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June 10, 2017

Emotional Dependency Or Own Your Space – UYT080

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Become Emotionally Independent And Why You Should Own Your Space.

The title of this podcast maybe just a little misleading, emotional dependency or own your space. I am do you have your own intimate space full of self lovenot saying that you should not become emotionally involved. What I would like to get across is that you should keep control of your personal power as well as not let people creep into your auric field and mess up your energy. There are abusers, dominators, and people who just long to be the victim and I do not mean in a made-up, role-playing manner. Some people live to be either of those two personalities, spiritually or physically. Many of these traits are picked up from our past role models such as peers and parents and can often be quite off the mark.

When we look at the need to own your space, your own personal space bubble, and become emotionally independent it should be in any type of relationship. Whether it is friends, lovers, religion, or even work we need to be ourselves and not let anyone forcibly change or steal our energy.

Emotional Dependency: Who Is Responsible?

Basically, if you don’t govern your spiritual and physical-emotional body and energies, owning your own space as it were, I guarantee someone else will. There can be a loss of personal space in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else. This is found to happen in many relationships. People get very close and the result is a loss of independence in some way. Another term for this loss is giving up your power. Regardless of what we call it the consequences are usually very uncomfortable for all involved. There are so many ways an individual can become lost in someone else’s energy and control. Yes, control. It can be very subtle. Teaching personal space to adults can be challenging because this is such an inbred characteristic.

Emotional dependency can be defined as a deep-rooted personality disorder in which an individual suffering from a sense of low or almost no self-esteem is continually looking for some form of emotional security in another person, group of people, or any other representation of security outside of themselves for bolstering. Basically, these individuals do not trust themselves with the responsibility of being emotionally whole.

Personal Space For Kids

This type of emotional dependency begins early on and is are you a personal space invader with your childrenusually stimulated through a lack of love and understanding from these same important people. You and I are human beings and as these creatures, we learn through example. If you are not taught love and loving how can you possibly be expected to display it in any form? Being to learn how to teach personal space to a 5-year-old is so very important. Or to an adult. It is important but not complicated. Let them be who they are and love them anyway.

Personal Space Distance May Have Been Too Great, No Love Found You

This shortage of affection in your life can result in low self-esteem. Even though it is most probably caused during early childhood it begins to take its toll during adolescence. Then as an adult who is self-responsible or at least should be will most probably take on the role of a victim and will create circumstances around which they can slip into this role easily. Rejection becomes one of the dependant’s main focuses. Always looking for acceptance through different forms of relationships and doing anything to not get rejected. You will recognize them as the ultimate pleaser.

These individuals have lived young lives where the power figures around them have held back or basically sold their affection as positive rewards for specific tasks or accomplishments. So to receive the desired affection wanted the individual child will conform and obey. They become subservient if they want to have love displayed towards them. Basically in one way emotionally dependent people have created their own reality. It may sound harsh but it is true to a point. These individuals shy away from conflict of any sort.

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Invasion Of Personal Space Or Guilt

One of the strongest motivators within families and everywhere else is that of guilt. Guilt can force people to do things that they would not necessarily do. However, when love has been held at bay until a certain task has been carried out as a child they learn very quickly that it is their fault if they do not get the desired effect. “if you loved me you would…”

Emotional Dependency And The Personal Space Invader

The emotionally dependent person will endure scorn and insult considering it to be perfectly normal. They are drawn to personalities who appear to be very confident in themselves, and who have a commanding personality. Regrettably, the emotionally dependent has a hard time trying to create an honest loving relationship based on respect and true affection for each other. The issue is that their intimate space, their personal bubble has been pierced, and they can’t feel love.

They more often than not are seeking an outside source to “make them happy” not understanding the concept that love begins in their own heart for themselves and extends outward and reflects the same energy towards them. Basically, as Sherry Huber states that to find true love “be the one you want to find.”

So How Do Recognize The Emotional Dependency?dependent people need others for their self esteem

  • Overwhelming anxiety of losing love.
  • Being unrealistically insecure about the future.
  • Not able to be on their own. There is a need to be in the company of people consistently.
  • Experiencing guilt if they are not doting on their “loved” one.
  • Not feeling good enough for a love interest.
  • Constant anxiety.
  • Personal victimization, accepting pain and suffering to retain a relationship. Basically being a punching bag or martyr.

We discuss some of the outward and inward signs of this relinquishing of space and the ensuing results in this episode. Join us on this important episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Emotional Dependency, Or Own Your Space, and learn why and how being who you are is so important, you are the light of the world. It may change your life.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What is meant by Emotional Dependency Or Own Your Space?
  • Why you should own it.
  • Ways in which you may lose it.

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