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The Midas Tree

The Midas Tree is a spiritual book written by Dr. Lesley Phillips. It is an adventure novel that was a finalist in the Montaigne Medal for the Eric Hoffer Book Awards in 2015.The Midas Tree reveals answers to your most pressing questions as you read about hero Joshua’s amazing adventures. If you have ever wondered why you are here, how you got here or what you came here to do then this book is for you. Your life challenges will crumble as you receive the ancient knowledge that is given freely to you by the mystical teachers that live inside The Midas Tree. More Information.

A great book for adults and children. A neutral way to teach your kids about spirituality. 20 Chapters, 281 pages, $20.

Available as an audio book; approximately 5 hours of listening time.$30.

Audio book is also available with a companion course, "Teach Kids Meditation with the Midas Tree."

The Midas Tree spiritual book

Portico Soul Essence Cards

Develop your intuition using the language of symbols using this unique card deck of Dr. Lesley's energy frequency paintings. These are intuition cards that can be used in self-reflection, dream incubation, visualization and for daily insights and affirmations, as well as for psychic readings. Each card has an inspirational image that assists in the opening of the viewer’s intuition and creativity and is associated with a keyword and phrase to help inspire you and provide insight. 

Access intuition through the cards or use them in meditation, visualization, dream incubation, affirmations, and journal writing More Information.

A great tool to help you develop your intuition! Available as a card deck with instruction booklet; includes 64 cards $22.50.

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Portico Soul Essence Cards Book

This book explores the nature of reality, communicated through symbols presented as art. You will enjoy viewing colorful uplifting images, and will receive information relevant to your personal journey. The bright colors help induce a positive state of mind and contemplative condition. The images can be used in meditation, as inspiration for personal growth, and in journal writing. They can activate, and accelerate your spiritual growth. You may find they bring you joy, empowerment, encouragement, illuminate your path, and help you to uncover and release unwanted energies and outmoded beliefs. You have spiritual gifts. If you retrieve them, you will reclaim your power, and fulfill your role on this planet. If you do not believe you have psychic powers, it is because you do not know how to recognize them in yourself. Use the images in this book with a sense of play and you will soon find that you are seeing your own symbols and translating them into meaning. Then whether you realize it or not you are using your clairvoyance.

A great book to increase awareness of your intuition. Companion e-book to the Portico Card Deck. 12 Chapters, 327 pages, $20. Get it for free when you subscribe to our Weekly Video Card Readings.

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Past Lives Explained

This book about about past lives will launch you on a journey to discover more about your spiritual lineage. As well as helping to bring new understanding on some of the things you are going through in your current life! "Past Lives Explained" includes information about your multi-dimensional self, your soul, and the many lives you create. It also has an explanation of Akashic Records, Karma, Reincarnation and includes tips on how to tell if you have lived before. Also covered are frequently asked questions about past lives, and some of the reasons why you might want to learn more about them through a Past Life Reading.

A thorough explanation of past, present and future lives; eBook, 10 Chapters, 66 Pages, $9.97, or my gift when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Mysteries of the Aura Revealed

When you develop your inner sight, and use it to read your aura, you begin to  step into your full potential as an awakened human! "Mysteries of the Aura Revealed" will take you on a voyage through your personal universe. After reading it, you will understand how your energy field contains everything you need to know to live a healthy, happy life! This book explains frequently asked questions, including what the aura looks like to clairvoyant sight, how to tell if your aura is healthy, and what to do if it isn't. There are tips on how to read and cleanse auras, as well as a detailed explanation of what an aura is. 

A detailed explanation of the human bio-energy field; eBook, 10 Chapters, 62 Pages. $9.97, or my gift when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Your Psychic Ability Starter Kit

This book will take you on a journey through the 22 psychic senses available to you as an Awakening Human. Some might be new to you. You might recognize others, and perhaps be aware of how you are already using them to enhance your life. I hope this book will help you connect with you true inner nature. You are a powerful and creative aspect of God. You have incarnated in this physical body for a purpose, and your psychic senses are available to guide you, and connect you to your God, your higher self and your life plan. While your body is physical and communicates using language and 5 physical senses, you are a spiritual being, and as spirit you communicate through your psychic abilities.

Discover the 22 psychic abilities you might have. eBook, $19.97. Included as a free bonus when you purchase your Psychic Ability Blueprint.

Life Purpose and Chakras

You have seven major chakras positioned along your spine. Each channels spiritual information relating to a different aspect of your reality. They also govern your psychic abilities.By tuning into them you can receive your guidance, be aware of your current reality, and your higher purpose. By mastering them you can live your purpose. The chakras process your life experiences and help you respond accordingly. By exploring them, you can learn to access your intuition to guide your life journey. Listening to the wisdom of your chakras, helps you make decisions that align with your growth and higher purpose.

eBook, $9.97. Included as a free bonus when you purchase your Psychic Ability Blueprint.

Secrets of Your Psychic Senses

There is an enormous amount of information out there on the internet these days on intuition. Isn't it any wonder people are confused about what it is and how to tune into it? With so many misunderstandings surrounding psychic abilities it can be challenging to put your finger on what’s right for you. This short easy to read e-book aims to dispel the most common myths about intuition. No matter where you are on your intuition journey this information will help you orient to your own higher information, decide what teachings resonate with you, select teachers and messages that deserve your valuable time and attention.

eBook, $4.97. Included as a free bonus when you do our free Psychic Ability Quiz.

In the Works

Your Intuition Blueprint

When I invited hundreds of people to ask their most pressing question, 52% asked “what is my purpose?”
I was astounded so many feel lost, especially when your life purpose can be easily accessed. Your chakras channel your intuitive abilities, which are your personal guidance system for your life. I was compelled to write Your Intuition Blueprint to help people discover their purpose by connecting with their unique profile of intuitive gifts More Information.

The Second Coming of Jo San Ar

This is the first sequel to "The Midas Tree." We meet new characters and revisit our old favorites, as Joshua is reincarnated through one of 7 golden acorns, that he programmed with his future lifetimes at the end of "The Midas Tree." The story pulls you in, and reading it brings you into a dreamlike meditative state, where the spiritual information embedded in the pages can easily be absorbed.


I am currently working on a collection of poems and short stories. Like "The Midas Tree, " they are channeled writings, imbued with deep spiritual truths. The chakrables are similar to fables, parables, nursery rhymes and nonsense poems. The characters in them personify the chakra system. Their adventures symbolize the challenges of opening the spiritual abilities and mastering the chakras. 

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Not only is "The Midas Tree" a captivating story that kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next, but it is one that can also serve as a unique and effective reference manual for acquainting one to their intuitive and psychic senses. Phillip's novel can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals with diverse experiences and interests, and can be interpreted on a variety of levels.

Shahiroz Walji
John Doe UI/UX Designer

When I held a Portico card between my hands, I could feel waves of energy emanating from it. I felt energy go from the bottom of my spine, to the top and out of my head, streaming over me like a waterfall. At the same time I could feel my chakras aligning. Then the energy ground back into my body, down into the earth. I felt so centered and balanced. I am very excited to discover such a powerful form of healing.

Cress Spicer
John Doe UI/UX Designer