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June 13, 2023

Can You Describe The Feeling Of Love In One Word UYT376

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What Is The Deep Meaning Of Love?

Can you describe the feeling of love? Love is the first principle in spirituality. What’s the second principle? There is no second principle. Love is all there is beyond the veil. This is the true deep meaning of love. It governs the Spirit world and should this world also.

Can You Describe The Feeling Of Love In One Word?

What Is Love Anyway?

While creating a new course about Channeling, I conferred with one of my spirit guides. In the communication, he mentioned that the frequency to channel involves being at the highest vibration possible. And what higher vibration is there that you can access but the vibration of love? So if you can be in the vibration of love, then you are in a very high vibration. So what is love anyway?

And so love is a uniting force. It brings things together and is a force of cohesion. It’s the force of cohesion that interconnects all things. So if you want to communicate spiritually with someone, you must be attracted to them. It would help if you connected vibrationally with them. And so that’s how being in the vibration of love helps you to channel. It also helps you to connect with your own higher being.

My spirit guide said love brings you closer to whatever it is that you are seeking. So if you seek something to do with a relationship, something you want to create or manifest for yourself, love brings you closer. It is pretty simple. Love puts you in a vibration of being a force of attraction and also propels you in the direction of what it is that you desire. It puts you on a positive trajectory. So love is the main force of attraction.

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What Are Signs Of True Love?

And while conversing with the spirit guide, I was on the deck looking at the garden. One of the things that made clear waslove underpins everything everything is made of love. He stated, “Look around you because everything you look at is made of love. The trees are made of love, and the grass is made of love. It is like this because love is the great unifier and underpins everything. It is present in physics, chemistry, and biology. It’s in all of these sciences that you, as humans, get so intellectual about. But, you know, love is what attracts molecules together. It’s what attracts electrons rotating around an atom. Love is in everything you see if you allow yourself to see it.”

The thing about the human condition that makes it a struggle is the human condition. You have separated yourselves from the love that you are. Being that love is a cohesive force that underpins everything in the universe, you have entered a state of separation. But it is only an illusion of being separate that you have created.

And so you are on this journey to come back into cohesion and alignment. You are on this journey back into the oneness. And that is a journey of opening up to love so that you can create a vibration and frequency of love and stop feeling so separate. You can step out of the illusion of separation.

What Is One Word That Can Describe The Feeling Of Love?

What is love about? If you were to roll all of love into one word, what would that word be? Our listeners were asked the question, what is one word that describes love to you and to submit a response.

These are some of the responses:

  • Shannon – Love is Unconditional. I feel more connected to god than ever when I love.
  • Tete – Love is flowing.
  • Louisa – Love transcends all space and time.
  • Katie – Love is oneness.
  • Brian – Love is life.
  • Carol – Love is everything that aligns you with your higher self.
  • Janis – Love is the highest energy.
  • Monotone Maiden – Love is compassion.
  • Krystal – Love is integrity.
  • Fran – Love is light.
  • Katie – Love is healing.
  • Katie – love is not abuse.
  • Tracy – Love is not selfish.
  • Omyda – Love is not shame.
  • Carrie – Love is not restrictive or controlling.
  • Lori – Love is not fear.
  • Carol – Love is not anything that has a contracting energy instead of being expansive.
  • Carrie – Love is not conditional.
  • Monotone Maiden – Love is not oppression. Holding anyone back in any way
  • Krystal– Love is not judgment.True Love Definition Words

The words to describe love were all so fantastic. How does hearing these words make you feel? When you tune into that love vibration and all those words, you feel so very positive, don’t you?

Unconditional Love remove heart chakra blockage and allow love to flow

You know, love is unconditional. Another way of saying it is love is acceptance and all-inclusive. When you love, you include, accept, and allow. It’s unconditional. You accept people as they are.

You don’t expect them to be a certain way. You don’t judge. Your love is unconditional.

However, human love tends to be conditional. But love, the vibration, is unconditional. It’s neutral. It’s accepting of everything. So things that you as humans might judge as bad, evil, or any of the different tags that you will give them do not exist. That’s what you do in our separation. That’s what you do in this duality.

Other Terms To Describe The Feeling Of Love

The vibration of love is unconditional and flowing. So somebody said how would you describe the feeling of love love is flowing. Absolutely. Love is flowing. It allows everything, everything to flow, everything to move, everything to change. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t resist. It is oneness. Yes, because it is all things. It is life. Love is life.

Love is the force that underpins the creation of the universe, of everything that you are and everything that everything else is. Love is alignment with your higher being, and your higher being is love. Your source is love.

Compassion And Tough Love

So absolutely, compassion is an expression of love. One of the questions I asked my spirit guide earlier during the conversation to describe the feeling of love and the types of love was, “What is tough love?”

