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September 26, 2023

What Happens When You Have A Blocked Crown Chakra UYT390

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You And Your Crown Chakra

What do you know about your Crown Chakra? What is it like to have a blocked crown chakra? What are the crown chakra blockage symptoms or the crown chakra opening symptoms that you may experience? Before we answer these questions and more, let’s delve into the Crown Chakra and do an introduction to this energy center.

What Happens When You Have A Blocked Crown Chakra?

What Is The Crown Chakra Responsible For?

The crown chakra is the seventh of the seven main chakras in your chakra system. The crown chakra, also known by its Sanskrit name, the sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is positioned on the top of your head. Actually, it is located in your energy body, not your physical body. But if you had to point to it somewhere in your physical system, it’s that soft spot at the top of the skull. That soft spot that babies have called the fontanelle. That is the positioning of it as it maps to your physical system.

Spiritually, it is considered to be the “bridge to the cosmos.” It is the most spiritually active of all of the 7 chakras. Your crown chakra is considered to be your gateway to higher consciousness. It is your link to Source, God, or The Universe, whatever you call this higher consciousness.

It is your center of spirit, wisdom, enlightenment, universal consciousness, and connection to higher guidance. And it’s the highest frequency chakra associated with your physical system. So, it is the place where you seek your consciousness. Where you can still know yourself beyond the human aspect that you are. You can connect with you as Spirit, the greater being you are. You can know yourself as a part and portion of the All That Is.

The crown chakra is also a place for stepping down energies so they can come into the rest of your system. It is the center for something called trance mediumship to occur. This is the ability to channel spiritual energies through your human system. And every single one of you is a trance medium, whether you know it or not.

Here you are. You all have these physical bodies, and yet you are Spirit. Remember the adage: you are not a physical being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a human experience. You still need to be able to channel your essence through that physical body. And trance mediumship, an aspect of the crown chakra, is how that occurs.

You are continuously channeling energy and information through your chakra system all of the time. And most of you are entirely unaware of that. Most of you are unaware of most of what’s going on there. But you can learn to be more aware of it. You can learn to tune in to know yourselves as Spirit and to operate consciously as Spirit through the human system and get familiar with all of these things.

Introducing The Crown Chakra As Per “Intuition And Chakras.”intuition and chakras

By way of introduction, we’ll read a couple of sentences from my book, Intuition And Chakras. In chapter eight, the seventh chakra, the Crown Chakra, is examined.

When it’s unbalanced, you may operate from information that is not appropriate for you. That doesn’t make sense in your present time reality. And you might impose your perspective inappropriately on others. That’s some of the things that can happen when you have an unbalanced crown chakra. But used correctly, it channels your ability to know everything you need to know in order to fulfill your life purpose and to bring your energy into the body so that you can make the most of your earth journey.”

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What Are Evident Crown Chakra Imbalance Symptoms?

But what might be some symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance? How do you know that there is an issue? There should be an understanding that a few different levels of crown chakra imbalance can occur.

First, there can be physical symptoms. The Crown Chakra relates to your brain, things like your pituitary gland, and all of those things within the brain, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, and so on. And so you, you might have headaches or something more serious that’s going on in that area of your body. And it could be related to a misalignment with your crown chakra.

But there are precursors before you get to the physical symptoms of an out-of-alignment state. Some of the ways that you might feel or experience that might indicate something going on with the Crown Chakra:

  • Feeling spacey
  • Feeling spaced out
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Feeling disassociated with physical reality
  • Feeling disconnected from your body
  • Feeling disconnected from your higher being.
  • You do not feel like yourself
  • You feel out of sorts
  • Feeling out of alignment
  • Feeling disconnected, nobody truly knows who you are, appreciates you and your contributions.
  • Feeling like people don’t get you. They do not understand you.

Some other things you can experience when it comes to a crown chakra imbalance are feeling like you are being controlled by other people, feeling like you are being manipulated, or feeling like you are being dominated.

The opposite is possible as well. A crown chakra imbalance can cause you to become manipulative to others, try to control other people or your reality, and make everything the way you want it to be, including others. So, that can also be a sign that your crown chakra is out of balance.

