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November 21, 2013

The Throat Chakra – Your Complete Communication Center!

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The Power Of The Throat Chakra Is That It Is The Center of All Communication

The power of the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is that it serves many functions in all aspects of communication. Physically it governs speech, hearing, and self-expression, but it is also the container for your spiritual communication. It is responsible for things like contacting Spirits from the other side, spirit guides, angels, and dead loved ones. The throat chakra’s location is in the pit of the throat. This physical communication lets us know what is going on for us in physical reality and spiritual communication lets us know what is going on in spiritual reality.

What Is The Throat Chakra All About?

Explore the fifth chakra and learn how to communicate without using words. Learning how to arouse and balance this chakra will give access to the spiritual realm. It is the first of the higher spiritual chakras.

One of the many abilities that come from awakening this chakra is self-acceptance. This personal recognition includes realizing your individuality and learning to express your genuine voice as well as verbally expressing your truth. The fifth chakra is the center of your communication. It gives you the strength to truthfully and fearlessly declare who you are. It also opens up your ability to listen to people in a deep manner. It also connects you with accurate information that is not necessarily from this world, time, or space.

Examples of Spiritual Communication

  • Broadband telepathy – Communication without words to a large group of people.
  • Narrowband telepathy – Communication without words to one person or a small group.
  • Clairaudience – Communication with beings without bodies and over long distances.
  • Pragmatic Intuition – Knowing practical information such as who is calling on the phone.
  • Inner Voice – Communication with yourself.

Language is Only One Form of Communication

Believe it or not, words and language is the lowest form of communication there is! With all these spiritual forms of communication. You also communicate in pictures, symbols, formulas, we communicate in picturesvibrations, psychic signs, and other spiritual signals. As Spirit, you do not use language. Instead, You exist in a world of energy patterns. These energy patterns, or thought forms, are very powerful and can be experienced as pictures, symbols, images, and mathematical formulae. All of these convey much more information than words.

Words and writing can be used to manifest spiritual forces or energy patterns into physical reality. Examples of this are mantras, where chanting directs energy to a specific location or towards a specific goal; or runes, which were symbols of primal forces, coming into being and operating in a persons’ life.

Some Basic Throat Chakra Information:

For the actual throat chakra meaning you can visit Wikipedia’s definition of Vishuddha another name for the fifth chakra. A worthwhile practice is a throat chakra meditation which helps to relieve any throat chakra blockages. Many people ask me about their throat chakra color. The color of the throat chakra changes with the individual and even then may be different from day today.

Have you ever been in a place where you had to stumble around in your mind for a specific word? Of course, you have. We all have been there. Then once alone I will review the conversation and everything comes into place easily. Then, of course, I kick myself (not literally).

However, this review is of no use because the event has passed and I nor you can change things that have already occurred.

This could be a sign of your fifth chakra blockage or imbalance. As we have discussed earlier this is an important energy center that is accountable for our speech and more.

As with any of your 7 main chakras if your throat chakra is suffering from an imbalance, such as an overactive throat chakra or underactive, or if there is a blockage in the energy flow your life will suffer for it.

Blocked Or Underactive Fifth Chakra Symptoms

Here are some of the signs that you could be having throat chakra issues:

  • A loss for words.
  • An impedance in your throat such as a lump.
  • Suffering from a sore throat
  • Ear issues such as unwarranted aches.
  • Sinus issues.
  • Problems with your thyroid.
  • Being verbally abusive.
  • Being overly judgmental.
  • Being conversationally inattentive, not listening.

Clearing Your Fifth Chakra

We have looked at some of the problems and symptoms of fifth chakra issues let’s now look at how to keep it clearpractice a throat chakra meditation and balanced.

  • Manage your physical health. Good health, especially in the throat area, is important. Keeping a clear path for the flow of energy is essential. to your fifth chakra’s health and in turn your life.
  • A regular regime of exercise and good nutrition will keep your chakras healthy and active. Water and fresh fruits and juices can keep your throat lubricated and in good condition.
  • Positive throat chakra affirmations are also a good way to keep your energy flowing. Since the fifth chakra is the center for all positive speech doing so will be off.
  • Regular practice of a grounding meditation or throat chakra healing meditation can help any negative energy in your fifth chakra to deplete and will not only benefit your throat chakra but the other six as well.
  • One of the best ways to keep positive energy flow through your chakra is to watch your words. Good loving vocabulary helps the flow of energy creating wonderful throat chakra benefits not only through your it but for the others as well.

The negative emotion of guilt can block your chakra system especially the fifth. Speak your truth always so that there will be nothing that your consciousness is concerned with. Be honest with your dealings with others as well as yourself. Stay away from any type of conflict.

As you may see or even experienced the power of the fifth chakra is quite important in regards to our spiritual, emotional, and physical well being and growth. You must keep it healthy. If there is an issue you must carry out a throat chakra healing. For information on this and all the chakras, I am including a gift below.

Your 7 Chakras and Intuition

Get Your Chakra Intuition Guide

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