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May 4, 2021

Dr. Lesley Shares An Example Of Her Personal Spirit Channeling Sessions UYT289

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Advanced Mediumship, Channeling Spirit Messages

On this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Dr. Lesley Phillips shares two of her personal spirit channeling sessions live. She shares two messages from the archangels; Archangel Jophiel and the second one is from Archangel Michael.

Dr. Lesley Shares An Example Of Her Personal Spirit Channeling Sessions

How To Channel Spirits

You are probably wondering how does channeling work exactly? Generally, channeling spirit requires a person to go into a deep trance in order to channel these energy messages. You go into a deeper trance than you would for general psychic readings. You also have to raise your energy relatively high.

What Is Channeling

You may not be familiar with spirit channeling or spirit channelers. There are different forms of channeling. Channeling is in its simplest essence, is conveying information from a spirit entity or being.

How To Channel Different Entities In Different Wayschanneling unwanted entites is called possession

Some channels channel the information by leaving their physical vessel. Then they allow the being they are channeling to enter their body and operate their body. Examples of that would be J.Z. Knight, who channels Ramfa, or Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham. They leave their bodies, and then the being that’s talking through them comes in.

Another way of channeling is for the person to stay present within the body. Then to connect o the entity that they are channeling through a high-energy state. In this case, the person doing the channeling doesn’t leave their own body, and it is essential to stay in control and grounded. This is the form of channeling that was followed to acquire the sessions you will be privy to.

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Receiving the message from the higher being in this format is somewhat like somebody would say repeat what I say, and then you go repeat. Most psychics prefer this method to stay in charge of their own vessel. Ultimately it is your body. Anything that happens through your body is your responsibility.

Personal Spiritual Awareness Is Key For All Forms Of Channeling

If you decide you would like to be a channel or even a medium, it is essential to have laid a lot of groundwork. To really understand your energy and what is happening during these sessions. Especially who you are in communication with.

The other end of channeling in this example is where you leave your body and let a Spirit Being talk through you can also be considered Possession. Possession is when a non-beloved, non-benevolent entity takes hold of you, and you lose total control. This is certainly not something you ever want to experience. This is why it is of the utmost importance to understand your own energy and be in charge of your own energy before engaging in these practices.

Example Of Her Personal Spirit Channeling – Archangel Jophiel By Dr. Lesley Phillips

“I am Jophiel.

I come to you, from the realms of light, from the place in the universe where the particles of light are, as yet, unformed into matter, spewing from the Great Central Sun. From the origin of all life is light. That light becomes matter. That light becomes you. That light becomes your planet and all creation.

As a consciousness, as a God Particle, as a creative being, you have the opportunity to mold light into creation. Your play is a creation. It is a co-creation. It is a collaboration, and it’s not just about humans. Your planet is a concern of all creation. With all beings of light, it is a co-creation. It is a great experiment of bringing the light of the Divine Source to the leading edge of creation, dense physical matter.

Those of you in physical bodies on Earth are specialists in and of the material realm. Your job is to take that divine essence of love and light and manifest that on Earth. My role is to support you in that and help sustain the love and light of the divine essence so that it is not diminished so that it is not lost. So that it makes its way through glimmering and shining through your creations. archangel jophiel

But it needs to come up. It is vast cooperation of beings and souls. It needs the cooperation of each and every one of you for this grand experiment to flourish. To come to fruition with the original intention, which is a world of light, shining through matter, a glorious world.

Many of you are anchoring light. Many of you are impregnating your creations with the love and light from your heart center. So when you feel that creative spark, whether it’s to write, do a piece of art, work in the garden, or create something. When you create what you love to create, your heart is open. Spewing from your heart center are the very particles of light and love of divine source, and they become impregnated within your creations.

Your creations become a vessel for the continuation, the continued expression of Divine Source, through those very objects, through those very things. Through a book that you write. Through a painting that you paint. Through a conversation that you have. Through a journey that you go on.

If you approach your choices in life, from what brings me the greatest joy and what do I love, from your affinity, then you are planting seeds of light in the material world, in the very matter of your creative endeavors.

The one big message is to create what you love, to create from love. Because when you do that, you are a channel for the love of God. You are an open channel. For those particles of creator light, to become anchored, here on Earth.

That is my message to you. That is my message to the group. That is my message to humanity. Create from love. You are a creation from love, built to create from love. You are a creation from love, created from one through love. Create from love is alignment, and the opposite is the opposite. Create from love is the same as saying create from alignment.”

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Example Two Of Her Personal Spirit Channeling – Archangel Michael By Dr. Lesley Phillips

Allow light particles (the Metatronic light particles) to stream from the Great Central Sun, in through your crown chakra. Allow them to stream through the higher dimensions of your being. They are being stepped down in vibration and light. To reach you and your physical encasement, your physical experience, your physical projection, particles of light.

Be aware of your body as a transmitter of light, as a system made of light. Be aware you are receiving light and transmitting light constantly. Relax and allow this awareness. Allow all resistances to melt. Light is the substance of the universe. It is the substance that connects all. One particle of light is connected to every other particle of light in a wave. It’s difficult for you to comprehend.

