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the metaphysical explained by daniel the healer
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Basic Spiritual Metaphysics And How It Applies To You Everyday!

Would you like basic spiritual metaphysics explained in simple easy terms? When it comes to spiritual metaphysics everything we are has to do with this elaborate term. The term spirituality is completely understandable but when one adds the word metaphysical to it many people go to a place of query. What the heck is metaphysics? The simple explanation of metaphysics, combined with spirituality, is looking at life and acting in life through spiritual eyes wearing a pair of quantum physics glasses. One of the basic concepts is that we are all energy. The same energy, as a matter of fact, that makes up the whole universe. Energy can be manipulated and it never dies. It just changes form.

Eternal Energy

Think about those two statements. Energy is eternal; we are energy, so that must mean we are eternal. Where have you heard that before? Yet, apparently spiritual metaphysics and Christianity supposedly do not mix. Not so!

Energy Manipulation

Everything takes some form of energy in order to be in existence. Once there is energy there can be an alteration of its form. Let’s look at a small cut on your arm or any other part of your body. What happens? A message is sent to your brain giving it the information of this occurrence. Your brain then sends all the necessary healing components to the area to mend you. You could take a stretch and call this energy healing, one of the aspects of the metaphysical realm.

We all suffer from a common disease, dis-ease that is. We are all human beings with the weaknesses and strengths that go along with this glorious journey we call life.

We have talked about our spirit body living forever and our physical body being energy and using energy in healing. Now we are going to speak to a master in metaphysics Daniel the Healer who will explain how to use this marvel for so much more and advance the cure for this dis-ease.

Daniel The Healer

Daniel is an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Energy “Chiropractor,” and Body Whisperer and more. This is quite the list of healing modalities he can use to help with the human and spiritual dis-ease. Over and above all the different techniques he has acquired over the years, he has put together his own modality. He is an authority on your Energy Field, which is in the realm of the metaphysical as we have discussed, and offers you his amazing gift of “Healing with Love.”

After he learned Quantum-Touch he was able to heal with his gaze. This means that Daniel can work with people anywhere in the world as long as they can make a video connection with him! And what’s even more amazing, he also can transmit healing by gazing via a recorded video! You can simply sit at home, watch a video of Daniel’s gazing, and experience healing.

You can reach Daniel The Healer on his website:

Here Are Some Questions We Ask Daniel:basic spiritual metaphysics explained with daniel the healer

  • When did you discover you were a healer?
  • What is your definition of Spirituality / Healing?
  • What healing modalities do you practice?
  • What good health is and the hidden messages of illness and pain
  • What true healing is and why holistic healing is best
  • A person’s energy field, what it is made of and how it affects one’s life
  • Chakras, what they are, and their function. Why it is important to keep them clear.
  • The balance of masculine & feminine energies, and why it is important to cultivate both.
  • Why sending out love into your world is the only way to be
  • Why we come here to this Planet Earth and what we need to do
  • How we create our own reality and how to change one’s life for the better
  • The cycle of life, reincarnation

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Basic Spiritual Metaphysics Explained, where we discuss that many people have absolutely no idea what they are doing here on Planet Earth. By the end of the show, you should have some idea, and you will understand that you are DIVINE and what that really means to you.

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