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November 21, 2017

Third Eye Powers And The Pineal Gland!

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What Is Your Third Eye?

Are you aware of your third eye and its amazing significance to you and those who come into contact with you? All through history, many different cultures and peoples have revered the third eye and its powers. In our modern times and especially in the Metaphysical community, we understand that the third is the pineal gland, yet we still refer to it as the third eye.

Shrouded in mystery the all-seeing eye has been embraced by mystics and feared by ordinary man for thousands of years. The third eye symbol, an eye in a triangle, can be found in many places throughout religions and world cultures:third eye symbols used around the world and history

  • Eye of Providence on the dollar bill
  • Eye of Horus (Osiris & Ra) in the ancient Egyptian mysteries
  • Middle eye of Shiva in Hinduism
  • The eye of the world in Buddhism
  • Horn of the unicorn
  • Crystal Palace of the ancient Celts
  • The Manger of the nativity
  • Masonic symbol
  • Pinecone symbols in columns and architecture.
  • Caduceus (Kundalini rising, the mystical marriage of Male & Female energy; activation of the third eye)

Third Eye-Opening Experience

The third eye represents the ability to see beyond normal vision. It is considered to be a gift of consciousness from your true nature which is Spirit. A third eye awakening allows one to access inner wisdom that goes beyond normal time and space. is viewed as a spiritual sign representing our capability to conquer all kinds of challenges in daily life by tapping into our inner wisdom. It truly is the link between our spirit and body.

Let’s take a closer look at it! The pineal gland location is within the area of the sixth chakra and the center of the brain, it encompasses the pineal gland, pituitary gland, and thalamus. Physical eyes need a lens so they can focus. The Third Eye’s lens is located in the aura, 6 to 8 inches in front of the sixth chakra. This psychic screen allows accurate perception with the all-seeing. By being in the center of the head and using this screen as a focal point during meditation, we can exercise the third eye.

Your pineal gland is in a place within your body where the ‘spiritual you’ is meant to sit. Spiritually it houses your light and lets it be translated into physical form. The Third Eye is a receiver of light. You are light. It is a receiver and transmitter of energy and a place where vibrations interpreted are translated into a form the brain can process; so higher consciousness can be understood by ordinary consciousness.

The Power Of The Third Eye

Basically, it works in union with the seventh chakra, the crown chakra; to create the powers that are associated with all psychic vision. When you experience a third eye activation it gives you access to non-physical reality. You become aware of the higher planes and can read the Akashic records. Third eye opening symptoms that you may encounter are the ability to see auras, perceive non-physical beings, such as angels, guides, ascended masters, ghosts, deceased people, and the astral bodies of living people.

The Third Eye Experiences

What happens when you open your third eye is that it conveys clarity, what happens when you open your third eyeneutrality, non-judgment, acceptance, seeing what is. You can appreciate yourself and others and validate your unique perspective. It can help you appreciate relationships between people and events, cause and effect, see into the present, past, future, other dimensional realities.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Use Your Third Eye Powers, and learn how to awaken the third eye using a very special third eye meditation that can also access on my website.

Since ancient times, the third eye had been revered by all kinds of cultures. Today, we know it as the pineal gland, but it is still called the all-seeing in the spiritual realm. The third eye is viewed as a spiritual sign representing our capability to conquer all kinds of challenges in daily life by tapping into our inner wisdom.

But there is much more to the third eye than that. In most Eastern traditions, the third eye is undoubtedly real; a thing that anybody can perceive and obviously feel if they have a strong sense of self and mindfulness. It is what is often referred to as the connection between our body and our spirit.

Opening Third Eye Dangerscentering and grounding meditation

Meditation is the key to opening your third eye. As you practice this technique you will find that it will become a powerful guide and light force in your life. I practice a Centering mediation to psychically activate the third eye and awaken all of its potential power. Along with this I also recommend practicing a Grounding meditation to keep the energy flowing.

As you become more active in the usage of your third you will come to understand that you are also susceptible to negative energy from outside of your person. Grounding allows you to send this negative energy into the center of the earth where it does not harm as well you can pull up positive earth energy at the same time.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

Five Third Eye Opening Symptoms:

  • Physical Sensations: Commonly, as you begin your third eye awakening, you are experiencing a pineal gland activation, you may become aware of a different or unusual feeling between your eyebrows. It would resemble a light touch from a nonexistent person or an odd warm sensation.
  • Your Intuition Will Be Activated: One of the most recognizable signs that your third eye is awakening will be activation or heightening of your intuitive gifts.
  • Increased Sensitivity To Light: You may experience increased sensitivity to light as your third becomes more active. Also, colors may appear much more vivid and bright.
  • Emotional Adaption: The third eye-opening is a spiritual gift. As is true with most awakenings you will begin a new journey of emotional growth. Because your awareness of others, empathy by another name, increases you will begin to adapt and your patience and understanding will increase.
  • Excess Energy: Occasionally individuals will find that as their third becomes more awake and active they will experience headaches. This is possible because as the pineal gland becomes more active there is an expansion of energy. This expansion can cause a little bit of an overload. Meditation is a great source of relief.

One of the many benefits of awakening your third eye is that you will begin an amazing Spirit Body communication. It is a place where you experience your true nature which is that you are a piece of the Great Universe. You will have access to over 20 Psychic Abilities that are inherent with our Spirit Being. These abilities you will find will give you a sense of mindfulness, which allows you the gift to imagine a better life and choose the activities to third eye opening symptomsexpand and create your reality and live your potential. As your intuition grows the main four psychic powers and their gifts will also be available to you.

  • Clairvoyance: clear seeing of this reality and others.
  • Clairaudience: clear hearing of this plane of existence and others.
  • Clairsentience: clear feeling or empathy. Sensing the emotions and feelings of others as well as yourself
  • Claircognizance: clear knowing. Understanding without having physical information.

One of the main hindrances, other than a pineal gland calcification, to a third eye awakening, is your belief system. Manifestation begins with the intention and intention begins with a desire and a belief that You Can.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Pineal gland calcification.
  • Opening third eye dangers.
  • How to open third eye step by step.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Use Your Third Eye Powers, and learn how to awaken the third eye using a very special third eye meditation that can also access on my website.

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