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August 21, 2020

Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage And Energy Distribution UYT253

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Energy Distribution In Your Body And Life

You, I, everyone, and everything is made up of one very specific ingredient, energy. If you find that your energy in any way is not showing up in any part of your life or you are lacking in a specific drive you may be experiencing a solar plexus chakra blockage. Of all the 7 main chakras your solar plexus chakra also known as the Manipura chakra is responsible for your connectivity to your physical body as well as your astral body.

Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage And Energy Distribution UYT253

Life Purpose And Solar Plexus Pain

The third chakra has some very specific intuitive gifts associated with it. Your energy distribution is one of them. You have the gift of free will. Free will allows you to focus your energy on the specif adventure you choose. If you experience a solar plexus chakra blockage you may lack the ability to just that. One of the main examples of this would be if you are suffering from a lack of life purpose.

You Create Your Life

As your solar plexus chakra opens, you begin to unlock your true power. This is authentic power. The power of owning your energy and consciously choosing to use it to follow your life purpose and create everything in your life to fulfill it. This gift of manifestation is a wonderful gift.

Life Purpose and Your Chakras

Free Life Purpose and Your Chakras E-Book

Unblocking, Clearing Your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Many people choose to use their energy to exercise power and influence over other people in their life. This is considered to be an unwanted trait for most individuals.

Yet in our social culture, we find that this happens quite often. In most cases, it manifests itself as competition.

Competition to gain more success, more wealth, to be more attractive beautiful. This is quite prevalent in the job market employee to employee, also with country to country especially in trade and war as examples, religion to religion competing for members, and many other organizations.

Whether it is personal power or that of a company or nation there are two main components, knowledge and energy. You first find out who you are, what you meant to do, basically understanding your life purpose.

Once you have accomplished this the time comes to focus, to concentrate your energy to promote your purpose. You can consider this true power, employing and distributing your energy to accomplish what you are called to do. To realize that you are enough and you possess everything you need within you to accomplish your personal mission.

How To Unblock Your Solar Plexus Chakra learn how to unlock and clear solar plexus pain

If you can’t see the truth of how powerful you are having a third chakra issue. You may require a solar plexus chakra healing, an energy intervention. The best way to help yourself in this situation is to get back in contact with who you truly are. You are not this human shell but you are Spirit. Spirit that is not bound by time or space. Spirit that has the whole universe as its playground, can travel forward or backward in time, has access to all information. How do you reclaim this inner strength? The best way is solar plexus chakra meditation. This Meditation practice is the fastest way to unblocking all your chakras and realizing your true nature and power.

You can also find someone to help you clear and unblock your chakras. A spiritual teacher or intuitive coach such as myself can guide yu you along a path to revealing your true self.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage, And Energy Distribution, while we discuss finding purpose in life and remember, change your thoughts change your reality.

A Free Chakra Reading

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Here are a few of the questions and responses from our listeners during this broadcast.

  • N.B. – I have a quick question, Lesley. What is the exact difference between energy, vibration, and frequency? We all know that energy is vibrating at a certain frequency. So my question is how do we match the frequency that we want?
  • Anon. – Many times at different points of life I’ve had a sharp jabbing jolting stab in the 3rd chakra like one stab of a knife. I gather this is a messenger of imbalance to observe. why is this only common in the 3rd chakra when the other chakras have unbalanced moments to but they don’t stab?
  • L.A. – I was very much into developing my intuition but suddenly lost all desire to continue development. I’ve recently been trying to get back into it but am finding it hard. Is it that I need to somehow shift my energy, or was it more like it just wasn’t my time to develop more.
  • J.J. – Could that be called Dharma? Or is that Dharma? Being oneself and committing to your unique note or vibration?
  • F.C. – ​I think Corry is thinking about competition like in sports for example, where the players still have respect for each other ideally, and the competition is in the interest of moving the sport further.
  • T. B. – I feel like I have some blocks in my 3rd chakra. Can you see what is going on with me and recommend some ways to work with third chakra blocks? Thank you
  • B.C. – I’d love to have a mini reading, anything you can tell me and would like me to know about my finances/income and clarity on purpose, a direction in terms of a new job or career?
  • V.H. – How do you release and let go of any negative energy/ feelings and embrace and let in positive energy/ feelings?
  • L.A. – I LOVE that you are going over your book because to go over it with you and getting your added insight makes it sink in so much better. Too bad we couldn’t do like a book club and just go over the entire little by little!! F.C. – ​I sometimes have an energetic resistance to things I enjoy doing, which makes it hard to start, but I do eventually start. I would like that process to be more effortless and less fraught with resistance. ​When I do start (painting) I always wonder why I resist it so much when I do enjoy it.
  • Thanks, Lesley, that did help, it validated some of what is going on for me!

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