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February 10, 2021

Have You Ever Used Your Telekinesis Superpower? UYT271

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What Is Telekinesis?

Your telekinesis superpower is not one of the more common psychic gifts that you may experience. It is not common for me to run into people that are using their telekinesis or more so knowingly using it.

A quick definition of telekinesis is “distant-movement”. Generally, it refers to the use of the power of telekinesis energy to create some form of movement of matter or energy from a distance. This can include such effects as movement, shaking, vibrations, spinning, and breaking of objects. This is emphatically represented by the bending of a spoon by Uri Geller in the 1970s.

Have You Ever Used Your Telekinesis Superpower?

Is Telekinesis Real?

You are all aware that everything in the universe is made up of energy. Basically, when you take a very powerful microscopic to examine any object, including you, you will see atoms and subatomic particles moving around in very specific patterns. The specific pattern and speed of these particles will determine not only how that object looks or is perceived by the human eye but also its temperature.

Using one’s telekinesis superpower can alter the temperature of these objects at a molecular level. When you change the temperature of an object by slowing down or speeding up its atoms this can alter its physical form such as in the bending of spoons.

Some people have this amazing gift and use it in an odd form. I am talking about those people who cannot wear such things as digital watches or use electronic equipment such as computers. When they are around these objects they stop working altogether. This as simple as it gets when trying to find proof to answer the question, “is telekinesis real”.

How To Get?learn about your telekinesis superpower

People with telekinesis “don’t get it“. They are born with it. Actually, you are all born with this psychic ability along with more than 20 other different psychic gifts. You have heard me speak of this often. You can learn more about these psychic gifts and the blocks stopping you from fully using them in your life.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Learning how to do telekinesis is another question. Just like all the other psychic abilities telekinesis is related to the energy of certain energy centers called Chakras.

There are several chakras employed in the use of this particular gift:

  • The Root Chakra, located near the base of your spine The Brow Chakra or the third eye chakra on your forehead
  • The Crown Chakra at the top of your head
  • And two lesser-known Chakras in the palms of your hands

These Chakras are used in combination when you are exercising your telekinetic power. As an energy healer, you would use the same blend of chakras. This is because both telekinesis and energy healing requires the remodeling of specific energy. Effectually, you are altering the frequency of the targeted object or dis-ease to move at a different rate to create a change at the physical level.

How To Do Telekinesis?

Just like with any of the psychic abilities you have Telekinesis is a Spiritual gift. As I mentioned earlier it is one of the many you are born with. To access it, you must learn to activate your chakras and tune into your spiritual nature. The easiest way to do this is to meditate. A consistent daily practice consisting of grounding and opening your channel between your physical and spiritual essences will help you achieve your goals. Sometimes the help of a guide such as myself can augment the removal of blocks holding you back from accessing your true nature and the gifts associated with it.

Regardless of the level of success, you achieve in activating your telekinesis superpower the side benefits of a happier, healthier life will become very evident.

Unlock Your Psychic Powers Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Psychic Development Meditation

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Have You Ever Used Your Telekinesis Superpower, and learn how to how to recognize this extraordinary ability. We will examine some of the fun aspects of this ability as well as how to use it effectively. (#telekinesis #telekinesistraining #istelekinesisreal)

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Have You Ever Used Your Telekinesis Superpower:

  • I’ve had 16 floods in 4 locations in 6 years. 2 house fires and my electricity turn itself on and off.)
  • You’ve told me my energy was sparking if and affecting electricity and water.
  • I ground myself so these incidences have stopped. My energy is depleted.
  • How can I develop and use this gift for good?
  • I have just manifested a new exciting life and I know that telekinesis is part of my journey.
  • So what if things act better when you’re around, like in my case computers? People always want my help with computers and sometimes just being around them, they seem to almost correct themselves, people seem amazed and stumped? Is this telekinesis?
  • ​Many times I look at the light posts and the light goes out, right at that moment, it is not my mind doing that, it is the way I tune in the light information, telekinesis, telling me to look at it when it goes out.
  • ​Can telekinesis be used on people or only objects? And if so can we call it healing?
  • ​Were all the women in your group in the Othello tunnel that experienced this telekinetic event interested in these psychic abilities? I have been in the tunnels a few times, and am going to search the net for similar stories.
  • I can make it stop raining, using my telekinesis, and one time I did it in front of my mom. We wanted to go to a shop and it was pouring and the clouds started to pull back and the sky became lighter and the rain stopped. My mom said “don’t tell anyone you can do that”, LOL. In regards to my telekinesis, yes Dr. Lesley exactly and it does take practice and I am in a state of gratitude when I make it stop raining. I talk to the rain and I thank it and then make my request. Nothing in our reality is really separate from us.
  • ​I don’t want to appear that guy…” I have that ability too”, and need to study the phenomenon. for the last several months the weather gets better when I go flying or work on the roofs. Are these coincidences or my telekinetic superpower?
  • A lot of times, even in your book, you often say “if you’ve ever experienced this…” in regards to many different psychic abilities like telekinesis. Almost always I get a little bummed because I’m like “nothing odd, different, phenomenal has really happened to me”, yet I feel such a pull to this lifestyle. Will experiences happen to me in the future?
  • ​I was told in the past by a psychic that she could see what looked like fireworks shooting off my body…is that what you would consider telekinesis”? Does this mean I need to ground myself more?
  • A question, a little off the telekinesis topic, can you see if I have any energy blocks? I have been having these minor physical pains in different areas on and off for no real reason. I‘ve heard it’s kind of like energetic growing pains due to all the energetic changes taking place now?
  • ​Nonbelief makes the brain prefrontal cortex be programmed to filter out experiences we want to experience. Not believing in these abilities is like driving with the brakes on.
  • Yes, I do sometimes get the sense of knowing. And I love that you give real-life examples to relate to! It makes much better sense that way.
  • ​Have you ever heard of third eye surgery? It consists of someone activating your third eye.

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