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August 22, 2016

Men Are Jerks! Or Are They Just Misunderstood?- UYT018

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What Are Men’s Issues Today?

Men Are Jerks!!!!!!! So why are men considered to be such total bozos? In my research, I have been to many what are the real struggles of being a manseminars that discuss why individuals of the female nature are attracted to jerks and bad boys. These usually attract a specific type of woman. These women are present because they want to want to understand why they spend time and energy on men who seem to be jerks or bad boys of some sort. This is an interesting topic not everyone is ready to discuss.

What usually ends up happening is that these women begin to move towards the desire to actually understand more of the inner workings, the thoughts, desires, and underpinnings of the average man. They want to understand how a man can be so handsome or even charming yet in so many other manners be enormous jerks, and yet still love them and want to create relationships with them.

Men Are Jerks! Or Are They Just Misunderstood

One of the main reasons is that women do not comprehend the inner minds of men and men have the same issues with women. Actually, even men don’t necessarily understand other men or even themselves at times. I wouldn’t agree that men are jerks ( all the time) but that they think so very differently especially these days. In these wonderful modern days, there are so many new pressures that we all have to put up with. These pressures on the modern man are strenuous and cause them anxiety, stress and they tend to act out.

I am not saying that they have to face more challenges than women just that they do necessarily address fewer hurdles. The media can shoulder some of the blame. We are all, men and women, drowned in advertising about becoming the right weight. Having the correct body physique. We all compete with these perfect sculptured young bodies that surround us on billboard ads, in television commercials, and in front of the different screens where we spend much of our time.

It is no wonder that men and women both have complexes about who they are individually and how they perceive the opposite sex.

So How Do Men’s Issues Differ Than That Of Women?

Is equality between man and woman possibleThe uniqueness of the genders doesn’t stop at the body. There are physiological differences between males and females and there are psychological differences between males and females. The equality between man and woman is being debated daily. We, however, are not discussing this issue. Also is it better to be a man or woman is not an issue we will be looking at either?

What we will be looking at is the basic difference between man and woman in regards to coping in the world today as human beings and the differences between male and female behavior surround these issues. The main topic tonight will be surrounding the struggles of being a man. Yes, men do have struggles.

First I would like to make a bit of light of the between the man and woman thinking process but only because I think it is slightly pertinent. Are men’s brains vs women’s brains funny? To cite an example I was in a seminar once and the speaker was trying to demonstrate the point that men and women vary in their own specific wonderful ways. What he did was hold up a very colorful shirt. He asked the men to yell out the color of the shirt. Almost in unison, the 50 or so males voiced “Orange.” When he asked the women to do the same, voices rang out from the ladies in the audience with many shades of orange such as peach, papaya whip, apricot. tangerine, carrot orange, melon were heard.

This simple example reveals that there are definitely differences between the genders. This transcends just color of course. Basically, everything about them, their spirit, their physical and their mental attributes vary as well. Please do not jump to any conclusions here. I am not saying one or the other is better or inferior. I am just stating that there are differences.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Economic shifts currently affecting men
  • Ways men escape from their problems
  • 5 new habits essential for men’s success

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Men Are Jerks! Or Are They Just Misunderstood, when our guest host, Corry Kouwenberg, interviews Joe Dardano to discuss what are men’s issues and what are the challenges modern men face and are men’s issues ignored? They also discuss relationship dynamics and the different ways men and women approach their individual problems.

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