Some other typical characteristics that represent a crown chakra imbalance can be someone who displays authority issues, railing against authority, being uncomfortable with authority, losing your power when faced with authority, or having a domineering personality. You tend to try to exert authority over other people.

Those are all issues relating to the crown chakra, amongst other things.

Your Crown Chakra And Foreign Energychanneling unwanted entites is called possession

One lesser recognized symptom of a crown chakra imbalance is channeling foreign energy. Here is an example that most of you have experienced. So you could be going about your ordinary day, having conversations, doing different things. All of a sudden, something you said reminded you of your mother or your father. What or how you said something was like hearing your mother or father’s voice

So that’s what they always say, or said if they have passed, and you find yourself saying it? Or that’s what they do, and you find yourself doing it. You have all had that experience. You can inadvertently be channeling their energy through your system. And those are often some of the closest people to us. They’ve been the most influential people in your lives. In a way, the family unit is set up for that.

You have a little toddler, and the parent hovers over them. The parent wants to channel into the child what to do, how to behave, how to walk, how to eat, how to speak, and how to interact with others. So, in some senses, it’s a natural thing. But in another sense, the child is being programmed by foreign energy. At some point in their life, they may need to reprogram themselves. They have to be able to release the programming that they’ve received from their parents, teachers, grandparents, religion, and all the other cultural influencers. This needs to be done to discover who they truly are and then choose based on what they know about themselves and what feels right for them.

And that’s not to say that these other people are necessarily bad. They often try their best to help a person grow up and be a good citizen or understand how the world works. But sometimes, they are out of alignment, and then what they’re delivering to the child is out of alignment. So you take their stuff on and become programmed with a whole belief system, behaviors, and ways of being that are not yours. You have taken absorbed them from others. And that is trance, mediumship, and knowingness. Both aspects of the crown chakra.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

So you can hold beliefs that aren’t yours. And you can have them practically from the moment you were born or even before. So you don’t even question them. You think it is you. Because of this, people live whole lifetimes not being the person they could be. It’s one of the reasons why ancient and modern Mystery Schools always require the very first step of your spiritual journey to work on the concept of ‘knowing yourself first.’

Know yourself so that you can know yourself authentically and your unique perspective. And then, you can offer and express your unique perspective to the world.

Your knowingness is not always appreciated, especially in your youth. Generally, you are appreciated for your compliance rather than for your knowing. So you learn to modify the gifts that are part of this energy center, the gifts of your knowingness and your trance mediumship.

Crown Chakra Powers And Psychic Abilities

There are other things that the Crown Chakra has a direct effect on. Premonitions, precognitive visions, are directly related to the seventh chakra. Being able to channel messages by entering altered states of consciousness is another area of relation to this energy center.

What Happens When You Have A Blocked Crown Chakra?

So the show topic is entitled, what happens when you have a blocked crown chakra. When your crown chakra is truly alig

crown chakra powers and psychic abilities

ned, you are channeling yourself. You are tuning into your higher information and your higher wisdom.

But for your crown chakra to be out of alignment, you are channeling something else or somebody else and involuntarily receiving somebody else’s information. You are operating from someone else’s information, belief system, and energy and being out of touch with who you are. And it’s not just black and white. There are all the shades of grey in between.

So early, it was asked if you have ever caught yourself saying something like somebody else would say, such as your mom, dad, or even your boss. That’s you channeling a little bit of their energy, and that’s in the gray zone. But the extreme of this would be like possession, as seen in Hollywood movies such as Rosemary’s Baby.

Other Results Of A Crown Chakra Blockage

So there are various degrees of this idea of progression from something very innocent all the way to being predominantly not yourself. And some things don’t help with this. If you are somebody who drinks a lot of alcohol or who takes a lot of recreational drugs. Those activities can cause you to be ungrounded and disassociate from your body. And it’s like leaving your house with the door wide open. And when you leave the house with the door wide open, somebody may spot it. And before you are aware, there can be a rush of unwanted occupancy.

