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how psychic children get labeled and medicated
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What Is An Indigo Child and Starseed Child?

What is an Indigo child? We have been aware of Indigo Children among us since the early 20th century. Since the Second World War, many have joined us. These children have become the Indigo adults we know in the present. The largest flood of Indigos being born has been in the 70s. We actually have an entire age group of Indigos that are currently in pre-midlife which would be in their late twenties and early thirties. These wonderful beings are now being seen in positions of leadership across the globe.

Young adult and mature Star Seed Children are different. Up to the present, the Star Children have been separated into three groups: Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow. They have elected specific families which aid the starseeds awakening stages of their natural abilities, psychic abilities. If you are associated with a child you realize is unusual he or she undoubtedly selected you to support them to assist people on their spiritual journeys. Consider yourself blessed to be involved with of one of these extremely exceptional spirits that have come to help the World.

In this podcast, we discuss indigo Starseed characteristics and the differences between star seed and indigo children as well as other different types of starseeds including crystal children and rainbow children and other Psychic children. How different generations of children help humanity evolve and prepare the way for new generations. Indigo children are the warrior generation they fight the old ways of doing things. Find out about the next generations coming after them – the awake and aware crystal children and the service-oriented rainbow kids. Come and join us for this interesting episode of Unlocking Your Truth and learn how to know if you are a star seed or recognize anyone else as one of these special crystal children

what is an indigo childIn this Podcast, What Is An Indigo Child, you will learn about:-

  • The life purpose of these psychic children.
  • How psychic children get labeled and medicated.
  • Why all children are special, intuitive and spiritual.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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