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November 28, 2023

Do You Believe In Angels And Are There Angels Among Us UYT136

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How Would You Answer The Question Are Angels Real?

Do you believe in angels and other ethereal beings? In your belief system, do angels exist? In this modern-day world, are there angels among us? If so, what do real angels look like, and what is the role of angels in our lives? There are so many different questions about angels and the angelic realm. There are many beliefs around the topic of angels that surround the different religions and the metaphysical realm. So first, let’s define “What are angels?”

Do You Believe In Angels, And Are There Angels Among Us?

Who Are Angels And What Is Their Purpose?

What are the angels? You can think of angels as a separate evolutionary strand different from you. You are physical beings, and you incarnate in the physical world. Angels are energy beings and don’t have a physical body like you do. They exist strictly as Spirit.

They are in service to the cosmic consciousness. You might say angels are in service to God. So, they are very spiritually focused beings. They are not shrouded with a veil of forgetfulness.

You forget the big picture about who you are when you are incarnated in your bodies in this physical reality. And you do that on purpose. Because you have chosen to come into this polarized world to expand consciousness. You do so by being faced with choices, and through the gift of free will, you make decisions about those choices. You do so to have the results reflected back at you through time and space.

That’s how you learn. So, to have an unbiased experience, you must forget the big picture. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to do that. Meanwhile, the beings in the angelic realm do not have that same veil of forgetting, so they have a big-picture spiritual perspective. In turn, they can benefit you because they can see your life in a complete way. They see your dilemmas, problems, and all your life experiences from a different vantage point than you can see.

Who Are The Angels?do you believe in angels

Many people think of angels as separate beings created by God and different from humankind. You can see this concept in many of the world’s religions, especially Christianity and Christian-based theologies. They think angels are created by God and are entirely separate and different from you in Spirit form.

You and the angels are both Spirit beings and aspects of divine consciousness. You are living in an incarnate form, and the angels are living in a non-flesh, blood, bones, and bodies like you. But you are both on an evolutionary pathway to God. They are in service to God. They are fully awake and aware of who they are and their purpose. And they organize themselves to carry out that purpose. In comparison, you are under a purposefully selected veil of forgetting.

Can An Angel Incarnate As A Human Being?

Suppose angels are both on an evolutionary pathway to God. Can an angel become a human being and live their life on this earth? Can they be born and die and have different lives? Or, in turn, can a human being on this earth become an angel when they pass on?

The two are entirely different evolutionary pathways. The result is the same, but you and angels are different beings. However, a human being can ascend as a form of spirit guide serving the rest of humanity. And that would be, for example, what the Ascended Masters might be. An angel, a mighty angel, can manifest a physical form to help fulfill its purpose of being of service.

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Is There An Angelic Hierarchy Of Different Types Of Angels?

You have heard of different types of angels, such as archangels, angels, spirit guides, guardian angels, and more. Many people think of this as a hierarchy. Often, humans think of angels as having a hierarchy within their organization. And they might even think that humans and angels are in different places in that hierarchy. But there’s no hierarchy under under God. There’s no higher, lower, better, worse. There are different ways of expressing spirit. Different ways of Spirit, experiencing itself as God and expanding its consciousness.

Yet there is still this idea about a hierarchy of angels. As humans, you like to categorize things, and you like to label things. The same holds true when you talk about angels. You talk about guardian angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Archangels, and different categories of angels. A different way to look at it would be to say that the angelic realm consists of a wide range of expressions of divine consciousness.

So you might think of a great Archangel as a massive, vast force of nature, capable of creating Universes, Galaxies, solar systems, or planets, all the way down to the Devic kingdom. Consider the entities in the Devic Kingdom as the other end of that angelic spectrum. Their spirits serve the growth of plants and are guardians of particular places. One of them is Pele, an angel who presides over the Hawaiian Islands.

what do angels look like

How has humankind projected this idea of angels? They think of them as human-like but with wings and halos, and they play trumpets and harps. These are some stereotypes you project onto angels. And that’s not who they really are. They are energy beings. And they are mighty. They are tremendous forces of nature.

