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January 2, 2024

When Will I Meet My Soulmate – Theories About Soulmates UYT153

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Are Soulmates The Secret To Finding Love?

When somebody asks a psychic reader when I will meet my Soulmate, most likely, they are trying to find love. They are really looking at it through the lens of romantic relationships. This holds true for most of the questions surrounding soulmates. They feel if they found this elusive individual, all their problems would be solved. This would be the ultimate panacea for them. However, this is a fantasy. Let’s look at some of the concepts and theories about soulmates.

When Will I Meet My Soulmate – Theories About Soulmates

Soulmates And The Law Of Attraction

Education about what is a soulmate can be helpful for most people. This includes the nature of relationships as well. Underneath the idea of “when will I meet my Soulmate,” generally lies the actual question, “When will all my problems be solved.” “When will some magic person come into my life? Because everything will be wonderful then.”

The thought is that when this other person comes into your life, they will supply you with everything you need to be happy. However, there is a small problem. The Universe works on the Law Of Attraction. The Universe functions on the basis that you get what you are putting out there reflected back at you. The people who are attracted into your life have the same energy encompassing you. Therefore, you get the precise relationship you need.

They offer you the most significant reflection of your energy and reality reflected back at you. For example, if you are someone who is asking the question, “When will I meet my soulmate?” you will keep meeting people in the same pain you are in. You keep meeting people with the same energy of life disaster with relationships going wrong. And they are always like this, and they are always like that—never a true match.

What you’re failing to realize is that that reflection pattern is actually telling you something about yourself. All relationships serve the purpose of helping you to understand yourself better. The same holds true for the people who keep showing up in your life. You are helping them to see their own reflection. And that you cannot help that. It’s a universe based on the Law of Attraction. So that is what you get. Always.

The Answer To When Will I Meet My Soulmatelearn the secret to finding love

So, in some senses, when somebody asks, “When will I meet my Soulmate,” one answer is now, in everyone you meet. This is because everyone that you’re meeting is a reflection of you and the energy that you’re putting out. They are partnered up with you to help you develop your awareness.

And as you may develop your awareness beyond a basic human level, your spiritual growth. So, relationships help you to understand more about who you are emotionally and spiritually. They teach you more about who you are. And when you are triggered in a relationship, it’s showing you parts of yourself that may be under the surface and helping bring them to your awareness. These may be unhealed parts of yourself. So, in most of you who use the term soulmate, you believe you are really referring to your desire to have a romantic relationship. And you have an inert feeling this will save you.

Unfortunately, the only one that is going to save you is you. And so, really, your primary relationship is not with another person. The primary relationship you always have and can’t escape having is your relationship with yourself. So everything in your reality is you relating to yourself.

As I go deeper into this relationship with you, healing can occur. And as you focus on doing that, as you change, your reflection changes. Then, what’s reflected back to us is also going to change.

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Expectations Of Soulmates

Your primary relationship is with yourself. Your secondary relationship is with another person. And one of the things that you tend to do in your relationship with others is you have expectations. You have expectations of how this other person should be and how they should behave to make your reality better for you. Actually, they are behaving in a way that helps improve your reality but not how you tend to think of it.

Your process includes the idea that if only they would stop doing this, your life would be okay. But they will not stop doing that as that is something within you and needs to shift within you first.

What Is A Soulmate? when will i find love

Again, the question “When will I meet my soulmate?” arises when you are contemplating a romantic relationship. And really, the question is, “When will I find love?” Now you know about reflected energy. So, the only way to create love is to create it within yourself first. Because everything and everyone in your reality is a reflection of you, and that’s the only way you will get that reflected back into your reality.

If you take what has been said about relationships being a reflection, there is one way you could look at the idea of a soulmate. A soulmate is really anyone who is reflecting back at you some aspect of you that can help you know yourself more deeply, learn, and grow from the experience. And the reflection will help you become more of who you truly are meant to be.

Love is a verb, an action, a vibration, it’s a frequency. Finding love is not a passive process. It is an interaction between you and another. If you are not actively loving yourself, you’re not going to reflect that, and that reflection is not going to come back at you. People may still love you, but you won’t recognize or feel the love. You can only tune into what frequency you vibrate at, which will inform your reality.