Another related thing is when you are in a state of fear. When you get frightened, you tend to lose your grounding, and you might tend to open your crown chakra too much. Why. Because when you are terrified, you are ungrounded, and you release ownership of your personal space. Again, it’s like leaving the house with your door wide open and inviting entities to bring the lowest vibrational energies in. Because fear is the lowest vibration energy that you know experience.

That is one of the things that can happen. That is one end of the spectrum. The other end of the spectrum would be you being in your own magnificence, being in your own authenticity, channeling your own wisdom, and expressing that wisdom into the world. It can help you to be very powerful.

Negative Crown Chakra Symptomshow to channel spirits

Another negative result of not being in charge of your crown chakra opening is a specific type of trance mediumship, where you are not in control of your trance mediumship state.

Occasionally, when you start awakening to your higher knowing, you can become amazed at what you know, how you can know the information, and how you can instantly know it. You get what can be considered an instant download of information. And it gives you a feeling of personal high intelligence. You feel so SMART and very special because you are getting these information downloads. You actually know all of this stuff. You must be meant to be here and deliver this great message to people.

But it could be that it is your information. It is suitable for you and your unique perspective. However, is it necessarily right for everybody else? Everyone has their own ability to access their own information and doesn’t need you to impose your information on them. And if you look around, you see this happens everywhere, right? It happens in religions, politics, and personal development seminars. It happens in all sorts of arenas of your existence.

This is another example of somebody’s crown chakra being very out of alignment. And there’s any number of these individuals that you can point to who demonstrate this. Examples include infamous leaders or gurus like Hitler, Jim Jones, or David Koresh. These people have very magnetic personalities, are very eloquent, and seem to be very powerful in their knowing and in their belief.

And suddenly, you have a whole population or a whole group of people who are mesmerized. They are hypnotized by an individual with out-of-control trance mediumship. They are controlling people at the crown chakra level. These charismatic individuals enchant individuals and large audiences to think that they believe what they are spewing. But actually, they’re being controlled by an individual whose trance mediumship is out of alignment. Someone else’s trance mediumship can be taken to the extreme. You have seen examples where that kind of thing leads to genocide or mass suicides.

So it would be best to be in touch with your own knowingness. And it’s vital for you to be channeling your own energy and your own information.

Each of you has channeled or is meant to channel your unique energy and information. A great way to help you do this is by following a daily grounding and crown chakra meditation practice. The easiest thing to do is use a guided crown chakra meditation. If you are having issues with your seventh chakra, use a guided grounding and centering meditation that can also be considered a crown chakra healing meditation. Below is a link to a simple and effective guided meditation.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Happens When You Have A Blocked Crown Chakra, and learn about more than a crown chakra blockage, like the symptoms of overactive crown chakra.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Happens When You Have A Blocked Crown Chakra:

  • Victoria – When your crown chakra is blocked could that cause mental illness?
  • Omyda – When we refer to “knowing what is yours,” do you mean innate knowledge that we bring into this current human incarnation? Or is it coming into a sense of self that we develop as a part of our human experience in this lifetime, or both? I’m asking because as a mom of a young child, I am always striving to strike the balance between encouraging my daughter to discover, come to know herself and her innate information, vs. teaching or mentoring her on how to be in this world. It’s a tricky balance.
    • Omyda – Thank you Lesley – I try and think of being a parent as a guide meant to mentor and impart wisdom. But ultimately allow them to develop themselves in a safe and pro-social manner.
  • Alison – Will continuing to use psychotropic meds, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, meds for insomnia, prevent me from healing or connecting to my crown chakra?
  • Brian – Hi Dr. Lesley, you had mentioned I could ask about the building near me that you previously identified as a portal. Since the energy in it is stronger, and I keep getting drawn to it I wonder if you could look at it and tell me more. Since I keep getting drawn to it what it is, and how I‘m connected to it, since I keep getting drawn to it. I know when I was in it recently I did receive more information on it. Mostly through my crown chakra, like downloads and communication. And I’d like to know more about it since it‘s such a wonderful high vibration? I still feel that connection?
    • Brian – That‘s exactly what it felt like, like a sound bath, I could feel the effects and the attunement!

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