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July 21, 2020

What Is My Aura And What Does It Mean If I Can See It? UYT250

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I Can See Aura Colors. What Does This Mean?

The question “What is my aura, and what does it mean if I can see it?” was asked by one of my students this week, so we will discuss this fantastic human emanation and the psychic ability to see it.

This question from people is not uncommon. These people come to me for answers to metaphysical questions when they begin to awaken and expand their intuitive abilities.

What Is My Aura, And What Does It Mean If I Can See It?

What Is An Aura?

It is one of my favorite questions from listeners and students. The explanation is that it is the energy field that surrounds all things in nature, including humans. Each layer emanates from an energy vortex called a chakra. As far as an aura definition, the simplest is to say that it is an electromagnetic energy field.

This energy field consists of inter-penetrating layers of energy that emanate from the chakras. It exists around everyone and everything because everyone and everything is energy. Another name you may hear when referring to Auras is the “Fingerprint of God,” and it reveals everything about you. The aura color, tone, and density will indicate your present state of being. It reflects your health, your emotional state, and the beliefs and concepts you base your actions upon, even your survival.

Aura Meaning, Aura Colors, And Chakras

An excerpt from another of my posts:

“Each layer emanates from a major energy center called a chakra. There are seven major chakras, and each one is a repository of spiritual information and relates to a different aspect of you and your reality. Ideally, your aura goes all the way around your body and encases you like the shell of an egg. In turn, it defines the limits of your creative universe. Everything inside of it is your domain. Everything outside of your aura belongs to somebody or something else.”

A Free Aura Reading

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Is My Aura Healthy?

One of the things that people look for when they first begin to delve into this beautiful topic is interpreting aura colors. There are many assumptions around this topic, and the most prevalent is that auras have fixed colors set in stone.

However, these will change and frequently shift with the changes you experience in your spiritual nature and physical health.

The more important is the brightness and clarity of your aura. A dark and murky aura will effectively represent a disturbance in your being of some form. This awareness is quite beneficial in understanding and then repairing the issue.

What you are striving for is a clear aura with an energy field perpetually moving, as in a vortex. This clarity and movement indicate health.

Can You See These Emanations?

Once you understand what an aura is, you can learn how to see auras clairvoyantly. You can even see your auric field. This psychic ability is a beautiful tool that is endlessly helpful in comprehending the actual status of your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being at that exact point in your life.

I say the “exact point” because that is what it is. Your aura represents your state when you are seeing it at precisely that present moment in time.

how to see aurasand and interpreting aura colorsHow To See Auras?

The easiest way to awaken this remarkable talent is to meditate. Meditation connects you to your true nature, which is that of Spirit. As Spirit, you have many wonderful psychic gifts on one of which, as mentioned earlier, is Clairvoyance, the ability of “clear seeing.” Meditation quiets the mind and filters out external stimuli so that you can tune into “you.”

From there, you can begin with some simple techniques like grounding and centering. I find these techniques much more effective than learning how to see your aura in the mirror or how to see your aura in your hand. This technique is much more effective because clairvoyance uses your third eye and not your physical eyes. Centering helps activate your clairvoyance. You can then expand this to seeing other people’s auras and helping them.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is My Aura, And What Does It Mean If I Can See It as we take a look at how you can improve your intuition with a healthy diet.

​In this podcast, What Is My Aura And What Does It Mean If I Can See It, you will learn about:

  • How to see Aura for beginners?
  • Aura colors and meanings list?
  • How can seeing auras be helpful?

Here are some of the comments and questions from our listeners during the livestream on Facebook and YouTube:

  • S.L.D.-Hi guys. I’m not clairvoyant (yet). Do you have a simple step-by-step to read your own or someone else’s aura?
  • C.K.- When you Google auras, it seems that migraines come up quite often. Why is this?
  • Anon.-I have a hurt shoulder, and I think it is fear-based, but I feel like I have been very aware and working through it and moving the energy and tuning within. How can I know for sure? When the pain go away?
  • A.B. Do any of your publications, or do you know of any with an accurate definition of aura’s different natures, such as your examples of your state of mind and how it shows in the aura?
  • Please sort out a list of symptoms.
  • Anon.-Is there an aura colors and meanings list?
  • N.B.- I have a question about auras! Do you need to develop clairvoyance to be able to see auras physically?
  • -I believe we all have all of the abilities within us, so how do you learn to SEE them?
  • -What color should newbies look for?
  • K.P.W. -It’s challenging to navigate the world when you are awakening, and the facade surrounds you.
  • G.G.- Have you ever looked at the Biopulsar or similar devices aura print? Is this similar to what you see with your ability?

Learn More About Your Intuition Blueprint

Uncover Your Intuition Blueprint

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