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August 1, 2017

Effects Of Alcohol At A Spiritual Level – UYT121

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How Do Drug And Alcohol Consumption Endanger Your Energy?

There are many effects of alcohol at a spiritual level but first, let’s examine the repercussions of alcohol on the body. The most evident is a biochemical change that has an impact on your whole energy field. You note alcohol gives the illusion that energy seems to flow betterthat when you imbibe alcohol it usually affects the body by relaxing it. It also relaxes the rational mind. This, in turn, gives the illusion that energy seems to flow better. However, the truth is that your energy field begins to vibrate less. You will notice physical changes to your body like your thoughts and physical actions become less smooth. The same effects happen to your chakras. They become imbalanced and energy does not flow smoothly. Many times negative emotions will increase which also weakens your energy field as well.

Some individuals can become belligerent or even hostile after consuming a few drinks. Other effects of imbibing spirits can be the onset of sadness or even depressive tendencies may occur. While alcohol relaxes the capacity of your analytical mind, the thoughts and even voices from your innermost mind are enhanced and more frequent. When this happens people become emotionally exposed which in turn weakens your aura, your protective defense against the onslaught of emotional or energetic attack thus reducing your positive spiritual nature.

What Are The Effects Of Alcohol On An Individual At The Spiritual Level?

Effects of alcohol on the spirit were suggested as an interesting topic for our show by one of my regular callers and a student. Her question was about how the effects of drinking alcohol, taking various drugs, and spirituality mix. I thought it was an interesting question. So we are delving into the effects of alcohol in regards to what does alcohol does to your spirituality tonight on Unlocking Your Truth.

I have found that when you are on a spiritual path, everyone is on one in some way or another, that the less interference you place in the way of your journey the more you can receive and give. So does alcohol affect you and your spiritual nature from connecting? Yes!

One of the blocks that I have come to recognize when I give readings is the effects of alcohol abuse and drugs on this process. If I have had a glass of wine or any other spirit beverage I cannot create the connection I need to help me read the person properly. I have decided long ago that I would not drink at least 6 to 8 hours before reading and preferably 12 hrs. to a full day depending on the number of readings I am doing. It is fair game after the day is done, however.

I find this holds for my clients as well. If they have imbibed in any way their chakras and auras are murky and not easy to see into or work with.

Why it’s called SPIRIT? Source – Universe Inside You

  • Alcohol – In Arabic means body eating spirit or demon in Arabic
  • Extracts the soul & invites low-frequency entities – that’s why they are called spirits

Some Interesting Facts About Alcohol:

  • Medically we know people lose inhibitions, but also focus & discernment
  • They say it depresses the chakras & increases possession
  • I see spinning aura, loss of grounding, wide opening of the seventh chakra
  • Drunk people lose control of their own energy
  • They leave their body because they are ungrounded (blackout)
  • That is why they can’t operate their body or machinery – they are not here
  • Other entities can enter as they are wide open & go on a joy ride
  • Why you do things out of character – promiscuous; dangerous
  • Soul exits due to the discomfort of being in alcohol effected body
  • If you know someone who drinks too much it is why they take on a different character

The legalization of Marijuana has become a reality in many countries around the world. So let’s take a look at it concerning your spirituality as well.

Marijuana & Some Other Recreational Drugs:

  • Same thing with the grounding & open crown & vulnerability to possession
  • Plus the loss of faculties in the physical world.
  • Some say it enhances creativity & spiritual experience
  • Trouble is they have no desire to do anything about it

Psychedelics, Plant Medicines, Some Medicinal And Prescription Drugs

  • Can depress the energy field, cause sluggish stagnant energy
  • May turn down the influx of energy from Spirit

spiritual science research foundation effects of alcoholWe present and listened, on-air, to the audio of a short YouTube Video from the Spiritual Science Research Foundation on the effects of alcohol at a spiritual level.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How alcohol may affect your progression along your spiritual path.
  • What it and other mind-altering substances do to your chakras?
  • How and why intuitive readers have issues reading when mind-altering substances are involved.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Effects Of Alcohol At A Spiritual Level, and whether drinking and the spirit do truly mix.

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Dr Lesley

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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  1. I appreciate your article but need to challenge your take on plant medicines, especially as you have them in the same lump with actual drugs.

    Alcohol and drugs (otc, pharma, street nit including clean lsd and plant psychedelics) anesthetize which means, the spirit channel is shut down. Plant medicine does the exact opposite. A person is actively involved with the process and the intention is healing. It is conscious and while ego may (is) lessened, spirit is magnified (not possession).

    This is a critical distinction as our world becomes excessively and willfully ignorant–choosing to sleep through life rather than awaken. We need to stop the stigma if plant medicines if we want humanity to heal and wake up from the zombie-like mind far too many are adopting.

    I speak from direct experience working with shamen in the Amazon and the healing transformations millions have been through working w plant medicine. If westerners didn’t misuse psychedelics for fun and we had a healing culture here, they would not have the 100% incorrect stigma you elude to in your article.

    I encourage you, as a healer, to research plant medicines and work with shaman. Nothing short of divine.

    1. Hi Lola – Thank you for your comments. This article was written in response to a podcast listener who had requested we do a show in response to an article she forwarded us. It was not meant to be a detailed discussion of Plant Medicines. My personal belief is that there are as many paths as there are humans. Use of plant medicine offers a valid and valuable experience for some people. My personal path has been to open my spiritual abilities through meditation and kundalini and this is a path I offer to others. But I also have a Ph.D. in natural product medicines and spent a lot of time in areas of biodiversity, studying the amazing bounty that Gaia has on offer. As well earlier on my path I studied and practiced shamanism and have past lives that focussed on that. I do see what you mean about the bullet points, where we included plant medicine. It wasn’t an article exclusively about that and so there wasn’t a lot said about it. But I have changed the article slightly so the statement allows room for the idea that used responsibly under the guidance of an experienced shaman, it may be helpful for some people. The comment about possession was not linked to this section. However, the experience is specific to the person, and the circumstances, the drug etc.

  2. I am a spiritual person empathic. Supposed healer I try each day not to include alcohol in my life but isn’t even alcohol plant derived. I know its bad for me but it relaxes me to a point that I am free of other things that may infiltrate my mind. I try to keep away from people when I have had a drink

    1. Hi Ian – I guess it depends on how much you are drinking. If its just one drink every now and then I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Being relaxed is a bit different than being blind drunk. Meditation can provide relief from daily stresses and it has a beneficial impact on the bodies health and on your spiritual development, so perhaps consider a meditation course (https://drlesleyphillips.com/unlock-your-intuition/ OR https://drlesleyphillips.com/practical-meditation/). Also just because something is plant-based doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. The thing itself is neutral. It’s more about how you use or abuse something.

  3. I have always been sensitive .. Since birth… I just don’t understand why I feel and channel MORE after drinking. You say it shuts it down but with me its the exact opposite… I feel more connected to the other side and it basically bursts my channeling doors wide open. So I am very confused by this. Now on tbe other hand it also leaves me open to possession which has happened and just happened last night but for whatever reason I understand and hear all spirits and beings better after drinking or while drinking. Can you explain this.

    1. Drinking does open you up but in an uncontrolled way. It tends to cause you to lose your grounding and opens your crown chakra. That as you say leaves you open to possession. You might feel open to spirit, but you won’t be in charge of your experience of your reality. Meditation on the other hand can help you feel connected to spirit and in charge of your reality and owning your body, rather than leaving it open to possession.

      1. If alcohol apens up seventh chakra, does this mean it can lead to accidental kundalini awakening? I read in many websited that this is not possible but i would like you professional opnion. Thank you!

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