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February 11, 2012

What Is A Medium And Mediumship?

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Are Messages From Beyond The Grave Spooky Or Comforting?

In daily conversation, we use the word media to describe how we get our news. A spiritualmessages from beyond the grave medium is also a means through which information travels, but in this case, they are a conduit for connecting the spirit who has passed to the physical world. The word “medium” used in the spiritualist or metaphysical world has links to psychic abilities, expressly those involving contact with the spirit world beyond.

Psychic mediums and channels, another term for the same thing, receive signs from a deceased loved one directly from beyond the grave in various ways. There are many ways of communicating with the spirit world and a medium can be using one or many of them when they receive their messages.

Some experience intuitive information, where words or music, odors, tastes, pictures, or all of the above appear as mental impressions on behalf of loved ones communicating after death and are then delivered to those left behind the living. By the way, everything has a spirit form so people can receive messages from pets who have passed as well.

How Do Mediums Receive Messages?

Numerous mediums frequently observe that the spirits in the plane beyond can be fairly talkative on the occasion. They are no different than you and me. When they have something they would like to impart they are certain to get their point across. If you are not listening you will most likely receive signs a spirit is trying to communicate with you.

Generally when people are looking for ways of how to call upon a deceased loved one they will turn to a medium. Some mediums use what can be considered a trance-like state to make contact. Some may remain completely conscious and fully clear while relating information from the beyond.

On those rare occasions, especially if a session, also called “a reading” in some circles, is being held with several people together, the information that comes through may seem to be quite scattered. It can seem like you can talk to the dead online in a spiritual chatroom, with information and messages bombarding the group from every angle. As stated earlier, spirits do like to pass their messages along.

What Is A Medium, Am I A Medium?am i a medium

One thing to remember is that we are all born with psychic abilities the least of which is not the ability to converse or see a spirit or hear messages with the beyond. We may even display this gift at a very early age after all that is when we are the closest to the veil. And, of course, a great example of this is the ‘invisible friend’. Then what happens is that we become bombarded with other people’s belief systems, our peers and families, of what is real and what is possible, and how you should behave.

Everyone can communicate with spirit and everyone is a trance medium. Trance mediumship is simply the ability of the Spirit to enter the physical body. You are Spirit you are not your body. You use your trance mediumship every day to bring your consciousness into the physical world. Spirit enters the body through the seventh chakra at the crown of the head and this is where your spiritual information on trance mediumship is located.

Learning to consciously use your trance mediumship is an important step in your spiritual evolution. How you use it is your choice. However, I recommend using it to bring in your consciousness so that you can be in charge of your body and your life.

What Is A Medium And Are Mediums Real?

It was in the past that many people scoffed at the idea of people communicating with the deceased. However, in recent history, we’ve witnessed the appearance of ‘celebrity mediums’ who have made their way onto our television screens. This brings some interesting veracity to the subject for many. They do come under some severe inspection as well.

Yet not unlike many of the psychic abilities that accompany the metaphysical arena, the proof or disproof by the scientific community is just not there. Or is it?

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Clairvoyants And Clairsentients

A Clairvoyant is an individual who can see what is not seeable for you and me. A Clairsentient is an individual who can feel what is not feelable for you and me. Clairvoyance and clairsentience are the spiritual gifts that enable the connection of the spirit world to the physical world. The spirit world is not ruled by time and space so much can be accomplished by connecting to that plane of existence.

A friend of mine, who is training to be a medium, uses her clairsentience and so she will often say “I am feeling…” Others use their clairvoyance and will say “I am seeing…”; their clairaudience. “I am hearing…” or they will “just know”. All of these abilities can be considered mediumship.

What Is The Difference Between A Medium And A Channel?

A medium is a messenger, an intermediary, like the postman. Some examples of famous what is the difference between a medium and a channelmediums are James van Pragh, Betty Shine, and Sylvia Brown. A channel leaves their physical body completely and allows another entity to take possession. Examples of famous channels are J.Z Knight, who channels Ramtha, Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth, and Edgar Casey, the sleeping prophet, who was not present in his body when he gave his readings.

Some mediums do share energy with the spirit without giving up complete control of their body. So they will feel the physical and emotional aspects of the person, usually as they were just before their passing over. The safest connection is via the heart chakra because that allows a connection based on empathy.

How To Communicate With Spirits

Why on earth would want to know how to communicate with spirits you may ask. There are many reasons we an individual or a group of people would want to do so. The main ones, of course, are signs from a deceased loved one.

We have all lost a loved one or a friend at some point in our life. If you haven’t yet you eventually will! There is usually much pain surrounding these types of events. What we wouldn’t give to be able to see the spirits of loved ones one more time or just speak to them briefly to make sure they are ok. If you are going through this type of episode in your life how to contact a loved one who has passed away would be a powerful tool and experience for you.

how to communicate with spiritsPossible Signs A Spirit Is Around You:

  • Finding Orbs in photos you take.
  • Specific pieces of music playing.
  • Feathers appearing from nowhere.
  • Clocks and watches that keep stopping for no reason.
  • Light flickering or blowing out for no reason.
  • Seeing specific numbers and letters in many places like license plates that will remind you of a passed loved one.
  • Radical changes in a room’s ambient temperature.
  • Seeing numerous Butterflies can signify that someone close to you has passed to the other side.
  • Seeing shadows moving across your field of vision.

Desiring to and learning how to contact a loved one who has passed away are not uncommon feelings. One of the best ways to do so is practicing deep meditation which is the connection to your higher self, your Spirit. From there you are only a small step away from making contact. A really good idea to start you on your voyage into the seemingly unknown, we have all been there before, is to get a guide human or spirit-based to help you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is A Medium And Mediumship, and get an insight into the mind and how it works for you or against you.

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  1. Looking for help or guicande, ever since I was a child I have been, how to say, visited , always had the idea that this was a bad thing on my life because used to get very afraid, I was a child, think that because of the fear my brain blocked what I was able to see and now I just feel the presence but can neither see or hear; now I think that because of this fear I’m not fulfilling the purpose of that gift. Still there is fear, but how could I manage this?

    1. Hello Vikri –
      Apologies for taking until now to reply – I get a lot of spam comments and its quite the thing to sort out the genuine ones.
      It’s actually a very common experience for children to shut down their spiritual abilities due to fear or else because the adults around them do not validate their experiences.
      Luckily you can easily reawaken any spiritual gift you have turned down. The best way I know is through meditation and the best technique for releasing fear is grounding. Lots of my blog articles explain how to do this. Simply put – you create a flow of energy from near the base of your spine to the center of the Earth and you release your fear down this column of energy and you keep doing it, especially whenever you notice your fear. I’d be happy to look into your personal situation in more depth if you would like to have a reading. I have some offers available on Skype at the moment. For your situation I’d actually recommend a chakra reading because what it does is look at your spiritual abilities Blueprint from childhood to now and it explains why you turned your abilities down and how to reclaim them. Just go to this link to https://drlesleyphillips.com/healing-reading-events/ to see the dates and contact me if you want to book this.

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