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November 9, 2021

The Doreen Virtue Conversion And Why It Affected So Many People? UYT314

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What Happened To Doreen Virtue?

It is more like old news now, but Doreen Virtue denounced her new age spiritual background and converted to Christianity. So why did the Doreen Virtue conversion affect so many people? There are many authors and suppliers in the metaphysical and new age realms, and none the least was Doreen Virtue.

The Doreen Virtue Conversion And Why It Affected So Many People?

Doreen Virtue Cards And Doreen Virtue Books

If you don’t know the story, let’s just refresh your memories on that. It happened a couple of years ago now. Doreen Virtue was one of the most famous spiritual teachers in our metaphysical and new age arenas. You could also call her a psychic and a metaphysician. She was one of Hay House’s significant authors.

She published a total of at least 36 different card decks including, Angel Answers Oracle Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, just to name a few. There are also 383 books mentioned on Goodreads, such as Healing With The Angels, Archangels And Ascended Masters, and The Angel Therapy Handbook. There are too many to list here. Most of you who are reading this article most probably own one or more of her products.

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Did The Doreen Virtue Conversion Affect You?

The people that embraced tarot and card decks really loved Doreen Virtue. She had angel cards and ascended master cards, and dolphin cards. So she had a considerable following. And people loved her. And then, one day, out of the blue, she said that she had had a visitation from Jesus. He encouraged her to be her authentic self and pointed out that she hadn’t been entirely genuine. how doreen virtue conversion and jesus's visitaion affected us all

So apparently, she always had a solid Christian background but felt conflicted with her New Age persona. And so, she hid that part of herself because she felt that that would stop her connection to her New Age following. But after this conversation with Jesus, she came out as a Christian.

But the real issue was that she also denounced her previous work. She also said that she was no longer going to use card decks herself, and she would no longer create new card decks. She also stated that how the card decks were being utilized was not in alignment with God.

This resulted in a massive outpouring of grief and dismay. And many people felt that they’d had their spiritual rug pulled from under their feet. How did you feel after one of the very mainstays of the metaphysical world just disappeared on you? It’s incredible what can happen?

After the news, many people wrote to me. And even now, a couple of years later, you continue to write to me. And you continue to comment on the article I wrote at the time, What Happened To Doreen Virtue. Why are people so affected? Why do they not just shrug their shoulders and say, Oh, well? And one of the reasons is because some have given away their power to somebody outside of themselves.

And that’s not Doreen Virtue’s fault. However, suppose you were one of the many strongly affected. In that case, it might signify that you were not in touch with or connected with your own spiritual power.

The Doreen Virtue Conversion May Be Your Awakeningrecognizing the spiritual awakening stages

And so You have put all your faith in this one person in following this one person. Then when that person is no longer fulfilling that role for you, it’s enormous. Who you think is an excellent spiritual teacher may disappoint you.

There can be a good approach to how you might see somebody that you are putting in the position of being your spiritual teacher. Think of them as somebody who is like a signpost holder. They are holding signposts to point you in a direction. They show the way along a path and take you on tour. They can point out the pertinent points of interest.

As a Spiritual leader, a way-shower, their role is to help you find your spiritual direction. That direction should always help you connect with your own information and help you step into your own power. And really, that’s what Developing Intuition is about. Your intuition is about you connecting with your own higher information. That’s the purpose of your intuition.

If you ever meet a teacher who wants you to revere them, kiss their feet or cater to their ego somehow. Definitely go in the other direction. If you meet a teacher that perhaps isn’t like that, but for some reason, you feel like you may want to do that, run that is, then take a good look at yourself. Because what you are doing is putting that person in a position of authority and power over you. And you are invalidating yourself.how do you find your spiritual path

You have seen these so-called gurus. Spiritual leaders who start out on a genuine spiritual path, but they trip over their ego. They get caught slipping back into their ego. They may have genuinely spiritual information, which then is misused and abused, instead of being used in a way that benefits others. It may be used in the way of promoting self-interest.