Soulmate And Twin Flames

So another term that people use when speaking about a soulmate definition is twin flame. That’s almost like a next-level soulmate. And often, the idea of a twin flame is that your soul was split in half, and the two hearts were incarnated on Earth. Ever since then, you have been yearning and searching to find that other half to make yourself whole again. This is not my belief. Your soul has not been split in half, forcing you to search for yourself. However, you could say that you are having the experience of being separated from the Universe, God. You have become separate from God as The Whole. You are experiencing being fragmented from the full experience of oneness. And that is the yearning that you feel, the desire to reconnect.

Suppose an oversoul decides to create two incarnations, alive on the planet simultaneously, who meet one another and enter into a relationship of some form. In that case, the purpose is always maximum expansion, maximum reflectivity, and growth.

Again, that puts the idea of you meeting your Twin Flame and solving all of your problems, causing you to be happy and feel complete. The answer is no. This relationship is meant for your growth. As long as you’re alive in a body, you will always grow. You will always grow, and what that type of relationship offers you is a massive opportunity for growth. That form of growth isn’t going to feel like hearts and flowers.

Get A Soulmate Reading

Get Your Soulmate Reading

Who Is Your Soulmate?

It could feel very challenging to be in a relationship with another human who shares the same soul or oversoul that you do. You may think your greatest lover is your Soulmate or your twin flame. Actually, your soulmate and twin flames could be your strongest enemy and the biggest challenge you have ever encountered because that challenge enables you to grow.

You’re all vibrational beings offering a specific vibration. And you’re all attracting into your sphere matching vibrations. You can’t help it. And so you can have what you might think of as an extreme soulmate or twin flame type relationship. Someone where there is this maximum resonance between the two of you. A strong resonant vibration pulls you into one another’s orbit to have a very intense exchange or experience, which could be brief or last for a lifetime. The purpose of these types of relationships is to grow, to expand, and to learn more about yourself.

Many believe a soulmate or a twin flame is the perfect ideal. And then you are constantly disappointed because that’s not what you get. If you continue to try to find love without looking within first, without loving yourself, without healing yourself, then you will be constantly disappointed. No one will ever live up to your expectations.

The Truth About Soulmates And Twin Flamessoulmate and twin flames

It’s true. People come to psychics as a source to learn how to find true love in life. To find a relationship. You look for love and that ecstatic relationship. But yet, you are not happy with yourselves. You are looking outside of yourself for somebody to make you happy. How many times have you heard that? How many times have you felt that? But can you find somebody that they can make you happy? You know what you have to do. It’s the other way around. Until you make yourself happy, you are not going to find somebody.

Sadhguru has something interesting to say about the topic of finding someone to love. Somebody asked him about soulmates, which he found hilarious. One of the things that he said was, “Soulmate is a term that was invented in high school. Wherever you like somebody, and you’re afraid that they, you know, may get away, you tell them that they are your Soulmate to control them. Because the idea is, if you’re my Soulmate, you have to stay with me forever and ever. And so it can be a way of trying to manipulate people by telling them they’re your Soulmate.”

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, When Will I Meet My Soulmate – Theories About Soulmates, and learn all about how the spirit, love, and the universe come together to help you achieve all your innermost dreams and desires, including how to find your soulmate.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of When Will I Meet My Soulmate – Theories About Soulmates:

  • May – I called my experience the Agony and the Ecstacy!! Meeting a mirror 24×7 can be really tough.
  • Zachary – ​When I asked myself who is my twin flame, I got “Brees.” When I met her (Brenda), I asked if her name was Brees, and she shook, saying that was her childhood nickname. No one knows Breezy.
  • Katie – Are there signs or synchronicities we can look for when we’ve met someone we believe is connected to us on a soul level (not necessarily romantically), such as feeling familiarity or comfort in their presence?
  • Lorraine – Thank you. Very enlightening for me. You’ve helped me see. Bless you.
  • May – I can say that I’ve never been more creative musically.
  • Andarini – Can one miss out on meeting their soul mate?
  • Dra Shon – They may grow in different ways rather than at different rates.
  • Susan – ​My best friend is my soulmate. We have been through many challenges, hard times, and good times. We have a connection I’ve never had with anyone, and I am grateful we have stayed in the same vibration.
  • CK – Is everyone born with a soulmate?
  • CK – How do you recognize soulmate energy?
  • Dra Shon – The high-school version is a fantasy idea, and that’s not what it really is.

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