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March 11, 2017

Do Men And Women Differ Spiritually? – UYT063

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How Do Men And Women Differ Spiritually?

Do men and women differ spiritually? Is there gender equality in spiritual matters? Let’s look at one solid, undeniable truth, there are appreciable differences between man and woman period. I think we can all agree on that. Everyone can rewhat is gender inequality trulycognize the fact that there is gender inequality in the workplace. In some ways, I am still grateful for the difference. As they say in French “Vive la Différence”. I am not saying either is better or worse. Let’s let that stand as my philosophy.

What Is Gender Inequality?

There are some different types of gender inequality in our shttps://pixabay.com/en/photos/ociety today and some are obvious. Others are more hidden. I think what is more important are the questions, “what are the causes of gender inequality” and “what are the effects of gender inequality”.

There are definitely differences between us as human beings concerning our gender. Yet we also do have many similarities. When you get to the topic of spirituality again there seem to be certain variances in each of the sexes. A general thesis is that women possess a much deeper sense of spirituality. Men not so much. Yet if you look at religion the majority of positions within almost every arm of so-called religious societies is held by males.

Gender Inequality Examples In Religion

In more than one religious order in which women cannot become priests. In some religions, women cannot enter into the holiest areas of the sanctuary. In some religions, women must never show their faces in public but must keep them veiled. These seem to be archaic concepts and yet they are adhered to rigidly.

I have been using the terms spirituality and religion interchangeably but I feel that the two differ immensely. When it comes to the true nature of one’s relationship with the universe I believe gender takes no part in it whatsoever. Just like the fact that Spirit is bound by neither time nor space, it is also neither male nor female yet it is both. It is difficult to conceive a concept that something is so distant and unrelated to our human experience. It is something like pondering the infinite status of numbers, time, or even the universe. You know that they exist and go on forever but can you visualize forever.

The same thing is true with your spiritual nature. It cannot be seen nor measured. It has no width, breadth nor depth. It has no limit of time, here now and gone later. The other aspect is that your Spirit is eternal. Again this is a concept many have issues with in regards to understanding.

Do Men And Women Differ Spiritually

Women’s role in spirituality seems to be quite evident when you investigate as does that of men. For instance, the types of gender inequality in religion are quite evidentthere are so many mentions of a strong spiritual woman in the bible even though they are overshadowed by the men in many cases. Again, neither good nor bad, man and woman being equal is a fair desire on everyone’s part. Within the topic of female spirituality, the goddess within and the divine feminine are terms you will hear often. As for masculine spirituality and the notations for their nature it usually is less flowery but still as important. Yet we are all the same in the eye of the Universe. No different than the idea that any single drop of water in the ocean is any more or less important than any other.

So in saying all this there still seems to be a gap between men and women when it comes to discussing spirituality. How do these two gender differences show up? In all honesty, do we need to define gender roles in regards to Spirituality? Or does this so-called gap just seem to be a man-made illusion of some sort? I do not think that a difference is necessarily a bad thing either. It just is what it is. Just remember you are the light of the world whether you are female or male.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How men and women react to spiritual engagement.
  • Where are there similarities between the two?
  • Are the two compatible?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do Men And Women Differ Spiritually, and discover the difference or the similarity between the divine feminine and masculine spirituality.

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