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January 24, 2018

What Is A Psychic Medium – UYT149

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And How Can They Be Explained In Terms Of Quantum Physics?

Today we are discussing the question of what is a psychic medium with relation to science specifically Quantum Physics. A psychic medium, of course, is an individual who knows how to talk to the dead and can communicate with the spirits of loved ones. Mediums are usually sought after by the friends and families still on this plane of existence to ensure the well being of those who have passed who is usually a deceased loved one. In the past, these individuals have come under severe scrutiny as far as the veracity of their gifts. Today however science is beginning to shed light on the possibility, even the probability that it may well be a reality that spirits communicate with the living. One of the strong proponents of this spirit/science connection is Mark Anthony or better known as the Psychic Lawyer® (aka Psychic Explorer®). Join us as we discuss the question of what is a psychic medium.
What Are Psychic Mediums And Quantum Physics With Mark Anthony

Mark is an actual lawyer as well as a world-renowned psychic medium who can contact the dead and communicate with spirits. Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® He is an Oxford-educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. as well as before the United States Supreme Court. He has been seen regularly on Television, as well as major talk radio shows. Mark has been a featured speaker at spiritual organizations such as the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. as well as many other prestigious associations and universities like Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. Mark is also an author with two award-winning volumes: the critically acclaimed best-sellers Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity.

Mark works with individuals and groups connecting them with loved ones in spirit. He is not only known to enlighten he also entertains and intrigues his clients and audiences. He has the wonderful ability to talk to spirits as well as remove fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact and the afterlife with the living. He also works with victims of crime, homicide, and suicide, helping to console them in their time of grief.

We speak with Mark about his journey as a lawyer and psychic and how he has evolved into the area of Quantum Consciousness and theories of humans as multi-dimensional beings.

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Here are some of the questions that he answers in this entertaining and informative interview on this podcast What Is a Psychic Medium.

  1. You are known as the Psychic Lawyer. Do people think these two professions are opposites?
  2. Have you ever used your ability as a psychic medium in your work as an attorney? (A follow-up question: How have you used your abilities as a medium to help a client?)
  3. You’ve indicated that Evidence of Eternity brings spirit communication into the 21st Century, how does it do that? (Explains spirit communication based on science, theoretical physics, and human physiology)
  4. My favorite scientist ALBERT EINSTEIN was very spiritual. He once said, “We are all beings of light?” What do you have to say about that? ( This ties into the discussion of biophotons & segues into quantum physics and the study of light in the spiritual, physical, and scientific)
  5. You are a psychic lawyer (I am a psychic scientist); we both know the key to mastering clairvoyance is the conscious use of the pineal gland. So let’s explain about the PINEAL GLAND and how it confers the ability to perceive energy vibrations and spirits? (The pineal gland has an electromagnetic field and regulates our ability to perceive light and this gland appears to control psychic activity)
  6. How does the scientific study of “Light” relate to spirituality? Haven’t science and faith been at odds with each other on the topic of consciousness and the Afterlife? (FYI: This will prompt a good discussion about bridging the gap between science and spirituality)what is medium
  7. What are BIO-PHOTONS? (FYI: Recent discoveries show that cells communicate with each other through flashes of light known as bio-photons)
  8. You coined the term “IN-LIGHTENMENT” – what does it mean? How does it relate to biophotons and how does it differ from “Enlightenment?”
  9. How does quantum physics relate to proving the existence of a spirit?
  10. We know that religions and spiritual people believe in an afterlife but how can it be explained in terms of quantum physics?
  11. Another favorite scientist, Nikola Tesla, said “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I know we are Spirit, not our bodies. Is there anything in science to show that the brain “hosts” consciousness rather than creating it? (FYI: This is a biggie!!!)
  12. I love EDGAR CAYCE was way ahead of his time and is still a great source of information. Did he ever say anything which relates to this? (FYI: We may want to talk briefly about Edgar Cayce and the type of psychic he was.)
  13. I believe we are multi-dimensional. But what’s the latest scoop from the scientific community on this? (FYI: This relates to the discussion of electrons and “quantum leap” and how our consciousness can traverse between dimensions)
  14. Is there any evidence to support “multi-verses?” Evidence of Eternity introduces new terms and concepts about spirit communication which are based on science and evidence. Could you give us some examples of those concepts?
  15. Most people refer to communicating with spirits as mediumship, but in Evidence of Eternity you refer to it as “Interdimensional Communication.” Can you explain what you mean by Interdimensional Communication?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is A Psychic Medium, when we speak with Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® and learn all about how to talk to ghosts and how science is proving it can be done.

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