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June 28, 2022

Why Is My Throat Chakra Blocked And Obstructing My Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 6 UYT337

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How Important Is Your Throat Chakra?

Before we answer the question “why is my throat chakra blocked” we need to examine the different aspects of the fifth chakra itself. So the throat chakra location, given its name, is at the base of your neck. And it’s actually located near your thyroid gland. And it flows from front to back through that location.

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Why Is My Throat Chakra Blocked And Obstructing My Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 6

The Purpose Of Your Throat Chakra

In the previous 5 parts of this deep dive into Dr. Lesley Phillips’s book, Intuition And Chakras, we have discussed most of the chakra system:

One of the least considered chakras is the fifth chakra. The throat chakra is quite important to you. It relates to all things connected to communication, both what you might call physical communication and spiritual communication.

This means anything to do with your self-expression, how you interact and have conversations with people, how you present yourself in the world, and how you express yourself. These are mostly part of your physical communication.

The Throat Chakra And Your Psychic Abilitiesyou can learn how to develop clairaudience

A whole bunch of psychic abilities are channeled through the fifth chakra. And those are led by your inner voice. And your inner voice is the voice of your higher being, you as Spirit, channeled through you. So it is the voice that sounds like you that is always loving and supportive and gives you excellent guidance.

Another psychic gift is clear-hearing or Clairaudience, one of the four primary psychic abilities called the Four Clairs. Clairaudience is your ability to hear other spirits. When you hear your messages, it could be your spirit guides talking to you.

You could be receiving messages in the form of music and songs and that kind of thing.

Your Throat Chakra And Telepathic Communication

And then there is telepathic communication, which is essentially nonverbal. The fifth chakra relates to these telepathic channels. This is also a way that humans can communicate with animals and plants. And there are two types of telepathy, both of which involve sending and receiving information. One type of this communication is called broadband telepathy. The other is called narrowband telepathy.

Narrowband And Broadband Telepathy And Your Throat Chakra

So narrowband is one-on-one telepathic communication. This is what most people think of when they think of telepathy. The direct, non-verbal communication between two people.

Whereas broadband is one-to-many or many-to-one. This means it could be someone who is a speaker, and they are broadcasting a message to a whole group of people. So as well as the words you are saying, there is also information going telepathically into the crowd. Or vice-versa, you are receiving multiple messages from many people simultaneously. This form of telepathy is difficult not only to perform but accept. Too many voices.

Your Throat Chakra and Pragmatic Intuition

And then, the final aspect of telepathic communication is pragmatic intuition. Another name for pragmatic intuition is practical, everyday intuition. It’s the kind of thing where you are about to leave the house on a nice day weather-wise. But something tells you to take an umbrella. So even though there is no sign of rain, you do the practical thing. And then you are vindicated later on because it does end up raining.

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How To Recognize – Why Is My Throat Chakra Blocked Or Any Throat Chakra Imbalancesigns that you are having some issues with your throat chakra

What might be some signs that you are having some issues with your throat chakra? And some of them are kind of obvious if you think about it on a physical level. For example, you may need to constantly clear your throat; you have a frog in your throat. Other signs may be more severe. Such signs can include laryngitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, or anything else along those lines. It is easy to relate to things in your fifth chakra that may be out of the norm.

Also, thyroid issues may indicate that you have a throat chakra blockage because your fifth chakra is definitely associated with your thyroid gland. So that can also be linked to your fifth chakra having some issues. Possibly things like speech issues such as a delay or developmental aspects of a child who does not speak as early as expected.

So if you expand on any or all of the earlier mentioned issues, you may have a revelation. As you think beyond the physical to the emotional level, there are more throat chakra blocked symptoms that may become apparant.

Throat Chakra Blockages And Emotional Issues

Many physical representations of a throat chakra imbalance can manifest as non-physical issues. They can be classified as emotional problems or challenges. These challenges could include such examples as:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of speaking up
  • Fear of speaking in public
  • Fear of expressing yourself
  • Fear of being open and honest about your truth

Many people see a failure to speak up for themselves as simply being shy. This may be precisely that, simple shyness. But where does shyness stem from? Some other examples of a throat chakra issue could be things like generally feeling uneasy and uninspired and not wanting to express that creative impulse through self-expression. You could also be a poor communicator, which could show up differently. Maybe your message is unclear, or you don’t know what your message is. There could be situations when you are trying to express yourself, and it does not come out transparently. So you could be a poor communicator. You could be a poor listener. Another example of a throat chakra issue is when you dominate someone by speaking over the top of them.

