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August 24, 2021

Why Should You Consider Spiritual Metaphysics To Be Important? UYT305

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What Is Metaphysics In Simple Terms?

Spiritual Metaphysics is an expansive realm for many belief systems that are not held as genuine or shunned by the world’s religions and other mainstream philosophies. It includes such topics as personal growth, psychic abilities, supernatural phenomena, past lives, reincarnation, and many more. It is a big umbrella of things covering so many topics. The main question that the metaphysics philosophy delves to help you answer is “what is the meaning of life answer.” 

Why Should You Consider Spiritual Metaphysics To Be Important?

Metaphysics Is The Study Of Life Not An Excercise In Religiosity

Spiritual Metaphysics is not something that you would use the words religious doctrine or belief when discussing the topic. But, branches of metaphysics are an encompassing basis for some of your spiritual perceptions. And it’s not that if you believe in spiritual metaphysics, you can’t be religious in some other philosophy or religion.
Yet when you look at some religions, they try to answer the meaning of life question for you. Sometimes they do this by putting you in a box. This box says, “this is who you are, this is what your role is, this is why you’re here, this is what you should be doing, this is what you should be following.” They disguise this box under the term dogma. But in why spiritual metaphysics is importantactuality, it is a philosophy based on that specific religion.

At the same time, religion is not to be maligned. On the contrary, it can have its place in your search for your true identity and purpose. More often than not, religion is the starting point on your path to fulfillment and enlightenment.

What Is The Metaphysical Relationship To Your Life?

Whereas metaphysics, spiritual metaphysics suggest you find out for yourself. You go out and search, get your answers and see what you can do with your life. Find that understanding that there is more to who you are than what you see in a mirror. You are not what somebody else is trying to tell you and pigeonhole you into a specific existence. And so, yes, metaphysics is the search for meaning for life. Metaphysics isn’t meant to contradict any belief system but to enhance them. It is just a holding place for all these things that can’t be explained in any other way.

Life Purpose and Your Chakras

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Metaphysical Questions

Again metaphysics is actually a branch of philosophy. And really, what it’s doing is expanding the search and answers for the meaning of the unanswered questions you all have. Essentially the main question that you all ask yourselves is, what is the meaning of life? Why are you here? How can you make sense of it all?

When you look up the dictionary definition of metaphysics, it may say something like it is a branch of philosophy. And that it can include things like… and it will give you a whole list of things. And so religion can fit under that. There are different belief systems, but when it comes down to the crux of the matter, it is the search for meaning.

Metaphysical Meanings

So, you might say all of the world’s philosophers have been searching for meaning and trying to find the ultimate meaning of life. All of the world’s religions may help bring a sense of meaning to your life somehow. But primarily for only those who follow that particular religion. And, again, if you look at the Wikipedia page on metaphysics, it lists a whole bunch of different belief systems. Belief systems, including spiritualism, all the different religions are listed. Different explanations for understanding reality, such as conceptualism, realism, anti-realism, and existentialism, may be found.

All these belief systems are frameworks that different people get involved in and enter into because they are searching for some form of meaning. And they are trying to find answers. So they hope that that particular branch of philosophy or system for understanding life will give them that meaning.

Metaphysics And Meditationhow meditation can help you answer life's hard questions

Meditation is one of the topics also covered under the umbrella of Metaphysics that can help you find meaning in your own lives. Meditation is the turning within and connecting with your inner being, your higher self, your divine source, your personal concept of divine source energy or God.

Meditation provides a pathway for anyone who wishes to find meaning in their life. There is no need to follow any external philosophy, a particular religion, or any particular branch of science or philosophy. But discover yourself, turn within, meditate, and actually find out who you are. Because all of your answers lie within you. All of your answers lie within your higher being. And through meditation, you can connect with that higher being, and you can connect with your answers about the meaning of your own life. And how do you go about that?

Free Guided Meditation

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Another Metaphysical Connection To Answers

Included within Spiritual Metaphysics are Meditation practices. Meditation is a beautiful source for introspective answers. Another route to answering the deep life questions is through your Intuition. Intuition and psychic abilities are spiritual gifts you brought into this world at birth. Your Intuition is a gateway to your spiritual identity. It is your way to communicate as Spirit with your own higher being.

Metaphysics For Life’s Meaning

The meaning of life is quite a profound question to answer. It is, but wouldn’t you agree that most human beings are searching for regardless of societal placement or stature? And, really, if you look at the idea of metaphysics, the study of metaphysics, that’s what it is a search for, meaning. You all go through many cycles of growth and change in your lives and lifetimes on this planet. Sometimes you’re in a phase of just orienting yourself or survival. You don’t know who you are or how to survive, or where you belong. When you’re at a survival level, you might not actually have the bandwidth to be thinking about the meaning of life.

Okay, now, you found that you have got those basic needs met. Sometimes you are in a phase of trying to fit in and find your tribe, you know, where do you belong. But then you have all of those foundations in place, all of those basic needs met. The next stage is questioning and searching for the deeper meaning of your existence.

S you found out who you are. Now you can live that truth as who you are. Then the search for the true meaning of life can begin. To find that more profound meaning to your existence.

This next phase is being able to express your unique, divine spark within the world. Because now you know who you are, and you can express yourself authentically. So, in essence, when you boil it down, Spiritual Metaphysics is the path to fulfillment and enlightenment.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; Why Should You Consider Spiritual Metaphysics To Be Important. Listen in as we examine the metaphysics philosophy as pertaining to the question of “what is the meaning of life answer.”

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Should You Consider Spiritual Metaphysics To Be Important:

  • Regarding metaphysical abilities and experiences, I found your explanation very helpful. You used the metaphor of the Mars Rover as our physical body and the humans operating it as Spirit. The robot only does what it needs to operate or “survive,” but Spirit knows and sees all. The person/operator informs and directs the Mars Rover just as we are informed by Spirit intuitively. This shows how everyone has abilities because Spirit is within everyone.
  • I have been trying to work on my Intuition for a year. Are you able to read my energy and give me a different perspective to work on? Much appreciated. I find it hard to tell the difference between the ego and Intuition. I do yoga and meditate every day.
  • I feel people get stuck in “functional fixedness” with their life purpose – they see it one way when it is much more expansive than that. I’ve been enjoying exploring my Intuition to find that purpose.
  • I wonder if that’s part of what’s happening in the world now, people being nudged to find their own meaning. It’s not just religion trying to box people in. It seems like right now politics, medical, economic, all these areas try to box us in, try to tell us what we should do, how we should be, how to act. Of course, that seems to be directing us to ask more questions about our lives and their meaning? The need for freedom seems to be growing.
  • I asked this question before but got cut off before I got an answer. I had a dream about beautiful phoenix/bennu birds, and a green and orange one landed on my shoulder. What does this dream mean?
  • My purpose is one of my biggest confusions personally. I know my expected role as far as my life posts – business owner, mother, wife. etc., but I don’t know what my purpose is for me.

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