January 27, 2013

What Is The Heart Chakra?

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What Is The Heart Chakra And What Does It Have To Do With Affinity?

Spiritual Information Within The Fourth Chakra

What is the heart chakra? The heart chakra is located in the sternum near the heart and is sometimes also referred to as the fourth chakra. It contains spiritual information what is the heart chakra the fourth chakraabout oneness and affinity. We also store our concepts about love, such as unconditional love, human love, compassion, and healing within the fourth chakra. As well as our information about intra-personal and inter-personal relationships and the ability to give and receive love from others.

When you have a heart chakra imbalance or heart chakra blockage your life may not be running as you would have. This may also occur when you are suffering from overactive and underactive chakras. You may experience sadness, ill health amongst other syndromes. This may occur with your heart chakra too open or if you have an underactive heart chakra.

To heal your fourth chakra the most common practice is to do an energy balancing clearing heart chakra blockages. Heart chakra healing may be referred to as opening or clearing. The object of the exercise is to reestablish the stream of energy and general balance.

What Is The Heart Chakra – Why Is Healing The Heart Chakra Necessary?

Our lives are choked full of relationships of all kinds, good, bad, and indifferent. The heart chakra can be affecting in many ways by these negative and positive interactions.
When we come upon life challenges we tend to cope in one of two ways: We may close off lessen the energy around the circumstance, or we may intensify our energy to battle it. Either way, these events can affect how we cope with them until we become secure in our energy centers. We can have experienced heart chakra pain in many ways:

  • We may have been wounded during our youth.
  • Bad endings to relationships
  • Discounting personal trauma.
  • Being overwhelmed by other’s needs draining us of emotional resources

Any of these events can present as heart chakra blockage symptoms which can lead to an overactive or a blocked fourth energy center that will require a balancing.

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These are several examples of overactive chakra symptoms related to the heart chakra that is not balanced or is blocked in some manner:

  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Being overly introverted
  • Wanting to be alone
  • Having a personal air of victimization
  • Self-criticism or that of others
  • A definite lack of compassion
  • Becoming an emotional martyr
  • Personal boundaries disintegrating allowing negative life experiences to take over
  • Expecting too much of yourself and others

What Is The Heart Chakra – What Is Affinity And Oneness, How Do I Find Them?

Affinity is a force that combines things or energies and creates the experience of oneness. You learned about it in school when your chemistry teacher taught you about chemical reactions. But it is also found in spiritual attractions, and in the case of human relationships is often based on affection. Affinity is neither good nor bad; it is not positive or negative but is a neutral force. The purpose of affinity is to allow us to experience oneness with another as Spirit.

Another term for oneness is unity consciousness; it relates to a contentedness with all life, including with family, community, people, plants, animals, and the Earth. You know you are experiencing oneness you accept things and people as they are, without judgment or expectations.

If you allow oneness with God you can learn to love yourself and others because it enables you to see how each and everyone within the overall divine plan. Oneness helps you realize you are part of the whole and also to know where you fit within the total pattern. When you are experiencing oneness you gain satisfaction and peace in fulfilling your unique part. Meditation is a great way to experience oneness, as it can help you let go of your physical focus.

Learning how to open your heart chakra with meditation is one to gain affinity and oneness that can change your life. Some of the signs of these awakenings are not always pleasant. You may feel extreme emotions however once you get accustomed to being able to sense the openness life changes for the better for you and all around you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Heart Chakra?, And become aware of heart chakra blockage symptoms and even how to open someone else’s.

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