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July 5, 2022

Svadhisthana Chakra The Sacral Chakra And Your Psychic Abilities – Deep Dive Part 7 UYT338

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How To Know If Your Gut Feeling Is Right And Your Sacral Chakra

Are your emotions in check? Do you trust your gut feelings? If not your second chakra, the sacral chakra, also known as the Svadhisthana Chakra, may have issues.

The Svadhisthana Chakra is another component of the deep dive through the chakra system we have been doing over the past 7 weeks. We have been following the information in Dr. Lesley Phillips’s book, Intuition And Chakras,” to unlock the secrets of these unique energy centers.

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Svadhisthana Chakra The Sacral Chakra And Trusting Your Intuition – Deep Dive Part 7

Is Your Gut Feeling Always Right?

All right. So do you trust your gut? So what are we talking about when we say do you trust your gut. Simply it is all about the psychic ability called Clairsentience, which is channeled through the second chakra, the Svadhisthana Chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra. So we’re talking about the second chakra, and we’re talking about a particular psychic ability. Most humans have the experience of a gut reaction or a gut feeling when it comes to such things as:

  • a bad gut feeling something is wrong
  • trusting your gut feeling about someone
  • a strong intuition about someone

Have you had that experience of a severe gut feeling or a gut reaction about something? You actually feel it in your gut, your sacral chakra area. The second chakra is about two finger widths below the navel. And it’s where your “guts” are. This energy center is also the seat of your emotions, emotional reality, sexuality, and creative expression.

The Roller Coaster Ride of An Overactive Sacral Chakrathe roller coaster ride of an overactive sacral chakra

Suppose you have identified with your svadhisthana chakra or seated your consciousness within that second chakra. In that case, the experience is very much sitting within your emotional body.

So depending on what your emotional reality is, it could be quite the roller coaster ride or stormy weather in that second chakra. It could seem to be like a whirlwind of activity. With an overactive sacral chakra, you can even have a bad gut feeling for no reason. And so it may not always be the most comfortable place.

An Easy Sacral Chakra Healing

One way to help clear an emotional build-up or overactive sacral chakra is to move the focus of your consciousness. For example, you can calm the storm of emotions by focusing your conscious energy and seating it in the center of your head, in your sixth chakra.

This is a fantastic skill. Focusing your consciousness on the sixth chakra will put you above your emotions. No chakra exists as an island. It’s called the chakra system for a reason. The pathway to this skill is a meditation that combines energetic grounding with centering. You can find a guided meditation by following the link below.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Your Emotions And The Svadhisthana Chakra

How To Know When Your Intuition Is Talking To You

Sometimes people confuse their emotions with their intuition. It is not difficult to get your emotions, and your intuition twisted and not be able to tell them apart. So let’s talk about emotions and intuition a little bit.

So what are the emotions? Emotions are a feedback mechanism from your body to you. They help you understand how your body is responding to a specific situation you are in. It could be a physical situation, fight or flight, like being afraid because there is a saber-toothed Tiger over there.

As opposed to being an environmental issue, it could be mental. For example, you may have anxiousthe psychic ability, clairsentience, is your power to translate those emotional signals thoughts about things, and the body reacts to that. So the emotions are your body telling you how it’s feeling. The psychic ability, Clairsentience, is your power to translate those emotional signals from the body.

You are not solely your body. You are Spirit in a human body. But Clairsentience is an ability that allows you, as your Higher Self, Spirit, to communicate with your body. So Clairsentience is involved in body-spirit communication. And its primary purpose is to help you with your relationship with your body and your emotional levels.

Of course, it benefits you to have a harmonious relationship with your body. Many humans don’t. Many people ignore their emotions. Either they push them down, bury them, deny them, or they come out spilling out in inappropriate ways. And because of this dis-harmonious relationship between body and Spirit, many of you operate primarily from an emotional level.

