well, you become a crap magnetic.

Think about the vibrations of greed and fear and expectation and judgments. Those vibrations contradict, limit and reverse the vibrations of gratitude and appreciation. Those are not vibrations that expand.

Gratitude Practice Ideas

Life itself is a vibrational practice. It’s a case of being mindful of yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions. It would be beneficial for you to take stock of the vibration you are in. Here are some ways that you can do this.

5 Ways To Practice Gratitudelearn how to express gratitude and appreciation

  1. Daily Gratitude Journal – Writing a gratitude journal or gratitude book is a great daily practice. So what do you write in a gratitude journal? First, find three things that you are grateful for and put them to paper. This can keep you in a reflective practice of looking for gratitude examples throughout the day.
  2. Mindfulness Practice -Set little bits of time aside daily to ask yourself where you are vibrationally right now. Are you in a state of appreciation? Or is it something else? For example, maybe you are judging somebody. “look at them. Look at what they’re doing. They should be doing something different than that.”
  3. Reject Fear – Are we are you in a state of fear? So where’s your vibration? What are you feeling? What are you thinking? Remove that super-negative emotion from your life. Remember the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. So why spend your energy on something that is not necessarily real.
  4. Act Grateful And Appreciative – Say thank you often. Smile at people. Ask people how they are, and then LISTEN to their answers. Try it at the grocery checkout. It is incredible how it can make someone’s day and, in turn, yours.
  5. Meditation – Meditation is the roadway to connect with your higher self, Spirit. The closer you get to your true identity, the higher your vibration. And the more you practice this, the longer you stay in that vibration.

Free Guided Meditation

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Expressing Gratitude And Thanks Can Make The World Go Round

What a world it would be if we all started appreciating each other. Gratitude and appreciation can beappreciating each other without judgment viral concepts that can spill over into every aspect of your life if you let them. So learn to appreciate others and, very importantly yourself.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth  How Are You Expressing Gratitude And Appreciation In Your Life. Learn the importance of living your life in a state of gratitude and appreciation that will enhance your vibration and frequency and bring us all together.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Are You Expressing Gratitude And Appreciation In Your Life

  • Carol – Thank you, Dr. Lesley, for the beautiful magnetic appreciation meditation. I appreciate you so much for sharing this. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Are females more in touch with appreciation and gratitude compared to males?
  • Njeri – I appreciate you, Dr. Lesley, and Corry
  • Samie – I am GRATEFUL for your show tonight.
  • Anon – What do you write in a gratitude journal?
  • Man – I was thinking about positive thoughts today and reminding myself to ask whenever I have a thought, “is this a divine and sacred thought that heals or creates illness?”
  • Susan – I was so grateful when my grandma’s aid and nurse came to the viewing, and my boyfriend’s work friends showed up. I never realized until her funeral how much it meant to me that people showed up to give their love. I would have difficulty attending funerals, especially if I didn’t know the person. Still, I now know that people appreciate it more than I realize, so I make more effort and do not give excuses.
  • Lorraine – To me, appreciation feels close to unconditional love.
  • Brian – I’ve noticed guys expressing gratitude and appreciation quite a bit. I run into them quite often. I do it quite often without any real effort. It comes naturally. I find the good in just about every situation. Quite amazing to observe!
  • Tracy – What happens to people who cannot feel or express gratitude or appreciation? What happens to them physically?
  • Njeri – I appreciate the plant beside you, Dr.Lesley!
  • Njeri – The energy for this show tonight is powerful.
  • Susan – Yes, you’re right. The last celebration of life I went to was just that. The widow held up the line for about 2 hours, saying hi to each and every person. Then, unfortunately, they had to push back the ceremony for 2 hours, which showed how much she appreciated everyone who showed up.
  • Lucy “Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all of the others” – Cicero (106–43bc)
  • Anon – Are there different types of gratitude?
  • Andarini – Dr. Lesley, please know that I am grateful and blessed to have known you ( for years now). You’ve been a great help during challenging moments. A great healer when I need one. I appreciate the help, expertise, knowledge, and wisdom you have shared through this Awaken Your Physic Abilities podcast together with Corry.
  • CM – I felt an open heart and mind, lots of acceptance, and surrendering with your gratitude meditation, too, Dr. Lesley.
  • Cole – Thank you for the great show, Dr. Lesley & Corry!
  • Ma – Thank you, Dr. Lesley and Corry, for discussing appreciation and gratitude tonight!

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