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November 15, 2020

Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Someone Using Your Claircognizance UYT267

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Do You Have An Inert Sense Of Certainty About Things?

Have you ever had the experience of trusting your gut feeling about someone, and you were right? Well, you were using one of your many psychic gifts, 22 to be exact. Claircognizance is the unique psychic ability of “just knowing” or Knowingness. If you take notice in your life, you will find that you have many claircognizance experiences; however, you are not paying attention.

Claircognizance and Clairsentience are two of the 4 Clairs you use regularly. Claircognizance is more than just a gut feeling or good guess. It is the psychic sense of inner knowing. This ability allows you to know information without using your logical mind instantly. You can make correct decisions immediately without having to search out and weigh all the facts.

Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Someone Using Your Claircognizance

Claircognizance Experiences

The ability to access your knowingness through your crown chakra is absolutely a magnificent power. So what are some of the examples of claircognizance and that you may have encountered in your life?

One is called a “know it all.” Your ability to know things without using any particle intellectual way of getting the information can aggravate some. The knowing may not be the issue as much as being right all the time. This ability can cause frustration in people.

Another example of claircognizance is when you receive information from a source, and you know it is incorrect. This type of occurrence may happen at work or in your personal life. Someone will tell you that they have heard a bit of information like George is getting a promotion. You “just know” this is false. You absolutely know that Jane is getting the advancement. This ability can be a challenge for you. Being tactful and diplomatic are two skills you will need to acquire and practice often.

Claircognizance Characteristics

Another of the claircognizance experiences you may have encountered is knowing when someone is lying. The sense is not that you think they may be doing so, but you are sure without a shadow of a doubt. And the exciting aspect of this is that there is no evidence that they give you false information.

Yet another example of claircognizance is making decisions readily. Most people will generally have to look at the pros and cons of a situation and allow their intellect to make the “obvious ” choice. Not always the right choice but the obvious one after the calculations have been made. You, on the other hand, “just know” the correct path to take.

There is one more aspect of the crown chakra and claircognizance, and I would like to discuss it briefly. The crown chakra allows you to connect to your spiritual essence, and this spiritual nature is not bound in any way by time or space. In turn, when your crown chakra opens too much, you may experience unusual knowingness.

This knowingness is not necessarily from this reality, time, or location. This knowingness can be overwhelming, and this is when a spiritual guide or teacher like myself comes in handy. I can help translate these experiences and teach you how to differentiate and understand them. Regardless they are incredibly memorable experiences to have.

Claircognizance Symptomsdeveloping claircognizance has many benefits

One of the edges of the claircognizance sword is that because the information comes to you so readily, you may use it to control people and situations. Some become dictators, dishonest politicians, and even cult leaders. This abuse happens when you let your ego overtake your spiritual nature.

The ego also likes to show off. As a claircognizant, you have all the tools to do precisely that. Using this power for yourself is great, but when you begin to feel that you know what is best for everyone else, even the world in general, you may be taking it too far.

The idea is to extend the information you receive as an option or a choice for others and specifically to inquire if they would be open to hearing what you have to share. Regardless the gift is lovely, and if you use it accordingly, you will receive fantastic insight into your life and so much more.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Someone Using Your Claircognizance, and learn about the Claircognizance psychic superpower, also know as Knowingness; knowing things without using your logical mind.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Trusting Your Gut Feeling About Someone Using Your Claircognizance :

J.T. – Is Claircognizance related to empaths? I am an empath. My decisions are based on feelings often.

C.S. – While in high school, my wife had a math problem she could not solve. Overnight she had a dream with the solution—one of the few dreams she recollected.

J.T. – Spirit wakes me up to a different song almost every day. Is that related to my crown chakra?

L.A. – I’ve always felt something different/ special about myself when it comes to metaphysics. Is that clear knowing, clear-feeling, or wishful thinking?

J.D. – How do you sort through your thoughts and separate that from your claircognizance. Yes, sometimes, when I can’t calm my emotions, I start experiencing anxiety.

C.S. – Exercising to use the intellect makes one very good at using the Intellect and relying on it. Exercising the external help of the Mind makes one very good at it. Knowing both makes it easier to comprehend.

B.C. – What you mention about the body is fascinating. For a while, I’ve been sick. Some of it is anxiety and a lot of tense muscle. I thought I had resolved the emotional/spiritual issues behind the illness (which I still don’t know what it is), but I am not healed. Is my body still trying to tell me something? Am I not getting it, maybe?

N.K.B. – Hey guys! Lesley, when you say you used to meditate for hours, did you sit with a clear mind, or were you doing specific exercises for those hours?

C.S. – ​What is the benefit of grounding? People told me that I am not grounded, but I don’t have any issues in my reality. I love to have my head in the clouds. I do not care about what people are saying.

J.D. – In the past, I have gotten knowledge that I can’t do anything with or about. What is the purpose of getting this information?

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