His response was tough love is honesty and truth. So love isn’t always pleasant. It is sometimes telling somebody what they do not want to hear. It isn’t always pleasing people. It can be being brutally honest with them. And being honest with them can cause them to move into resistance or to get upset. When you love somebody, the love doesn’t change, but the message can change. The love is continuous. The love stays there; that frequency is there.

Tough love is a human saying. But precisely what you mean is I love you and am communicating with you honestly. The withholding of communication is not love. But communication, open communication, is love.

What Love Is Notlove is not oppressive

So love is inclusive. It is a force of attraction. Love is light. Perfect love can only be found as Spirit with that high frequency.

We examined what love is. Now let’s look at what love is not. Bear in mind that there is a dualistic thing going on. On the one hand, everything is love. On the other love is not everything because this is a human reality, not the Spirit world.

To be human is to have a dualistic nature. This dualism can lead to some things and attitudes being the opposite of love. So what is not love? The listeners again were asked to use a single word to describe what they think the opposite of love is:

  • Katie – Love is not abuse.
  • Tracy – Love is not selfish.
  • Omyda – Love is not shame.
  • Carrie – Love is not Restrictive or controlling.
  • Lori – Love is not fear.
  • Brian – Love is not fear.
  • Carol – Love is not anything that has contracting energy instead of being expansive.
  • Carrie – Love is not Conditional.
  • Monotone Maiden – Love is not oppression or holding anyone back in any way.
  • Krystal– Love is not judgment.

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Psychology Of True Love As Opposed To The Opposite Of Love

Did you notice? How did you feel when you heard all the words of what love is in the first list? Did they make you feel good? That good feeling was a raising up of your vibration. And it was easier for you to hold that vibration when you said those words. And then, when you read the negative words, did you find yourself calming down slightly to match their vibration?

Here are a few comments from the participants in this exercise:

  • Omyda – Listening to the “not love” words makes me feel tense & negative in my body.
  • Kali – I think in the way that men have confused love with me, the most important way they’ve confused the concept with veneration.
  • Monotone Maiden – I got a little triggered by the negative terms.

What Is Love Actually About?the feeling of love described

So what does love actually entail? In a way, love is your human challenge. You face all of those things in your lives daily. Maintaining your vibration when those things are going on is your challenge.

You are made from an aspect of divine consciousness. And there’s nothing you could do from the perspective of Spirit that is unworthy, worthless, and so on. So there’s nothing about you that is necessarily shameful, not worthy, or minor in any way. Just the opposite is true. Love is the full expression of who you are in an unrestricted and unlimited way.

The opposite of love is powerlessness. Love is powerful. And so, to love yourself is to be in your power. Love is not controlling, manipulating, and so on. And so, when you control and manipulate, you do not understand who you are, and you do not understand who the other person is. You do not know our true nature.

So it’s all linked to fear. Fear of not being in control, fear of lack. Love is the highest vibration that you know. Fear is the lowest vibration that you can experience. Love is flowing, and fear is stopped, and being stuck.

Tune into your heart. Allow yourself to feel the energy in your heart center. And precisely as it feels right now while we talk about love and not love. And so, how much right now are you matching the vibration of love in your heart? Notice that, and then open to even more love. So in tuning into your heart now, you might see the light emanating from your heart center. Or you might feel that feeling of love.

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So, connect to that feeling or that awareness of that light. And if for some reason you feel you can’t do either of those things, take a moment to think of something you love or somebody you love. So if you have a pet or a puppy, a baby, a child, or someone you love, and feel a sense of unconditional love for, think of that person until you can tune into that feeling. And then focus on that. And invite your heart open.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Can You Describe The Feeling Of Love In One Word and discover what is the true definition of love.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Can You Describe The Feeling Of Love In One Word:

  • Shannon – What do you see for me in my new loving real estate team? Do you have any direction or suggestions for me?
  • Brian – I’m curious about what you‘ve observed in the current energy shifts and changes. Lots of occurrences are happening in the world. What is your take on it? BTW, I’ve been noticing LOTS of good things happening in the world lately! Brian’s response to Dr. Lelsey’s reading– That makes total sense. That’s what’s been happening to me lately. I’ve been connecting with others like me in that high vibration. It’s a lot of fun!!!
  • Denise – How do I sidestep my ego to love myself again? I allowed Judgement to invite my ego in & allow negative energy in.
  • Brian – That’s true, Corry, but when your vibration gets high enough, sometimes the place you work for Is no longer a vibrational match, especially if it‘s in a lower vibration, sometimes you have to leave.
  • Katie – I am grateful that my job, which had a hostile work environment, has ended. Now I understand that it was not a vibrational match for me. Still, I am grieving what was lost. Please take a look at where I’m at and the potential for what’s next for me.
  • Tammy: That has TOTALLY been me recently. I’ve been trying to get up and out of the low energy. I am going to intentionally stay on the mountain tops.
  • Budaj – Is ego our identity?

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