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November 24, 2020

Precognition, Knowing What The Future Holds UYT268

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What Will My Future Be Like?

If you are a human being, and I presume you are, you will have wondered what the future holds for you, your family, your career, your life in general. Your 7th chakra, the crown chakra in combination with your 6th chakra, the third eye or brow chakra, allows you access to your gift of Precognition.

The psychic ability of Precognition is also known as ESP, Extra-Sensory-Perception, or Clairvoyance. Many of you have had a taste of being able to see into the future. However, you may not have recognized it as such.

Precognition, Knowing What The Future Holds UYT268

What Will Happen In The Future

Answering the question “what does the future hold for me” with a large degree of certainty is very rare. The reason is that everything and everybody outside of yourself will bend to the concept that this is just science fiction. It is not possible. And to a certain extent, this is correct.

As a human being employing your intellect or coming from your ego body and glimpsing the future is out of the question. However, you are not just your human form. You are also Spirit in human form. Spirit is an eternal being that is not bound by time nor space. Therefore, Spirit, your Spirit, can see into the future. It can also visit future times. Remember, there are no binds or boundaries that can hold it.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

What Will Life Be Like In The Futurewhat does the future hold for me

What will happen in 2050, what is my future job, even what does the future hold for humanity are all questions that your Spirit essence can answer. These forewarnings will occur if, and only if, all the circumstances leading up to them do not change.

All realities are possible. Even the wildest of ideas can happen. However, only so many are probable. And then one is selected, by you, by the general human energy, by the world as a whole. This idea can change what is foretold.

To paraphrase Edgar Cayce, a prophetic message from a seer of any sort is only a foretelling that may be. It is a message to let you know what can occur if you do not change your direction or choice. It is, however, not cut in proverbial stone. You are the author of your future.

Many of these precognitive visions, what the future holds, come to you in dreams. It is in the dream state the astral plane is accessed. Your Spirit travels the astral plane. Hence, there are no bounds in this dream state.

How Do I Tell My Future?

Accessing the understanding of what will the future be like is not magic. There are ways to accomplish this. The first means I mentioned earlier. That is through your dreams. You can learn to direct your dreaming. To have questions answered during the dream state, not Unlike Mr. Cayce, also known as the Sleeping Prophet.

The easiest way, however, is to meditate. Meditation allows you access to your higher self, your Spirit. By meditating in a specific manner, you will activate your specific chakras opening the future to your present understanding. As with anything you want to do well, this takes practice, so I mean a regular, daily habit when I say meditation. You may wish to employ guided meditation that will take the guesswork out of taking the right path. You will find a link below to access specific guided meditations created purposefully for this reason.

Free Guided Meditation

]Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

And even then, you may require guidance from a more experienced spiritual teacher, a guide to help you navigate the beautiful gifts that you are exploring.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Precognition, Knowing What The Future Holds. Learn how to determine if a dream is a precognitive message and how to see what the future will be like for you.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Precognition, Knowing What The Future Holds:

  • How do I unlock my life purpose?
  • Is that in her head making the mind heal the body? Or is that the remote healing works through an image? I do not need a reading, just from your experience. Do I create this in my reality by building a reality in this realm? Is this because I learned that I want to have a dream and sometimes later materialize, it might take years, or because Canada is a dreamland where you can do things?
  • I was traveling, and I experienced an image of a beautiful White House flush across my eyes. I was fully awake. I wondered what it is and why. Was it a dream or a precognition vision?
  • ​Yes, confirming it! Precognitive dreams about my kids and the death of that of their Dad.
  • ​As I do also have Out Of Body experiences, I can control my dreams. By this, I mean I could decide what I want to dream? For me, it was about visiting places.
  • How do I make my dreams more clear? I am talking about a dream that depicts a near-future event.
  • Any insights about tomorrow’s portal of 11 11?
  • Dreams of talking to loved ones who have passed on. Are they dreams or precognition?
  • What is an exercise to improve my precognitive ability?
  • I applied for a position. Surprisingly, I have dreamt of happy interaction with the C. E. O. of this company. I have never met him in my life. But, in one dream he was at my house and in the second he watched me from his office. He was all smiling in my dreams. Well, no interview yet. Why would I dream of the C. E. O. of an organization to which I have applied? And in all my dreams, he smiled at me?
  • I am trying to use and awaken my clairs. Can you help?
  • The dreams that feel very real and suck me in. It is like I am there. Are those visions or a mixture? Also, I have been meditating.
  • I have been working daily on grounding and centering!! Love it!!
  • I had a dream where my niece (she is 4 yrs old) was there two years before she was born(she looked three or 4yrs old), and my Dad was there. By that time, he had already passed on. My Mom was there, my two kids, and they are all alive, quite the juxtaposition. So I just recently realized that dream was multidimensional because time was not a factor. It was an unforgettable dream for me!
  • Should I view the universe as an external thing more incredible than myself, or am I essentially the universe?
  • Why are precognitive premonitions usually about unpleasant events? Are there ever any happy ones?
  • ​I can be very good at generating conspiracy theories when I am in a low vibe or loving myself less.
  • Off subject, how long should we do each off yet meditations in your book before moving into the next one?
  • I believe our brains have a negative bias, old survival instincts: the negative stuff sticks, and the positive kind of bounces off easier.

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