You are being governed by your second chakra, acting out of emotions. You can think of the body a bit like a wild stallion with a natural tendency to run wild. Unless you, the high vibration consciousness, can tame it somehow and take the reins, your emotional body will also run wild. And your Clairsentience helps you to do that. It helps you to communicate with the body on the level of these gut feelings.

Types Of Emotion

So, if you think about emotions, you could put them in two simple categories, good feeling emotions and bad feeling emotions. And they act somewhat like like a spiritual compass.

Bad or negative feelings will tell you you are out of alignment with your higher self. In other words, your body and Spirit are misaligned. And the more negative or lower vibration of the emotion, the further away you are from being in alignment from you with your higher being.

And positive emotions will tell you that you are moving into or are in a state of alignment with your higher self. Okay, so if you feel good, it’s a clue as to your spiritual alignment. For example, suppose you feel positive and happy, joyous, celebrating life, or feelings of love, gratitude, or peace. In that case, you are in a matching vibration with your higher being. Your body’s emotional feedback mechanism, your sacral chakra, the Svadhisthana Chakra, will tell you so.

Fear And The Second Chakralearn to control fear using chakra energy

But if you feel in a state of fear inappropriately, hate, and so on, then you are out of alignment with your higher self and its natural state of being. You are the spiritual consciousness being of high vibration. You are a particle of God, which is the vibration of love. And so one of the things you are aiming for here while in these physical bodies is to bring that love and positive energy and channel it through the body.

So your Clairsentience will tell you whether you are or are not fulfilling that high vibratory state. When most people think about psychic abilities, they think about reading other people more than they think about reading themselves. But really, when you think about it, the most important thing is you. Remember, the goal is an alignment with your higher being. Unless you are being yourself, you can’t really help anybody else.

Your psychic abilities are always there. However, you may not be tapped in and tuned in to them. So remember the emotions are coming from the body, and you can have emotions all over the place, left, right and center. But are you paying attention to those emotions as the higher consciousness being that you are? And are you having it be a two-way conversation between you and your body? Because each you can have things go on all that come from sorts of programming levels.

And so Clairsentience is what enables you to have that communication level with your body and tend and listen to your body. Why are you afraid? Why are you angry? Why are you jealous? Why are you whatever it is? And what do you you know, what do you? And then you can discover what you can do as a course correction.

how to deal with negative emotions and your second chakra

And now we come to one of the challenges around the second chakra and this psychic ability. And this psychic ability lends to the idea of people who call themselves empaths or highly sensitive individuals. Other people affect you so much. You can’t be in a crowd. Clairsentience can sometimes turn you into an emotional sponge, taking on other people’s emotions.

Often you don’t recognize the difference between your emotions and those of others. The problem is, those are not your feelings. They are owned by somebody else. They don’t belong in your space or your body. They can put you into an out-of-alignment state. And suppose you demonstrate a load of emotional energy from different sources. In that case, you will feel really overwhelmed and very confused.

So, people who are empathic and who are, we could say, learning about their second chakra can be labeled as overly-sensitive individuals. If you are one of these people, you tend to be a people pleaser. You are always aware of other people’s feelings, and you want to make sure they feel good so that you can feel good.

They feel good, so you can feel safe, and all of that kind of thing. You can have issues setting boundaries, right? You can have issues around even realizing your own needs. Because your needs are so intertwined with other people’s needs, you seem to have no boundaries. You are constantly running around trying to be of service to others. So you are putting other people first and putting yourself last. It just leads to this recipe of feeling completely drained and overwhelmed. You need boundaries.

As stated earlier, a sacral chakra meditation that helps seat your consciousness in the sixth chakra will allow you to make separations between your needs and others.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Svadhisthana Chakra The Sacral Chakra And Your Psychic Abilities – Deep Dive Part 7, and how a balanced clear sacral chakra can alter the control emotions have over your life. Also learn the secrets to using your chakra energy in developing your psychic abilities in conjunction with your chakra system

Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Svadhisthana Chakra Sacral Chakra And Your Psychic Abilities – Deep Dive Part 7:

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