How To Overcome Loneliness – The Fourth Chakra Part 1

learn how to clear blocked chakras
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How To Overcome Loneliness  And Clear Blocks To Opening The Heart!

Why does an unhealthy fourth chakra can lead to a closed heart? How to overcome loneliness has become a very pressing issue in the lives of very many people of all cultures, creeds, and walks of life. Did you know that it is widespread throughout our society and is witnessed and felt in people in marriages, families, relationships and even those with seemingly successful careers? There must be a spiritual answer to this problem. The Answer is to experience a heart chakra awakening.

What has happened is that often the fourth chakra is open at birth, but as an adult, we suffer from an underactive heart chakra finding it more closed. Most adults interact with one another on a physical, emotional or mental level. So a baby entering the world with an open heart finds himself surrounded by people without affinity which can be defined as a strong connection or relationship between people or things. As the child develops he may wonder what is wrong with him because he is not like the people around him. When he shares his affinity, he does not receive it in return. So to fit in, he learns to match the people around him.

It is also very common for children to develop issues around loneliness because they feel so different, like the proverbial black sheep of the family. Basically, they have developed a heart chakra imbalance. Unfortunately, many kids will attempt to alleviate the loneliness by filling the space in their heart with pain (both their own and that of their family members). It is also very common for children to absorb the family members’ pain in an attempt to heal them. Of course, this pattern then gets passed on through the generations.

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Closed Heart Chakra – Storing Inappropriate Energy

The fourth chakra is a favorite place for people to store pain, as well as emotional responses such as hate, fear, and guilt. Then it is very common to deny, ignore and even run away from these unpleasant energy vibrations. Isn’t it interesting that people create a reservoir of pain and loneliness in the very place where their oneness and affinity resides?

The good news is that you can learn how to open your heart chakra with meditation and focus and release these debilitating energies.

Why not spend some time reflecting on your childhood and notice where your affinity was rejected or where you absorbed pain from your family? Let go of your pain and loneliness so that you can regain your sense of oneness and affinity once again experiencing what an open heart chakra feels like and use this energy center in the way it was intended.

Now that you have learned about How To Overcome Loneliness there is more to the heart chakra and its importance in your life. This is the second part of this series How To Develop Patience – The Fourth Chakra Part 2

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