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December 5, 2017

Ways To See Your Aura And Aura Colors – UYT145

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Auras, Are They Fact or Fiction?

If you are looking for ways to see your aura you must have a reason and a true desire to understand as well as a yearning to grow spiritually. I am also going to go out on a limb and say that you probably have at least a cursory knowledge of what an aura is. For those that do not your aura is the energy field that surrounds your physical body. Being able to read auras can help you learn about yourself and others on all levels of reality.

You can review a person’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, mental stability, and review their spiritual growth by looking at their energy. You can even learn about their preferences and, beliefs and see into their memories, hopes, and dreams by reading their energy field. Like the adage goes knowledge is power. With the information you receive from an aura reading you can know where you or another are weak and alter what you need to change that aspect of your life.

Ways To See Your Aura: 10 Practices For Reading Auras – Fact Or Fiction

I delved into the internet to see what people are saying about ways to see your aura, an aura definition, and ways learn about aura colors and meaningsone can learn to see and practice seeing auras. The information I gleaned on how to see auras are from people with varying degrees of knowledge from how to see auras for beginners to practicing psychics.

I did this so you can discern which is the best way to learn how to see auras for beginners so you don’t waste your time and energy? Let’s review the various aura seeing techniques you might find and provide guidance on the best way to learn about aura colors and meanings.

  1. Magic Eye Puzzles! – This aura seeing practice uses these images to train your brain to look for things that initially don’t appear to be there. Some people believe you can train yourself to see auras by training the brain to see hidden pictures in magic eye images. The idea is to relax your eyes and play with different points of focus so the filters of the mind which say ‘what you see is what you get’ are removed.
  2. How To See Your Aura On Your Hand. Hold your hands against a plain background with the fingers of the left hand overlapping those of the right hand. Gaze at your hands with a soft focus and very slowly move the fingertips apart. Watch the gap between the fingers. You may see a trail of energy connecting the fingers of one hand to the other.
  3. How To See Your Aura In The Mirror? Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Relax and gaze into space behind your shoulder or head. Be patient and allow your aura to appear. You might catch a glimpse of colors or a light energy outline. Then it might disappear.
  4. Watch The Human Aura Of A Passionate Presenter. Do you ever attend speaking events? The presenter is usually at the front of the room with a plain background. This can be a great opportunity to practice seeing visual auras. Simply observe the speaker with a soft and gentle stare. A light or colored energy may appear around their body. You might be able to see it dance about them as their enthusiasm increases.

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  5. Observe Plants, Rocks, And Crystals Have Auras? Gazing at your favorite potted plant or a leaf from your garden can be one of the great ways to see your aura colors, the energy fields, surrounding all life. Place it in front of you against a plain background and softly stare past its border. Relax as the aura of the plant appears. Notice how wide and vibrant the energy field is. It can tell you about the health of your plant. You can also try this exercise with crystals or rocks
  6. Enjoy The Energy Fields Of Nature: Do you live near a forest or mountain range? If so, the next sunny day that comes long go outside and find a spot to relax. Stare at the treetops or the mountain tops, again with that same soft and gentle gaze. You will be amazed when you start to see glowing energy between these aspects of nature and the sky above them.
  7. Energy Emanations In A Spa Or Salt Bath: Have you seen the heat waves radiating from hot tar or your heating vent in your house? Have you ever seen light around your fingers and toes while soaking in a mineral spa? You are seeing the energy in the visible range of your eyes. There is an ion exchange between you and the water. So you are leaching impurities into the water, which are in the visible spectrum. On the other hand, the refractory index of mineral-rich water is different and I believe it’s similar to methods 1-6 in that it can allow you to see your energy field as well.
  8. Kirlian And Aura Photography: Kirlian photography applies a high voltage and collects resulting electrical discharges on a photographic plate. Aura photography uses aura imaging cameras and software based on biofeedback data. Both techniques may create a visual representation of the energy field. They tend to use rudimentary, intellectual systems for interpreting the colors. They don’t reveal as much detail as a clairvoyant reading. Or show the relationship to the chakras and what is going on in someone’s life.
  9. Awaken Your Third Eye: Clairvoyantly sight is different from physical sight. It is one of your spiritual gifts and is how you see as Spirit. This is the best way to see the aura. You can activate it by seating your consciousness in the pineal gland in the sixth chakra. This is your way to see Energy and translate energy, symbols, and pictures and communicate them through your body to others. It is Imagine you see a cat. Where does it appear? How does it appear? This is what your clairvoyance is like. You can train yourself to project images and vibrations onto a mental image screen and translate them into meaning. This is how to do an aura reading that conveys accurate and useful information
  10. Raise Your Vibration / Heal Yourself: Raising your vibration is important in developing your spiritual gifts and the beginning of ways to see your aura. Release heavier denser energies like doubt, fear, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs. They block your ability to see auras and keep your vibration low. As Spirit, your vibration is very high. To operate consciously as Spirit you need to spiritualize your body so it can allow your high vibration flowing through it. It’s important to use your gifts to see and heal yourself first. Practice by reading and clearing your aura first. Then look at someone else’s aura through a clean window rather than a dirty filter.

The comments in the first six auras exercises above can be successful and allowing you to see the aura, but they are not the best way. You don’t see the aura through the physical eyes, but with your spiritual vision. As your physical eyes are open and your intellect is engaged in all of the above methods they tend to put you in an effort mode and therefore interfere. There is some validity in training the brain to operate differently. Your brain does have to find a way to collate spiritual and sensory data so you can express your spiritual information in physical reality. But there are specific practices that make it much easier to do such as the last 4 examples.

Develop A Spiritual Practice And Commit To Your Growthmeditation is one of the best aura seeing techniques

Methods 9 and 10 are the best ways to see your aura. If you are serious about being able to read auras develop your clairvoyance, heal yourself, and raise your vibration through meditation. Commit to your spiritual growth by having a daily meditation practice. Set your goal to see auras as an intention. You must be grounded to operate as Spirit through your body. You must be centered to activate your third eye. The biggest trap in all of the information we found is confusion between body and spirit. Remember you are not your physical body and you don’t see auras with your physical eyes. One of the best ways to actuate your ability to see auras is to find a mentor who is experienced to help you meditate correctly for spiritual development. Here is a short meditation that can help you.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How can you tell if you can see auras?
  • Different ways you can see your aura colors.
  • Aura strengthening exercises.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Ways To See Your Aura, and open up a whole new world for yourself and take the next step on your spiritual journey.

A Free Aura Card Reading

Get Your Free Aura Reading With Dr. Lesley

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