What is Abstract Intuition?

what is abstract intuition
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What is Abstract Intuition? Just Knowing Without Doing The Work!

What is abstract intuition? Have you ever found yourself getting the answers without working it out? Just knowing the answer to a math question what is abstract intuitionwithout needing to follow all the steps of formula to work it out? Maybe you have gotten to the grocery checkout line and you knew the total of your order before the cashier totaled it up on her register? If so you may well have been using a spiritual ability called Abstract Intuition a form or variation of claircognizance, or clear knowing abilities. If you have ever caught yourself saying” I just knew or I just know it” you are demonstrating this psychic ability.

The Answer To What Is Abstract Intuition?

Abstract intuition is a form of intuitive ability that allows you the capability of knowing the answer without going through all the steps, such as in a complex formula in a mathematical problem. This ability can be a big issue for gifted kids in school as the teacher invariably wants an explanation of how they arrived at the answer as opposed to accepting that just knowing the answer is viable. They may even be accused of having cheated! This attribute is often seen in savants where they come up with the answer to very complex equations or problems and the answers are almost instantaneously acquired. As a physical term, this is called Synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a perceptual singularity in which a stimulus of one of the many cerebral pathways will lead to a spontaneous, involuntary experience in a second pathway similar to an electric spark jumping or arcing over a void between two wires. In one of the more common forms of Synesthesia numbers and or letters are seen as tinted and colored and can be considered signs of claircognizance.

Along with savants the Abstract Intuitives usually, maybe even always, have an abnormal level of synesthesia. Occasionally it so high that in some cases it is difficult for the person to function normally as in the movie Rainman with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.


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Each of us has, like with almost all of the other psychic abilities, some portion, even if ever so slight, of these claircognizance symptoms. We can see answers to questions yet the most common is we hear individual musical notes, put them together, and hear a song. Some people cannot do this, all they hear is a cacophony of noise.

The intellect and the logical brain are revered in our society as one of the highest levels of achievement. However, whilst the intellect is the highest vibration in the physical body it is a much lower vibration than the spiritual abilities we have access to. The information for abstract information is contained in the sixth chakra, the brow chakra, located in the center of the brow, and can be tuned using mediation.

Similarly, language is one of the lowest forms of communication compared to our faculties. Symbols and mathematical equations are a much higher form of communication and we do not require the intellect to understand them. This is where this wonderful psychic or spiritual ability comes into play.

if you have been heard to say, “I just knew it!” join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth,  What is Abstract Intuition? and delve into your psyche and find out if you possess this ability or if you would like to enhance it.

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6 Comments on “What is Abstract Intuition?”

  1. “However, whilst the intellect is the highest vibration in the physical body it is a much lower vibration than the spiritual abilities we have access to.”

    – Does this mean that if we RAISE our vibration and attain these spiritual abilities, we are able to perform faculties that transcend what the intellect can do?

    “Symbols and mathematical equations are a much higher form of communication and we actually do not require the intellect to understand them.”

    – So, since we do not require the intellect to understand them, it means we ALREADY know any abstract knowledge deep within our souls?

    1. Hello Tony

      Thank you so much for your questions!

      1. I might say it slightly differently, but essentially the answer is YES.

      We all have spiritual abilities. They do transcend what the intellect can do. However, this is not widely recognized, so most people do not focus on them. These abilities can be activated by focusing on them and by letting go of the beliefs that block their use. This process of refocusing, activating and letting go of limits automatically raises the vibration.

      2. Yes that is correct too. The intellect is linear, whereas symbols and formula’s are multifaceted, even multidimensional. Abstract intuition allows this information to be decoded and understood.

      I do hope you get to read the response – as its taken me a while to respond (I get a lot of spam to wade through before I get to the genuine questions unfortunately…

      1. Oh my god, thank you for the reply. I almost forgot about me commenting on this page. I do find this interesting. I’ve been a fan of the great engineer/inventor Nikola Tesla, who apparently displayed this ability when he was growing up.

        *6th and 7th paragraph

        It just goes to show we, as humans, or “God” in a different form, have absolutely no idea what we are really capable of. And to think, abstract intuition is probably one of the “smaller” abilities we have.

        On a side note, what spiritual ability would be tied to rapid learning? Is it memory, maybe another form abstract intuition, or something else? Those child prodigies who enter college at like 12 years old, they obviously are able to learn in one year, what takes a regular person like four years to learn.

        Thanks again, no need to rush on the reply!

        1. Tony – thank you so much for posting this link to the article on Tesla – I knew he was a genius, but I had no idea about the experiences described in this article. It definitely does sound as though he had an extremely well developed sense of abstract intuition. It seems to me that he had many other spiritual abilities too. From what this article says I gather he also had a highly developed sense of clairvoyance (the ability to see energy that isn’t as dense as physical matter); as well as claircognizance – the ability to simply know things in an instant.

          Both abstract intuition and clairvoyance are aspects of the sixth chakra. The young Tesla clearly had a well developed sixth chakra, but there was no one close to him that was able to teach him how to control this ability so he did it by trial and error. Plus because he realized nobody else was having the same experiences as he was he wanted to close them down. This unfortunately happens to many children who are spiritually open. That is why I wrote my book The Midas Tree (www.themidastree.com) so that spiritually gifted children everywhere realize that their experiences are real and should be encouraged and celebrated.

          Nicola Tesla was a great man from a great soul and as is the case with so many great souls humankind could not see or appreciate the gifts that he brought during his lifetime. It is also my personal belief – by the way – that he brought his knowledge to us from previous existances in advanced civilizations in pre-history where “Tesla Technology” was common place and used to power the transport, communication and many other systems on the planet.

  2. Hello,

    I was just wondering if one develops their ajna chakra (sixth chakra), does the specific ability of abstract intuition manifest, or do different abilities develop depending on the person?

    Thank you

    1. Dear Joseph

      In my experience everyone has clairvoyance and so if they develop their sixth chakra this ability will manifest. However I find that abstract intuition is less common. Some people have a natural aptitude for it and some people don’t. I can usually relate a persons specific psychic gifts to their life purpose. For example, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein are examples of people who had a natural aptitude for working with numbers, symbols, formulas and spacial relations (Aka abstract intuition). That said of course as spirit we all have all of these abilities. Nothing is impossible and if you decided to focus on bringing your information on abstract intuition into the body – even if it wasnt part of your original life purpose. Then I believe you could do this!

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