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October 17, 2017

Acknowledging Parallel Realities And False Impressions UYT132

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Recognizing Different Realities Even If They Are Just Perceptual

The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality – A Video By Teal Swan

What is meant by acknowledging parallel realities? I was recently inspired by a video on Teal Swan’s YouTube channel called “The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality.” In this video, she explained how we teach our children to mistrust their perceived reality, basically physiological illusions, by ignoring their feelings and presenting a false is your perceived reality an illusionreality that we prefer they operate from. In one sense you have presented situations of how your eyes trick your mind.

Here is one of many false reality examples. Daddy isn’t unconscious because he is drunk, he’s just tired. This causes intense loneliness as it creates a chasm between the child’s experienced reality and what we tell them is real. We live under the delusion, reality as you know it is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. We fail abysmally at empathy as a species when we do not truly see and hear our fellow human beings. This is the cause of the worse hell on earth – suffering alone.

Acknowledging Parallel Realities – We Are All Unique Individuals

How often have you heard this? I say it often. It’s usually used to promote self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. But what does it mean? What I usually mean is that we are all unique sparks of divine consciousness; we each have our perspective; together we are one. Another perspective is that we each have unique beliefs, experiences, emotional responses, physical reactions, and mental and psychological constructs. When we are ourselves we do not give a false impression of the truth of who we are.

Acknowledging Parallel Realities – We Are All Mirrors For Each Other

What about that one? Another common statement I frequently utter. Yes, we are all different. At the same time, we are like psychological and experiential mosaics. Our fragments can match and cause reflections. Almost as if we are seeing through the looking glass into a parallel universe through someone else’s being.

This is sometimes why we bond and other times why we feel repelled by another person. It depends on whether we like the aspect inside us that is being highlighted. Also, remember that you create your reality. Be the person you want to find and then take responsibility for attracting them into your life.

Acknowledging Parallel Realities – How We Deny Another’s Reality To Avoid Our Own

  • You lost a child but didn’t process your grief, your friend lost a parent and is grieving, you avoid her as you are still denying your pain.
  • He is a Muslim in Iraq & she is a Christian in America. Both were abused as kids & feel alone, victimized & misunderstood. They can’t see eye to eye while they deny their abuse.
  • She is a feminist and he is a chauvinist. They both had parents that wanted them to excel so each needs to be right to feel accepted. Their self-worth hinges on being better. Neither wants to deal with their pain and invalidation so they project their hate at each other.

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Acknowledging Parallel Realities – Accept Others For Themselves.

One of my favorite movie lines is from Bridget Jones’s Diary when Colin Firth tells Renee Zellweger “I love you just as you are.” Isn’t this what we all want? To be seen and accepted just as we are. We don’t have to live up to someone else’s ideas of what they want us to be. We don’t want to be expected to be different than we are to make another person happy. Nor do we enjoy other people’s false projections of who they think we are. I want to be seen clearly and love and accepted as I am. In my experience, it’s what all humans want. It’s what I hope I offer in my work as a professional clairvoyant. In my work as a psychic and spiritual counselor, I believe this is the biggest gift I offer people.

But how am I able to do that?

How can I get beyond the projections, expectations, and judgments that plague human interactions?

Acknowledging Parallel Realities – How To Be A Great Human Beingtarvel outside of the realm of my body

I can see people as they are and be neutral no matter what I see because I use my clairvoyance. This is the gift of being able to see as Spirit. It transcends the ego, emotions, and intellect that dominate most human interactions. It confers the ability to see, be non-judgmental, and accepting of what is. To use my clairvoyance I seat my consciousness in my pineal gland. This takes me outside of the realm of my body personality and allows me to operate from my higher consciousness.

This technique is called centering and everyone can learn to do it. You can learn to seat your consciousness here and then move to your intellect when you need to use logic or analyze something. But when you want to connect deeply and intimately with another human and see and accept them as they are, you can place your consciousness in your center and operate from a spiritual perspective.

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Acknowledging Parallel Realities – The Secret Of Being A Kick-Ass Psychic

Going back to Teal Swan’s video. When I do a reading I take into account a person’s perceptual reality by consciously modulating my energy vibration. I set my frequency to match the person I am reading. This puts me on their wavelength. It helps me know them as they are in the present time. It is like standing on the same floor of a high rise. If I was on a lower floor they would have already passed beyond what I could tell them. If I was on a higher floor they could not begin to conceive of what I was talking about.

Now the real trick is to step up just a little higher than the person who wants my help. That way I can lead them toward the next floor up, show them the elevator, and help raise their perspective on what is happening in their life. This altered state of consciousness is called a trance. It helps me tune out physical reality and tune into spiritual reality. To help my client, I shift my vibration slightly ahead of theirs and take a spiritual perspective on their situation. My clairvoyance helps me see them clearly and love them just as they are.

Now being psychic doesn’t guarantee love and compassion. Clairvoyance is a tool and like any tool, it can be used for good or ill. Your intuitive gifts can be twisted for self-interest or to use what you find out against people. But if you care about your spiritual evolvement when opening your clairvoyance you will focus on healing yourself so you can rise above those kinds of temptations. This is why it’s so important to find a knowledgeable teacher you can trust. Someone who can see you as you are and provide information that helps you heal your pain and if you choose, be able to serve humanity from a place of clarity and compassion.

Inspired by – The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality – Teal Swan –

In this podcast you will learn how we slip into cognitive optical illusions when we do not:-

  • Validate each other’s inner realities.
  • Value another’s a unique perspective.
  • Acknowledge how we deny realities we don’t like.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth and learn what it might be like to connect to an alternate self or universe.

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