Often those people end up believing they are the great message, not just presenting the information. This is not limited to just spiritual leaders. Basically, everyone who has some form of growth information for you. People such as personal development leaders.

Many people have good information. And if you can glean what really applies to you and use that in your life in your spiritual and personal life and worldly life, that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when they want you to kowtow to them, then you should beware.

History is full of wonderful leaders that do precisely that. They begin on the right path meaning well, and then the power or the money colors their eyes. one of the mentoring benefits is self-belief

So take home the message listeners. Take the information that works for you, but never give up your seniority to do so. You have heard this before. Take what works for you and discard the rest. Never give up your seniority to a teacher. Never put them in a position where you do not have your own free will not make your own choices. If you do, it is tantamount to brainwashing or programming. They want to alter your personal belief system.

You may be brainwashed to give of yourself in ways that are inappropriate or uncomfortable. Whether it’s money or sex or something else. There are many examples of this classic tale. And it’s unfortunate because all of those spiritual belief systems have some excellent information. Some recent historical examples of these bad gurus are Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, the Heaven’s Gate cult leader who had everyone commit suicide because they were going to take a ride on Halley’s Comet, or David Koresh of Waco Texas fame.

All of these leaders were basically what you call out-of-control trance mediums. They developed a very powerful crown chakra that provides a magnetic personality and the ability to entrance people so that people lose their own individual connection with their own information.

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The best way to overcome these challenges is to practice meditation that connects you with your higher self, Spirit. You are Spirit always, eternally. Your Spirit identity knows who you are and what is good for you. It knows the path you should take, and it will help guide you. Learn to listen to this beautiful side of you.

By practicing meditation, you start to bring your unique perspective, the light of your consciousness, into focus in your body and your life. And so that is the first step to owning your space and starting to receive your own intuitive information. It pulls you into your body. It gives you a way of releasing what’s not true for you. And it gives you a way of starting to see what is true for you.

Your Spirit identity knows who you are and what is good for you. It knows the path you should take, and it will help guide you. So learn to listen to this beautiful side of you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley, The Doreen Virtue Conversion And Why It Affected So Many People, as she explains how the Doreen Virtue Conversion has hurt and helped so many people along their spiritual path.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of The Doreen Virtue Conversion And Why It Affected So Many People :

  • Her voice is stuck in my head from her audiobook. All beautiful teaching she gave. I feel people feel betrayed, and things she has said made people feel invalidated. Why?
  • Wow, people use the love of others to prey on loving open people. Why is this?
  • Dr. Lesley, I did not know about this topic until I read your email today. I read the article you wrote-so beautifully written with compassion, insight, honesty, and love. You are truly a Light!
  • I’ve heard Doreen’s shift was caused by something called a walk-in. Wikipedia says a walk-in is a New Age concept of a person whose original soul has departed their body and has been replaced with a new different soul. If you are familiar with this, I’d like to hear you explain this and how it happens. Thanks!
  • I would like to learn more about all of this it is so interesting. I would like to learn more about myself and my abilities.
  • What do you think about Earth working on her own Light Body as some say; the current chaotic situation life-changing is towards a better life on Earth.

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Dr Lesley

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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  1. I left DV well before any of this. I dare say from a purely human perspective that her acriminious divorce from Stephen Farmer likely had a lot to do with it. That along with Hay House changing direction away from New Age spirituality to more wholistic healing and personal psychology meant that her particular brand was losing relevance. She was at her peak in the early 2000's which is almost 20yrs ago now. New Agers flock to YouTube where channelers appear in abundance for free so DV's Angel Course was losing ground too. No-one wanted to attend an auditorium anymore. She was part of a successful business model that died along with physical bookstores after the implosion of Borders. She may have become disulliioned with New Age given the terribleness of her personal relationship that became quite public via her web forum in which she expressed a lot of grief and regret about that relationship.

