Balancing the Heart Chakra

balancing the heart chakra
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 Balancing the Heart Chakra is Very Important

It is common for the Fourth Chakra, the heart chakra, to be out of Balance. Balancing the heart chakra is very important to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. The heart chakra is at the center of the body at the juncture between what is above (spirit, cosmos, sky) and what is balancing the heart chakrabelow (earth, planet, physical plane). It is a point of balance between body and spirit.

It is common for the heart center to be out of balance when we confuse body phenomena such as sex and emotions with love; or spiritual oneness with physical togetherness; when we believe that merging with others on a body or personality level is the same as oneness or affinity; or to think that neutrality is not love and that love only emanates from the heart. These are all symptoms that require a heart chakra balancing.

Balancing And Healing The Heart Chakra Requires A Spiritual Perspective

In balancing the heart chakra both the energies within the chakra itself and also in relation to other chakras, it is important to gain a spiritual perspective and to learn to distinguish between oneness and merging and to have your oneness without getting emotionally lost in it.

The way to have your affinity for yourself is to clear out the lies and confusion; as well as the pain, fear guilt and hate so you can experience your unique self and oneness with all things. By partaking of a heart chakra healing, basically removing heart chakra blockage,  you can you can learn to relate to affinity and oneness as a spiritual experience rather than a physical experience.

Realize You Need To Clear The Pain

There are signs of heart chakra openings like a pain awakening. When we open our affinity but find pain we look outside for the cause of the pain and avoid the realization that we created it ourselves. Yet it is important to realize that we block our heart chakra only with what we put in our own way. As this realization is the first step to letting go of the pain and also to realizing that if you put it there in the first place then of course you have the power to remove it.


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Realize The World Is Not Perfect

When you experience a heart chakra opening it may and most probably will create trauma at first, until the pain and loneliness is cleared. Yet to move forward, we must face it and remove what we don’t like. This applies whether we created the false beliefs or took them on from another person. Owning and healing the spiritual creations we don’t like is a major step in spiritual development. We need to remove the pain from the fourth chakra to re-open it, regain full use and allow the affinity vibration to prevail.

All It Takes Is Radiance

We automatically share affinity and oneness by having it within ourselves. We can experience and share this with our own body by having affinity and oneness within ourselves. You must have affinity with yourself before you can have it with others. All of our spiritual abilities must be developed within and only then can we share them with others. The fourth chakra has great power. When you learn to control it you control your creativity and power. These are all signs of heart chakra awakenings.

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