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January 14, 2017

Can A Sacral Chakra Blockage Affect Relationships? UYT045

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Do You Have Healthy Happy Relationships?

How can a sacral chakra blockage affect your relationships? First let me ask, have you ever had any issues around relationships? If you are like most people this is one sector of living that is often a sore spot and needs improving.learn how relationships and how the chakras influence them Finding loving and healthy relationships can be a challenge. Maybe even you can use some help? There are more than just one type of relationship we have to handle at the same time as well. There is, of course, the first type that comes to mind the romantic variety, but there are also friends, family, work associates. Even the interaction with your grocery clerk also the mail delivery person has a place in your life so can be considered in the broad sense of relationships.

There are different ways to draw love into your life. There are also different ways to preserve, enhance, and reinforce existing friendships and relationships. One way is to activate, keep balanced and maintain healthy chakras especially those related to relationships and love. The most predominant are the second, the sacral, and fourth, the heart, chakras. Keeping these in a state of balance and active in a healthy way really goes a long way in connecting with your emotions and further enjoy corporal pleasures. While these two chakras play a large role in your relationships there are more connections to all the chakras as well.

How Can A Sacral Chakra Blockage Affect Relationships?

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, we discuss an article about the different types of relationships and how the chakras influence them. Each of these energy centers of your spiritual body has a bearing on different aspects of your existence. When they are balanced so is your life basically. These individual chakras will affect many different aspects of your existence including but not limited to relationships.

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They define how such things as emotional connection, your reality, competition, and even sex, as well as many more features of the interaction between people, is related to the Chakras. We also discuss how this can help the individual understand the whys and hows of their particularities when it comes to dealing with people.

As per the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas, there are seven (7) categories of relationships that as humans can be experienced during our time here. These seven classes of relationships will or can realize a type of synchronicity between two persons that match our seven main chakras:

  1. The First Chakra: The Root Center greatly influences our sexual energy in relationships.
  2. The Second Chakra: The Sacral Chakra inspires a relationship based on love and joint desire for comfort and abundance
  3. The Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus also bases itself on abundance but of a different nature. This relationship is more directed towards celebrity, status, and influence.
  4. learn to create your reality and abundanceThe Fourth Chakra: The Heart Center, people in Relationships of this nature are more involved in enhancing their particular personal nature and self-improvement helping each other burn through past life karma.
  5. The Fifth Chakra: The Throat Chakra, the individuals in this type of relationship do not let their base emotions affect their life experience but they live a life following more of a spiritual personal standard that is higher. They meditate to access a deeper understanding and sense of the Universe.
  6. The Sixth Chakra: The Brow Chakra (Third Eye), is a very uncommon relationship. The individuals involved relate at a deep psychic and intuitive level that creates a wonderful harmony and dedication to each other. They work together for the common goal of finding truth in their god and the universe.
  7. The Seventh Chakra: The Crown Chakra, these couples have found the ultimate in love relations. Basically, both are at a point in their karmic journeying where they have almost finalized their journey. Their love is more ethereal and magical.

Symptoms Of A Sacral Chakra Blockage

Before you can address the issues of a sacral chakra blockage it would be wise to examine the symptoms to recognize this issue.

Here are 7 basic signs that you may be having a problem with:

Unfulfilled… If you find that your physical desires are not met regardless of your physical activities and you feel that they cannot be so then you have a problem with your second chakra. Unfulfilled desires are a sure sign of an imbalance.

Fantasizing… We all have fantasies, however, when you are finding yourself spending a lot of time do so then you may have a sacral chakra issue. One of the main signs would be excessive sexual fantasies. You may find that create a story about an intimate relationship with perfect strangers.

Unbalanced Relationships… Relationships should flow. If you find that you are codependent or emotionally disturbed in some form with your partners then you may be suffering from sacral chakra concerns.

Addiction… If you find that you have very little or no control over your desires then your second chakra is most probably out of balance. These addictive behaviors can include sex, drugs, food, or even activities such as sports or video games.

Adverse Negative Emotions… Emotions a large portion of your makeup. If you find that you have issues controlling them then you could have an out of balance second chakra. If you are getting caught up in anger, or rage jealousy, frustration, or even envy you need to check in with your sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Blockage Healing Techniques

There are ways to activate safely, to keep your chakras open, and to maintain balance in your chakra system.how to understand your partners' emotional body

One of the most simple and yet very effective ways to do all of this is through meditation. A sacral chakra healing meditation can help bring your chakra back into alignment. Then a regular daily practice will keep it there. If you have issues meditating find a guided meditation that you easily follow. This will help you with focus until you are more adept. I have recorded some very simple free guided meditations to get you started. you can find them here:

Free Guided Meditations

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Another thing that you can do to help along your healing process is to watch your diet. Increase your water intake. Consuming sweet fruits such as oranges, mangos, melon varieties can help with the healing.

If you try to make some of the recommended changes or just want to speed up the process you can work with someone like myself who is trained in balancing and clearing chakras. This route will not only give you the second chakra cleansing you need but generally, all the chakras will be affected as well as your auras.

If you are more advanced I have also created some Life Activation guided meditations to help with very specific issues. These are very useful ways to recreate your life into the happy fulfilling existence you desire.

In this Podcast, Can A Sacral Chakra Blockage Affect Relationships, you will learn:

  • How to relate to people at a deeper level.
  • How to understand your partners’ emotional body.
  • Learn to create your reality.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Can A Sacral Chakra Blockage Affect Relationships, and learn more about each of these seven types of relationships and how they are influenced by the chakras and control your life.

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