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November 14, 2013

What Is The Seventh Chakra? Learn How To Open 7th Chakra!

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What Is The Seventh Chakra And Why Is So Important?

What is the seventh chakra and what are the crown chakra powers? Many people speak about it but do not have a true understanding of this power center. This energy center is positioned on the top of the head and is therefore sometimes called the crown chakra. The seventh chakra provides a connection to spiritual wisdom, aspirations, and knowledge of the truth. It governs cosmic consciousness and is also the receiver of cosmic energy flowing into and through the energy system as well as much to do with the third eye activation.

The seventh chakra is the place where we as Spirit are attached to the body. It is the master chakra of the major seven chakras and is responsible for the following two spiritual abilities:

  • Claircognizance, also called Knowingness or Inner Knowing, is a spiritual ability that allows you to access your higher consciousness and spiritual wisdom.
  • Trance-mediumship is the ability for Spirit to leave and enter the physical body. This can be your spirit, God, or the spirit of another being.

What Is The Seventh Chakra – The Importance To The Bodylearn how to open 7th chakra

The physiology of the seventh chakra rules the brain and entire nervous system. The seventh chakra location is in the crown or top of the head. It is the channel through which Spirit enters and leaves the physical body.

It is closely aligned with the pituitary gland, which is the master gland that regulates growth, blood pressure, temperature, pain relief, energy metabolism, urine production, water and osmolarity, sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen), and childbirth. It also controls all other glands that are responsible for hormone secretion.

What Is The Seventh Chakra – Your Connection To Spiritual Wisdom

The physical area that corresponds to the position of the seventh chakra is also known as the soft spot or Fontanelle. The bones in this area of an infant’s skull are not fused and are flexible. This allows the child’s head to pass through the birth canal and is important for brain development, allowing the child’s brain to expand more rapidly than the bones of the skull. The Fontanelle closes as the child develops.

The seventh chakra is the master power center because it regulates all the other chakras and is the gateway for our spiritual information. It rules the brain’s control of the higher self’s control of our entire physical incarnation.

The seventh chakra is also associated with the pineal gland which is a receptacle for the light coming from the higher self. The pineal and pituitary glands work together. The pineal gland “downloads” our energy and then the pituitary gland instructs other endocrine glands (and chakras) to assist us in raising the vibrational patterns of our physical form.

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What Is The Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra Activation And Spiritual Enlightenment

We have all experienced a crown chakra opening at some point in our lives. The seventh chakra is very active at birth because the new baby needs to start to be more connected with and take greater charge of its new physical body. This sign of physical connection to spirit was so revered by some ancient cultures that they physically cut holes in the skull to keep it open – a practice known as trepanning. The Taoist spiritual masters are said to naturally create a physical opening here as they reach higher levels of enlightenment.

It is not necessary to go to these extremes for you to activate and use the abilities in your crown chakra. All that is required is for you to focus your consciousness on the top of your head and you will start to activate it. Doing this during your meditations is the best way to start as this helps you tune out external influences. It is also possible to be accessing the abilities in this chakra during your normal activities.

What Is The Seventh Chakra – Blocked Crown Chakra Symptoms

If your crown chakra is blocked then you may experience some of the following spiritual or physical symptoms of heart chakra:

  • Depression, a feeling of confinement, closed-mindedness, intense worry and anxiety, cerebral tumors, cranial pressure, headaches and migraines, mental disorders, scalp problems, and sleep disorders can result from an unclear seventh chakra.
  • Fear of religion or spirituality frustration and unrealized power, little joy in life, fearfulness of things that cannot be understood with the physical senses (even schizophrenia).
  • Maybe adversarial with no evident means of understanding or effective communication.

What Is The Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra Blocks And How To Heal Them

When you are experiencing a crown chakra imbalance it is important to get it back on track and learn how to open the 7th chakra. The easiest way is to practice a crown chakra meditation.

Another way is to ask for help. My Soul Seed Sessions are great for assisting you to let go of whatever is causing your discomfort and activate a crown chakra healing. So if this sounds like you and you’d like some assistance removing blocks to the flow of energy through your seventh chakra contact me here.

Alternatively my book “The Midas Tree” covers many tools and techniques that you can use to heal your seventh chakra.

Your 7 Chakras and Intuition

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