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November 3, 2020

Learn How To Tap Into Your Telepathy Superpower UYT262

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What Is Telepathy?

This podcast is a follow-up to a previously posted podcast, Learn How To Send A Telepathic Message In Minutes, where we learned about Broadband telepathy superpower. Broadband telepathy is a more imprecise form of this psychic ability. It is also one that most people are not aware exists. It is most prevalent when someone is speaking to a group of people, broadcasting the ideas or feelings of the presenter.

Remember that the word telepathy is derived from Greek and means tele/far and patheia/feeling. It is not necessarily words that are transmitted but can be pictures or feelings as well. All thought is energy, so in fact, all you are sending or receiving is energy. This energy then translates into thoughts or ideas in word format. You can pick them up as emotions or feelings, which again are just other forms of energy.

Learn How To Tap Into Your Telepathy Superpower UYT262

Telepathy, One Of The Most Creative Superpowers

The more pinpointed form of telepathy, one on one telepathic communication, is called NarrowBand telepathy, which is the topic of this week’s show. First of all, I would like to clarify that everyone is telepathic, to a point, and under the right conditions. You, as the user, were gifted this at birth. All psychic abilities were carried with you from your Spirit from before birth. However, there is no limitation in Spirit as we have here on this plane. Mostly you have no memories of this. It is more about learning to access and project it than create it. As well, you can view these gifts as a service to you and humankind.

The main component in learning how to send a telepathic message is to change and adjust your belief system and fully understand it—absorbing the full depth of this realization into your being. Everyone says together, “I am psychic. I am telepathic; I have telepathic superpowers. I can receive and send telepathic messages. I am capable of.”

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Narrowband Telepathy Examples

This form of telepathy is more personal. Most commonly, it is found between friends, relatives, lovers, workmates, and even with your pets but not limited to these because a form of energetic connection exists between you. You can recognize the occurrences of telepathic communication with things such as specific statements you can hear or feel, including features and content like:

  • Knowing that someone was going to say something.
  • When you were thinking about something, and another person brings it up.
  • When you surprise people that you knew something they hadn’t told you/
  • When people accuse you of reading their minds, nicely, of course.
  • When you are thinking about someone, and they show up.
  • Someone may feel you are in their brain that you can read their mind.

Some Ways Your Telepathy Superpower Can Be Used

Just like any of the psychic abilities you have at your beck and call, telepathy can prove to be helpful to you. It is a marvel. As users, it is like you are being provided vision into someone’s mind into their memory. It is a fantastic experience.

Here are just a few simple ways I have seen my students effectively use this gift.

  • They learn how to make someone fall in love with you telepathically.
  • Discovering how to use telepathy to attract someone.
  • They Exchange telepathy between lovers. (this is a fun one)
  • Sending love vibrations to someone.

Signs Of Telepathic Communication

One thing you need to do to receive and send telepathic messages is to learn how topractice , telepathic communication focus and stay alert. You do not seem to receive messages because you just are not paying attention to the signs. These messages are being sent, but your radio channel dial is not adjusted to the correct frequency. Meditation helps with this. Also, just paying attention to foreign thoughts that cross your mind. Pay attention.

Sending messages is as simple as deciding what you want to send out and focusing your energy on it. It isn’t any harder than that. Kids are great at this.

Important note: remember everyone has rights, So apply discretion when using your gift. Don’t manipulate people for the sole purposes of personal gain. Remember the keyword here, respect.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Learn How To Tap Into Your Telepathy Superpower, and learn as we provide access to the secrets of how to use your telepathy superpower.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast:

  • Mikka – My question for the show is: How can I stop broadcasting my thoughts to everyone? I get many mean intrusive thoughts I disagree with, and I notice others responding and retaliating. I’ve been thinking isolating is best. I also catch myself responding when others are communicating with me, but I only realize until after.
  • N.K.B – Just sharing, but I’ve had it happen where I think to text someone, and then as I reach for my phone to text them, I receive a text from them
  • K.C. – ​Last week, I was about to go and take my dog for a walk and planned on calling my dad. As I headed out the door, he called me as I was headed at the door, so cool.
  • B.C. – I’ve been able to pick up if someone likes me romantically. Usually, it comes through strongly as images and feelings, too fast to think it up. I’ve always doubted it, but at times have had those feelings validated.
  • N.K.B – I sometimes get a bad feeling, a pit in my stomach, as I receive a phone call or notification and just know I will receive something stressful on the other end before even hearing what it is.
  • K.C. – I frequently know my husband’s reply when I ask him a specific question and predict a response inside my head before they answer. Would this mean I could be considered telepathic?
  • N.K.B – ​A question I have is: Is it possible for negative entity attachments to infiltrate your mind and control your mood and thoughts?
  • W.L. – I want to know how to influence my patients telepathically about their recovery. To make them more motivated to recover from eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa, for example. Tools such as broadcasting it always, meditating on their healing, etc., would help. My patients occasionally seem possessed by a strange ‘entity’ telling them not to eat because they will be fat.
  • M.N. – My dog passed away on the 15th. Do you think he is still here with me in spirit?
  • B.C. – Dr. Lesley, could you look at my telepathic abilities? I’m curious about what you could tell me about them, anything I need to know?
  • N.K.B – ​My voice when speaking is audibly quiet, even when trying to talk loudly. I also find myself with a lack of words conversationally and struggle socially in general. Could this be a 5th chakra issue?
  • Veslava – I wonder what do you think about shamanism and being in touch with the power of different animals, or Chinese astrology (born in the year of the Tiger) also, how some believe that they have a wheel of animals that support every human.
  • K.C. – Is there anything you could pick up from my energy in general on which psychic sense I currently have more strongly than others?
  • Kali Kaur – I have an ex with who I used to share dreams and with who I could communicate telepathically across provinces. I still get some of his communications on occasion, and I’m wondering if you think he’s intentionally sending them? I’ve done the cord-cutting process multiple times, and whenever it happens, I get news of him whether he’s calling me the next day, it’s his lawyer, or he’s in the News.
  • B.C. – Yes, thank you, that’s great insight, speaks to my purpose and leadership abilities! The drum thing makes me wonder about that night when I was a kid and heard those drums beating, but no one else did.

School of Intuition – here is the link for the free meditation that Dr. Lesley was speaking about https://drlesleyphillips.com/meditation…/free-meditations/

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