Create Deeper Spiritual Connections To Your Life

learn about overcoming anxiety without medication

Create Deeper Spiritual Connections To Your Life And Be Fulfilled

Why would you want to create deeper spiritual connections to your life? Have you ever felt disconnected from the world or even yourself or maybe anxiety or depression? Sometimes these anxiety symptoms show up as being purposeless or stuck in any aspect of your life. You may be very successful but many successful people like yourself would really like a deeper spiritual connection to their life.  The reality is that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. This can cause a disconnect to that part of you that is at a  deeper level. This is when energy or spiritual healing can come into play and even the term spiritual coaching can be used.

Our guest on Unlocking Your Truth is Carolyn B. Coleridge and she practices a form of reconnection called Intuitive Soul Healing in lovely and hectic Los Angeles, This modality aids you to honor the various facets of your spirit, your soul and your physical nature. It will provide you with clear answers to your burning questions about being spiritually connected.  Carol’s healing practices can help you move past the blocks that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Your soul is such a large part of who you are.

Carolyn is actual a health care professional, a licensed psychotherapist.  She is also a Spiritual life coach as well as an intuitive healer with over 20 years of practical knowledge.  Carolyn was a former faculty member of the Pediatric Pain Program at UCLA, a Complementary Alternative Medicine program, where she had the opportunity to perform hands-on healing with children in chronic pain.  She has also merged spiritual healing practices into her practice as a psychotherapist. Some of the areas she enjoys teaching are Mindfulness, Meditation, and Energy Awareness She has a private practice in

If you are currently, or have in the past, suffering from any unresolved issues with finding a purpose or presented symptoms of severe anxiety or depression, she has a resolution for you. Her passion is having people live their passions. Creating productive and proactive ways to assist her clients, who suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety, overcoming anxiety without medication and to heal themselves.

Carolyn is also an author of two books helping people to learn how to grow spiritually. Her newest book is “Honor Your Spirit” which also has a workbook available and “How to work with the Universe”.

Here are some of the points and questions we discuss with Carolyn:create deeper spiritual connections to your life

  • Why is your book “How To Work With The Universe” so important?
  • Tell us about the “Book Honor Your Spirit” and how do the two books work together.
  • How do you incorporate spirituality and or intuition with your work as a counselor?
  • How did you get into energy healing?
  • What was it like to work as a healer at UCLA?
  • What type of people seeks out for help?
  • How do you work with your intuition?
  • Do you incorporate energy healing with your work at a mental health clinic?
  • Have you incorporated spirituality in mental health?
  • In regards to your work in mental health, how has your spiritual work been received?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Create Deeper Spiritual Connections To Your Life, and discuss how spirituality and intuition are vitally important in overcoming worry and fear a positive step to good mental health.

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