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October 6, 2020

What Is Unconditional Love, Oneness And The Fourth Chakra UYT257

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How Unconditional Love And Oneness Are Related

First, let’s answer a few questions. What is unconditional love? What does it mean to you? Is unconditional love even real? These are all questions that I have heard over and over again regarding this deep emotion. And it can be elusive to you but not out of reach once you understand where it comes from and exactly who you are.

What Is Unconditional Love, Oneness, And The Fourth Chakra?

Do You Feel Like You Are Connected To All In The Universe?

Your connection to all of existence is a fundamental tenet of your personal growth, spiritually and as a human being. This existence is called Oneness. Oneness helps you understand who you are, how you fit in the world, even the universe.

Oneness opens up that most precious of emotions, love, for you. It allows you to accept yourself, which in turn permits you to love yourself and others along with everything else in existence.

The 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra, is active in helping you feel oneness, an actual higher state of consciousness, with yourself and everything around you as well as The Universe, which some of you may wish to call God. However, not everyone feels the power of Oneness. Many people may feel like proverbial black sheep when it comes to love, let alone unconditional love. If so, you are not alone. Fear not. You have a chance to do precisely that. The route to oneness and unconditional love is through a balanced, open heart chakra.

Finding And Experiencing The Oneness Of God

Oneness is not a feeling. It is Being. It is reactivating the understanding of who you indeed are. That is Spirit. Yes, you are Spirit; eternal, everlasting, pure energy all which are part of God. You are, in essence, God, or at least have God within you. Time or space cannot bind Spirit. Human frailties do not hold spirit back as emotions, pain, fear, want, or desires. Spirit is merely experiencing the Godness within you.

The Fourth Chakra Connection

Your fourth chakra is the connection of your physical reality to your spiritual reality. It is the center of the seven main chakras. The bottom three chakras are your earthly connection to your human nature, and the upper three are your connection to your spiritual nature. The heart chakra allows you to meld both of these worlds together for you. By opening your heart chakra, you can feel this unconditional love for everyone and everything.

Heart Chakra Healing Exercisesremove heart chakra blockage and allow love to flow

If you are experiencing a heart chakra blockage, you will not reach this state of unconditional love. It will not happen, but there is good news. It is not difficult to unblock and re-open your heart chakra to allow your radiance to flow once more. The simplest method is to meditate.

Meditation creates a state where you connect to your true nature. And as we discussed earlier, that state is your true nature, Spirit. This state is not achieved, however, by meditation one time. It would help if you created a regular, meaning daily, practice.

Some forms of meditation allow you to connect to your physical world. The type of meditation that will open your chakras is specific to your spiritual nature. The easiest way for most of my students to achieve their desired results has been to follow a guided heart chakra meditation. This meditation contains a section that grounds all your negative energy, allowing your spiritual state that of love to overtake your being. You can find a particular meditation that I have prepared for you below.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation

Practicing a daily meditation will bring you peace of mind and an open heart, as well as connect you to many of the spiritual gifts that are your birthright.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Unconditional Love, Oneness, And The Fourth Chakra, and learn how to open your heart chakra to receive and give unconditional love.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast:

  • Anon. – As you said, Dr. Lesley, I felt this way before I started working with my Intuition!
  • Z.A. ​How do we heal our 4th chakra if we feel like we have an imbalance in the 4th chakra? Thanks
  • Z.A. – ​Dr. Leslie, can I have a personal reading? ​Can you do a personal reading on my energy? I just got in touch with someone in my past life with whom I had a romantic past. Do you feel good energy coming from continuing to speak to him?
  • Z.A. – ​​Yes, that was a beautiful meditation indeed!
  • L.A.B. – Yes, it’s expansive.
  • T.F. – That was nice, thank you!
  • A.A. – Beautiful meditation.

You can listen to the meditation from this podcast here, Starter Guided Meditation.

  • B.C. – Dr. Lesley, I have had a lot of anxiety lately. It seems to be getting worse, harder to manage. I wonder if you could look at that and let me know what’s going on there. I haven’t had it that bad since I was a kid, but it is familiar. I don’t know if it’s related to the heart chakra or not since it always causes a rapid heartbeat.
  • K.C. – ​Hi Dr. Lesley!! I just discovered your podcast last week, and I love my journey to strengthen my gift? I was just told a few weeks back from a psychic reading that I am a Psychic Empath.🙂

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  • S.G. – Hello, can you give me some insight into what my heart chakra blockage is? ​I have anxiety, too, and don’t know where the root cause is.
  • T.F. – Can you explain how the fourth chakra relates to the other chakras?
  • E.M. – Hi Lesley, it‘s Kim. When we are working through something that has triggered our heart chakra, are we likely to be connecting with energies that are of the same vibration that the land or people around us are working through at that time? If so, when we focus on what we are going through, does it help heal those similar energies, or do we need to precisely direct that healing to the greater grid?

A Free Chakra Reading

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