For example, in recent times, where we’ve been going through such a massive planetary shift, the divine angelic kingdom is coming and assisting with those planetary level shifts. That’s part of the function and purpose of certain types of angels.

You do have angels that serve humanity and are delighted to help humanity and help serve you. And they will gladly reveal themselves in a way that can make you feel comfortable. And so, to recognize that you are communicating with an angel, you have to see a vision of a being with wings or a being with a halo. Then, sometimes, they are pretty happy to do that for you because it helps you make that connection.

Angels are neither male nor female but might present themselves as male or female. Again, this is a mechanism for facilitating communication with you. Regardless of how they might cause themselves to project and appear in a certain way, it’s just to help you feel safe. This is to help you not be frightened and feel like you are talking with a benevolent being who wants to help you.

You may witness an angel as a seven- or eight-foot-tall, colossal creature. They may appear that way to you because they have what you would perceive to be an intense energy.

Are Angels Messengers?types of angels

Angels are often seen as messengers. There are stories of angels in the Bible that come to reveal a message. Usually, the message is like an allegory of some significant change, like the message of Jesus being born. They definitely show up in force when there are changes afoot.

How can you talk to angels? Angels are talking to you all of the time. If you ask for help from an angel, you can be assured that they are there to assist you. However, many humans who ask for help do not feel like they are receiving assistance. And it’s not because the help is not there. It’s because they are not perceiving the help. So, suppose your goal is to communicate with angels. In that case, you have to minimize the vibrational gap between the incredible density of existing in a physical body on earth and the lightness of being an angel.

Because the members of the angelic kingdom are of a much higher vibration than you are, the more you can work on your individual vibration so that you are healing yourself and clearing the density and the misalignments out of you are system, the closer you can be to finding a zone where you can meet in the middle with the angels. They can and may communicate with you in different ways.

For example, when I was in my 20s, a long time ago, this angel started talking to me. And she talked to me in poetry. So I always know it’s her because she talks in rhyme. And she gave me an anthem-like poem about the relationship with this Spirit. And this angelic being has been with me through many lifetimes. And even though it’s a personal message, it may be relevant to everyone.

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Dr Lesley’s Guardian Angel Poem

I trust my intuition

I trust my guiding forces

My angel with the guiding eye

The guiding eye of Horus

I trust in you to teach me

To guide me through the pages

To take me to the stars and back

And lead me through the ages

The door of wisdom will unfold.

A land of dreams before me

I trust in you to take me there

And show me all its glory

I am your angel, fair and bright

Sparkling and dancing in God’s light

Singing and praising with all my might

Always with you in my sight

Love is thy eternal flame.

Burning bright throughout the game

Heed me now as I proclaim

A sound in light that is your name

I knew you then when you were small

I’ve been with you through it all

Pick you up when you fall

Put you right, oh mighty Saul.

Bringer of light

One with great sight

Banisher of dark

Ancient as the ark

Traveling far

From your star

To Earth, you came

A burning flame

It is simple. Angels and spirits from the angelic realm always operate from love and acceptance. So there is no need to fear them or their messages. The more you work to elevate your personal vibration, the closer you will be to that wonderful kingdom and visitations from angels.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do You Believe In Angels, And Are There Angels Among Us to empower you to reach your Soul’s Highest Reality with Transmissions from the Archangels. Listen and learn how to explore unlimited possibilities and receive amazing insights from angelic beings.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Do You Believe In Angels And Are There Angels Among Us :

  • Cabanaroulette – Thank you for sharing about our energy signature, that our angels identify us through lifetimes. You clarify so much!
  • Sophia – Are guardian angels different from spirit guides (soul mates from past lives here to assist us)? Are all angels Omnipresent? Great perspectives, thank you.
  • Amber – You have struck a note for me about the Devic Kingdom and, to Quote,” Changes afoot” right now. I have been finding messages in nature more and more recently. Any comments on this?
  • Dennis – It is suggested that the chakras have experiences of their own. If the chakras are sentient, which of the 114 can communicate with words?
  • CK – Are seraphim one of the biblical angels? What are they?

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