February 15, 2013

What Is The Astral Body?

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Out Of Body Experience, Astral Travel And The Third Chakra

Out of body experience and astral travel allow us to spread our spiritual wings so to speak and allow our astral body to take etherial voyages to places known and unknown. Many people want to know “is astral projection real”? learn some new astral projection techniquesLet’s look at this logically. We are spiritual beings that exist in multiple planes of existence. We create bodies of different vibrations as vehicles to experience these different realities. The one we are most familiar with of course is the physical body as we use this one to experience physical reality. One way we experience these phenomena are through an Out Of Body Experience, astral projection, and astral travel.

What Are Astral Bodies?

The astral body which by another is known as the “energy body” is the body you possess in other realms of reality like in the astral world or dream world. One of these realities is where spirits reside after death. The astral body itself is made up of something called prana, which can be translated from the Sanskrit as breath or life force. The astral body is not worldly in nature. It is not bound by space or time. It is not subject to weather conditions like cold or heat or other natural conditions.

It may look exactly like you or it may take on a different appearance and form. Astral bodies are eternal. They are not born like your physical body is. The astral body is part of your spiritual makeup. It does not have a separate consciousness from that of yours. It needs you to will it into action in a sense. It will materialize through your cosmic will.

The Astral Body Is Also Used To Create Through On The Earth Plane.

It offers more flexibility and greater creativity than the physical body. It provides more freedom when interacting with other souls and offers more liberty with emotions. When we are using our astral body we are said to be astral traveling or astral projecting. The astral body is often what people see when they say they saw a ghost or even when they have a Déjà Vu experience. Also when you are asleep you astral travel in dreams.

The Astral Body Is Less Dense

The astral body is made up of a higher vibration than the physical body. It is not bound by the same rules of physical reality and can literally fly, walk on water and move through physical matter, basically have an Out Of Body Experience. It is not limited by time and space and can, therefore, travel into the past, present, and future and astral projection dangers are virtually nonexistent. It can be anywhere in an instant. All it takes is a thought and the astral body appears at the location and time of the thought. We typically use it to experiment with possible scenarios before we manifest them into the physical body.

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Experimenting With Out Of Body Experience And Astral Travel

The astral body allows you to experiment with possible future scenarios. This may sound like science fiction tois astral projection real some of you, but hold your skepticism and allow yourself to imagine how useful this can be. The astral body allows you to experiment with possible future scenarios and create scenes with other beings before you choose to create one of them in physical reality. This can be done through an Out Of Body Experience and astral project safely. You can use it to heal aspects of your past and because there are no ethics on the astral plane you have more leeway in your creativity than in physical reality.

As Spirit, we can also have out of body experiences that do not take place in any of our bodies. We are Spirit, we are not our bodies. Bodies are our vessels through which we create, communicate, and grow.

How Do You Astral Project?

Your dream state is probably the most common way that you will encounter astral travel. This more of an unconscious astral projection than one that you will happen. as you sleep your astral body will leave your body. It is no longer here in this three-dimensional world we call reality.

So what propels or guides your spirit body from your physical shell? What actually propels your astral body out of your body while you are asleep or in trance is your pineal gland. Your pineal gland is very important. It is the center of your psychic nature. Simply put it is the receptacle for all spiritual communication and intuitive abilities.

The interesting thing about astral travel is that you most probably have very little control of where you go when you dream. It is your spiritual nature and your subconscious that are in the driver’s seat. However, if and when you become more in tune with these parts of your being you can become more proficient. You can begin to plan your excursions into the astral realm. You will be able to consciously guide your astral body, where it goes, what it does and how it feels.

Are There Dangers Of Astral Projection?

Generally, there is absolutely no harm that an astral project can cause other than some emotional upheaval when you get back. For instance, you may meet a loved one who has passed on to the spirit world. Monsters can’t hurt you nor can anything else.

You are, however, responsible to maintain a form of control within your unconscious mind as you travel in the astral plane. Here is where the learning and practice come in. The type of control we are talking about is not what you would use during normal states of consciousness. During your waking state, your ego does most of the work in that regard.

Your ego gets left behind in your astral projection. You use more of your intuitive senses which are a much more elegant form of control. This enables you to travel the ethereal realm with greater freedom and leaves the emotional attachments behind. You can still experience a form of emotion but it has little or no adverse effect on your state of being.

Astral travel and projection are simply consciousness during your sleep cycles. If you have ever just begun to fall asleep and woke suddenly you will have noticed a bit of a jolting reaction. This is your astral body snapping back into your physical body. You can actually feel it because you are halfway between the two states and are aware of both simultaneously.

Astral Travel techniques

There are many different ways you can astral travel. Sleep is not the only one. You can also dream while awake. dreaming is great for astral travel for beginnersYou can meditate and travel in the different realms. You can take certain drugs that will bring on this state which is usually known as hallucinations. Hypnosis can also be used to activate your astral travel experiences. Regardless of how or why you use this gift, it can be an awesome experience. Everyone is capable of activating their astral form and travel in it.

However, one technique may work for some but not for others. It takes trial and occasional errors to find the best-suited program for you. Do not get discouraged. It will definitely happen. One thing I recommend is to keep a dream journal. I discuss this in another post you can find here. You may need to source out a guide or mentor like myself that can help you along your journey.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Astral Body, when we discuss astral projection for beginners as well as astral projection techniques.

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