You are the light and the life. You are the light and the life of your body. You are the light of divine source energy. You are the light of the Creator, and you are the light and life of the body. It is you and your consciousness, your light that animates the body and keeps the body alive… and the light that you are in the light of Source. Experience yourself as the light that you are.

An angel is an energy being. I, Archangel Michael, am an energy being. You have personified me in order to comprehend me from your limited human perspective. I have vast energy, which would be difficult for you to engage with without your characterization. You do this with many beings of light, including all the angels and divine source energy. This is because you are perceiving something infinite from a finite perspective.

Allow yourself to open your awareness to comprehend the infinite. Let go of all your limits. As you do this, as you open to the infinite, you open to the infinity of you, the infinity of me, the infinity of it all, and you touch upon the oneness. You get a glimpse of the oneness of the interconnectedness of all. archangel michael

I am Archangel Michael. I am in service to mankind. I broadcast my message far and wide. Let it be heard by those of you with an ear to hear. Many of you are awakening at this time. Many of you are impatient. Many of you are lost. Many of you are frustrated.

Turn your face towards the light and your mind towards the infinite. Open your awareness. Bridge your consciousness. For I am here. I’m here in the sparkles on the lake, the ripples on the river, light reflected from the beautiful spring flowers.

Tune your energy to my presence, and I will show you great joy. It is possible for you to experience heaven on Earth. To live a life of joy, compassion, and love. Open your mind as a receiver to the heavenly vibration of light. Open your body as an instrument of light. Animate your physical form with the light and life that you are. Be God because you are God.

Mankind is on the dawning of a new era. One that is different than has been experienced ever before on Earth. One that goes beyond what has been conceived of comprehended, understood, explored, experienced, ever before. To move into this phase of human existence with ease and grace, which is possible for you, I am advocating for the quality of surrender.

If you surrender to the light. If you surrender to the infinite. If you surrender to the flow of divine source. Then you will be carried effortlessly along your evolutionary path. This means letting go of control. It means letting go of preconceived notions and ideas about yourself and about your world. If you hold on to what you know, what you believe you know now… if you hold on to what has been, then you will build a wall. Then you will rage against the walls, and your experience will be less pleasant.

Sit with me a while. I am showering you with particles of divine light. So, allow yourself to be open and receive. Communication from an angel is hard for you to comprehend. But know that we are communicating with you all the time. Much of it is subtle. It is beyond your human senses, and you can include your brain as part of your human senses. Your brain is geared in a certain way.

Now, the human brain can, will, and is evolving. To allow this to happen requires a sense of trust. Again, we’re back to the principles of nonresistance, surrender, and allowing.

Message for your group…

I’m pleased with this endeavor because you come with the essence of exploration, and openness, and a willingness to let go of what is preconceived. This will serve you well.

You are an instrument of peace.

I am Archangel Michael.

Hear me in the wind. See me in the spring flowers (tulips). Never forget, I am always present.”

Regardless of the type of channeling you perform the objectives are the same. To bring light to this world from more aware and blessed Spirits.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Dr. Lesley Shares An Example Of Her Personal Spirit Channeling Sessions. Listen to some prophetic messages from two archangels.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Dr. Lesley Shares An Example Of Her Personal Spirit Channeling Sessions:

  • Hi Dr. Lesley. Do you write down an intention for a specific arch Angel? Because I will and something else will try to come in. I would love to know Lesley if you write an innovation or intention. I will state mine and often times I’ll get other beings stepping forward. Like today my mom from another life came forth. How do you stop this and only allow the one being of your choice?
  • Yes! would love to hear more channeled messages.
  • Oh, I can say for sure, I’d love to hear more of these messages!
  • Is channeling the same thing as mediumship?
  • OMG, what a beautiful message!
  • Is the light you are speaking of part of our aura?
  • This message hits particularly close to home for me! Amazing, touching, and very informative message!!!
  • Can we have a copy of these spirit channelings posted on your page! I would love to re-read it. Also
  • I would love to take your course!
  • When you receive channeled messages like this do you hear them or speak them or receive them a different way? Thank you for sharing these messages.
  • I wanted to know do my ancestors hear me when I speak to them? it is comforting to me however in altar work they keep telling me to be open to receive and I don’t know how to do it. and also would they like for me to work with ancestor money? they don’t always visit me in my dreams when I ask
  • Is that similar to how automatic writing works? I’ve used this medium as it was before and got very positive messages of love and light, but the information comes so fast it’s hard to keep up with, it seems tiring but in a good way. Present, kind of a trance, but present.
  • Wow! When you said you keep your consciousness in their dimension/high vibration. That resonated so much for me.
  • I have a question, is it selfish to ask for things to happen? Thank you
  • When I see a bright light when meditating is that a channel coming in
  • Do you pick who to channel or do they pick you?
  • Love to hear messages from the council and Pleiades,

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