    I'm not sure I find her that genuine as a christian, but who really knows? All of us at some point find radical change in our lives necessary when old beliefs no longer serve or have proven themselves to be not as we thought them to be. I also left the New Age realising it to be be for the most part wish fulfillment and a desire to hear what you want to hear. I mean everyone loves a religion that tells you to do whatever,,,,,,right?

    1. Wrong. Nothing is more wishful thinking than the concept that someone else pays the price for your personal sins and relieves you of any accountability. I have never understood how an intelligent person can accept the tenant to live their life by strict arbitrary rules that strangle the soul's freedom to discipline itself just for the unsupported promise that there will be pie in the sky when you die. Christianity is a religion that terrifies its adherents with visions of eternal punishment for being human and making mistakes and advertises itself as "–the only true religion." I have been a pagan and a practicing Wiccan for many years, and it is not an easy religion to follow because it requires me to own all my own mistakes and to "–harm none," not even myself. New Age may be a weak and wish~washy version of alternative religions, but it certainly is not wishful thinking when studied and sincerely practiced. By the way, I always thought Doreen Virtue was an opportunist and in it for the money.

      1. Ooooh- this is a very useful comment! Me too, on the witchy stuff, but also, was undiagnosed w/ learning differences my whole childhood and most of my teens, and am wildly empathic-
        and as silly as I feel typing this, I had never applied the “harm none” filter inwardly, only towards others. Wow! I have recently been doubling down on working to catch my
        Negative self-talk, as the first step towards eliminating it. This is kinda huge. Thank you!! Blessed be ⚡️

      2. She always seemed flaky to me. Someone who would believe anything. But for a while, it seems she was the only one into Angels, which interests me. I hope spiritually she will find deep meaning and peace.

  2. 1 May 2022
    Still shaking my head. She did a lot of good in healing and helping others. I'm not sure I'd go with the Walk-In theory.
    I think we all need to get our own connection to the cosmos and walk in the light as best we can.

  3. Well, it really does make you wonder. And it is also very interesting to note, that when people go from another spiritual path to christianity, they never go back. … EVER. I tried looking up videos and articles titled : "From Christianity To Pagan ( or Witch, or New Age, or whatever ) and all I got was results for the REVERSE!!! No one ever goes from christianity to paganism, witchcraft, the New Age, or whatever. Everybody only goes from those "TO" christianity!!! Like a one-way-street. There were a few articles about leaving christianity, going down a different path and then returning back ( getting SCARED back, no doubt ) to christianity, again!!! But that was about IT. Very peculiar, INDEED.

  4. Doreen virtue made a fortune selling her cards and courses.

    But then she “saw” god and told us all to throw out our cards.

    We can’t afford that. She should give us all a refunds. We were played. We were her marks, and she seeks financial protection from god. Pure greed.

  5. The fear of going to hell is a great motivator when it comes to fleeing to Christianity. . . . Three months ago, when I first heard Doreen Virtue embraced the Christian sphere, I was really pissed off. And not because I viewed her as some guru, gave any power over to her flawed 'butt', or even held much stock in most of what she ever offered beyond Reincarnation and Angels. I was mad because I saw her as a lying traitorous pig who made her fortune off of New Age Thought (btw, not a religion).

    Now, she denounces New Agers and sucks the money out of unsuspecting Christian pockets like she did some of us.

    I despise a liar and faker. We can't be certain her so-called Jesus story is even true. She is, IMO, reinventing herself solely to keep writing and selling books for a living.

    For the record, many Christians are just as gullible as some New Agers. Way more so, really, because IMO Jesus is NOT the Almighty God. He is a Master Teacher, I suspect, and not merely human.

    Now, a few months after hearing of Virtue's turnabout, I realize that New Age Thought needs clearing out, and is actually fortunate to be rid of her and some of the hogwash she offered for mental consumption.

    Typically, New Agers are students seeking the truth behind the "established truth", so, LOL, maybe Jesus DID visit Virtue . . . to save us from her. Now she can tell her lies to the brainwashed Christians. They'll probably believe her without question.

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