Overactive Throat Chakra Or Throat Chakra Blocked Symptoms

Many people do not recognize a throat chakra imbalance of some nature as being a significant issue. Therefore, some of the following examples may seem to be harsh statements. Still, they are accurate representations of how some people may feel. Here are a few more illustrations of discernment problems that may occur along with a throat chakra issue.

  • Who to listen to, who do you agree with, and who do you disagree with.
  • You are unsure who is telling the truth.
  • You could tend to lie and cover things up for some reason.
  • You tend to invalidate yourself, invalidate what you say or what you have to say. Then, finally, you invalidate yourself so much that you don speak up or say anything.
  • You feel invalidated after you have spoken. You feel ashamed, or you feel like an idiot, or you feel really foolish. Why did you say that?
  • Or you could find that you are expressing someone else’s thoughts and feelings or facts. You say things that you don’t believe. You are speaking like your partner, mother, or father and not expressing your pure unique essence.

Your Throat Chakra And Your Inner Voice your throat chakra channels your inner voice

Many of you are confused about spiritual communication. This is when you are connecting with your higher self. During this type of communication, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed because of the amount of information coming to you or the many different voices. You don’t know who to listen to.

Some people may even get to the point where they wonder about their sanity. Are they going crazy because there is all of this stuff going on? You know, the “only crazy people hear voices” theory.

And it could also be that you are confused about your inner voice or what it sounds like. You could be confused about your spirit guides. So there are so many different ways in which a blocked throat chakra can manifest. And of course, underlying those different manifestations of it being blocked, there can be various personal beliefs that become embedded, basically programmed, in your psyche.

We touched on them, but for example, you are too shy to speak up, have problems expressing yourself, believe that you are unworthy, or not clever and not intelligent. You could have a belief that who’s going to listen to you anyway. You could have a belief that you are going to be rejected if you speak up or you are going to be attacked in some way.

Do You Need A Throat Chakra Healing

There can be many different layers of beliefs that underpin why you are afraid to speak up, and often you will have your origins in childhood. And you do have a lot of programming in our culture, or at least you used to when you were growing up. For example, the old child-rearing motto is that children should be seen and not heard. So many of you were told to go and sit in the corner and be quiet. So many of you have had experiences like that.

Every single one of you is different. You are each a unique aspect of divine consciousness. Because the One the Great All That Is, has fragmented itself into many different aspects of itself. And each one of those aspects has a unique perspective. And you are one of those aspects of God, of the Divine. So it’s never true that you have nothing to say or share or that your perspective is invalid. You are one of the perspectives of God.

There are ways to get through these throat chakra imbalances. First, you can practice a daily throat chakra meditation that grounds negative energy. You can work with your healing Spirit Guides or spiritual healer like me to help facilitate clearing and balancing. So if you have asked yourself the question, “why is my throat chakra blocked‘ or “why am I the way I am around communication,” there is a way to get an answer. Regardless of what path you take, it is well worth the effort.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is My Throat Chakra Blocked And Obstructing My Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 6, and learn how important a balanced throat chakra can be in regards to making your life so much happier.

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Is My Throat Chakra Blocked And Obstructing My Psychic Gifts – Deep Dive Part 6:

  • Olive – I had throat inflammation for two weeks. And notice more people coughing and clearing their throat on public transit. I noticed last night ( while coughing) that my phone was constantly on silent (to be quiet) that I missed out on an invitation to connect with my friends at that time 🤣 .
  • Man – If someone talks a lot, does it mean their throat chakra is too open? If so, can we close it down for them?
  • Katie – Sometimes, I know my answer when someone asks me an open question. Yet, I will get “stuck” on words. The words are on the tip of my tongue, so it distracts me from the point I want to make. Or I don’t feel like I can fully express myself, or somehow my message does not come across how I want it to. What can I do in these situations? It most recently happened during an interview – which I was not concerned about because I was accepting a different job offer…
  • TF – I had a thyroid issue that I was able to clear up on my own. But the underlying cause was feeling controlled by my husband’s ex. She would use the children to control what we could and could not do. I was not allowed to give her a piece of my mind. I had to be quiet!
  • Brian – yes, when people are untruthful with me, or the situation we’re in and how they’re representing it is untruthful, it used to spark anger in me. It took me some time to realize I was responding to the dissonance, what was being projected vs. what was being said.
  • Fred – Do sinus issues have to do with the 5th chakra or the 6th?
  • Lori – I would love to know more about healing my 5th chakra and where I am at with that?
  • Zazz – My 9-year-old son has difficulty expressing himself. He has literacy challenges and often can’t find the words. Any tips on how I can help him?
  • SG – Will you read the energy of my throat chakra, Please?

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