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September 22, 2016

What Are Elemental Beings, Devas and Nature Spirits? UYT026

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What Are These Nature Spirits That Are All Around Us?

What are Elemental Beings such as Devas and nature spirits? As per Wikipedia “A Deva in the New Age movement refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature. The origin of the word ‘deva’ comes from the Sanskrit language. According to Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater, Devas represent a separate evolution to that of humanity. The concept of devas as nature-spirits was further developed in the writings of Theosophist Geoffrey Hodson. It is believed that there are numerous different types of Devas with a population indevas represent a separate evolution to that of humanity the millions performing different functions on Earth to help the ecology function better. It is asserted they can be observed by those whose third eyes have been activated.”

Every plant, animal, and mineral has and is consciousness or spiritual essence. We are aware of most of these creatures and things in our world. However, there is another realm of existence that surrounds us. Within this specific realm of nature, there are many different elemental beings and nature spirits that exist and are conscious. One of these creatures is the Deva, a type of elemental spirit. There is no difference between nature spirits and elementals. Devas are spirits associated with specific aspects of nature. They are in service to mother earth and have specific roles in the grand scheme of things. Some of these tasks are to help plants grow and to look after waterfalls or volcanoes. These Devas do exist in what is a non-ordinary reality to us. We can, however, see and communicate with them using our spiritual senses.

There are different deities that we find in the lore and nature worship. These deities rule over many of nature’s forces. These include deities of water and fire, plants and trees, the sky and sun just to name a few. Mother Nature or is one of the best known of these deities and she reigns over all of the animals. There are many areas of what you call beliefs that have some form of connection to the so-called gods and goddesses such as paganism, polytheism, shamanism, and the Druids. Each of these deities is specific in character and responsibility. One commonality is that all deal with the natural forces of nature.

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Here are some of the different elemental beings, gods, and deities as listed in Wikipedia:


Brahma, the creator god.
Vishnu, the preserver god, the supreme god, and the Sky.
Shiva, the destroyer god.
Prithvi, goddess regarded as Mother Earth. The Sanskrit name for ‘Earth’.
Agni, the god of fire.
Varuna, the god of water.
Vayu, the god of wind.
Indra, King of Devas and Heaven.
Yamaraja the god of death king of hell.

Japanese mythology:

Amaterasu, goddess of the Sun.
Izanagi, the forefather of the gods, god of creation and life, and the first male.
Izanami, Izanagi’s wife and sister, goddess of creation and death, the first female.
Konohanasakuya-hime, the blossom-princess, and symbol of delicate earthly life.
Shinigami, God of Death.
Suijin, God of Water.
Fūjin, God of wind.
Kagu-tsuchi, God of Fire.

Aztec mythology:there are many different nature gods and deities in the aztec culture

Xochipilli, the god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song.
Xochiquetzal, goddess of fertility, beauty, female sexual power, protection of young mothers, of pregnancy, childbirth, vegetation, flowers, and the crafts of women.
Tonantzin, the mother goddess.

Celtic mythology:

Abnoba, a Gaulish goddess associated with forests and rivers.
Artio, Gaulish bear goddess of the wilderness.
Arduinna, the goddess of the Ardennes forest region, is represented as a huntress.
Cernunnos, the horned god associated with horned male animals, produce, and fertility.
Druantia, a hypothetical Gallic tree goddess proposed by Robert Graves in his 1948 study The White Goddess; popular with Neopagans.
Nantosuelta, Gaulish goddess of nature, the earth, fire, and fertility.
Sucellus, the god of agriculture, forests, and alcoholic drinks.
Viridios, the god of vegetation, rebirth, and agriculture, possibly cognate with the Green Man.”

These are just a few of the cultures that have these deities and nature gods and goddesses.

So How Do You Connect With Elemental Beings Nature Spirits And Have Them Visit With You In Your Gardens Or Homes?

Nature spirits of all kinds and Devas love the natural order of things and one of the reflections of this would be a how do you connect with elemental beings nature spiritsneat, clean, and well-maintained yard and garden. As well some people create an appropriate outdoor altar in their yard. This altar can be used to make suitable offerings that are appropriate to the specific elemental beings or nature spirits that you would like to attract. These offerings and inducements should be along the lines of something that the particular nature spirit would not be able to resist.

Before you try to invite one of these playful creatures into your life to remember that this must be a serious endeavor. You must treat them with respect and be welcoming and also courteous. Hold back your exuberance and very importantly be very gracious and polite. Just like any good relationship, it is best to build it slowly and respectfully. You need to slowly build dignified and friendly relationships. Again just like people if treated poorly or irritated, these elemental beings and nature spirits can be whimsical or naughty and occasionally, depending on the spirit, and a few, like a few humans, a little malicious.

As far as trying to attract them with offerings an invocation of sorts can work. Here is one about elemental beings by – Alban Elfed (Mabon, Autumnal Equinox) Ritual

“Spirits of Nature, the Sidhe, and the Fey,
I reach across the Veil with my words and call to You.
Spirits of the Animals, Bird and Beast, Fish and Fowl,
I call You into this Sacred Soil.
Spirits of the Plants, Sacred and Ancient Trees,
I call You into this Sacred Soil.
Spirits of the Land, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire,
I call You into this Sacred Soil.
I call You with the stones of the mountain tops.
I call You with the sand of the long, white beaches.
I call You with the loam of the ancient forests.
I bid You, Enter this Soil now.
That we may be Blessed, Guided and Inspired
Be our Communion with You. Felly y Bydded!”
– Alban Elfed (Mabon, Autumnal Equinox) Ritual

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • About the Devic Kingdom
  • The different types of nature spirit.
  • How to work with them to manifest abundance.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are Devas and Nature Spirits, which is dedicated to answering questions about Nature Spirits.

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  1. Do nature spirits and devas really exist? How can I check this affirmations? Or are they statements I should take on faith?

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