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February 16, 2021

Use Automatic Writing For Simple Writing Prompts And Art UYT274

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What Is Automatic Writing?

If you have written or created art, you most probably have waited for some form of simple writing prompts or artistic inspiration. As a writer, I have been in this position more than once. However, I found that getting out of my head and allowing my Spirit body to communicate with me or even allow another entity to channel information through me made this much easier.

Use Automatic Writing For Simple Writing Prompts And Art

Is Automatic Writing Channeling Spirits?

My first book, The Midas Tree which is a spiritual adventure story about a young boy in the garden of light. He finds himself in a tree, experiencing darkness and fear for the first time. He goes through many different experiences and meets many unusual creatures that teach him special lessons. Once he has learned all the lessons, he can then exit the tree and return to the garden of light.

I remember meditating one day, and all of a sudden, the whole story just laid itself out in front of me. I began to write on my computer. Basically, there was no thinking process attached to the writing.

Psychography Or Automatic Writing

So what is this thing called Automatic Writing? As a member of the Metaphysical community, you will most probably have heard of this psychic ability. And your nexthow to unlock your psychic powers question, of course, will be, can anyone do it? The answer to the latter is, yes, you can.

Let’s take a look at what the word of science thinks these simple writing prompts are in actuality. Psychologists have a firm belief of which states automatic writing is based and sourced from your subconscious. That it is all in your mind, they believe that all that happens is that you use a short story generator with specific words generated from someplace within your brain.

As spiritual beings, you know different. You understand that automatic writing is channeled directly from a supernatural source. Whether this source is you as your own higher self, your spirit guides, spirits in the ethereal realm, Angelic entities, or even The Universe. In my case, I know that this book came from a Spirit being who felt it was the right time to get this information to the general population and used me to do so.

This was not the first time that I had channeled a spirit to help create something. Or should I say I helped Spirit do so?

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Automatic Drawing

I had a lot of experience with automatic drawing. I created hundreds of abstract images that were given t me by one of my many spirit guides. I had no concept of what these were for or if they had any purpose other than my personal artistic enjoyment.

Then one day, again during meditation, my spirit guide visited me and directed me to create a card deck with some of the various drawings. He basically sat me down to select 60 of the pictures we had created together. Then he dictated the title and spiritual meaning for each of them. My guide directed me to have them printed, boxed and to get them out into the populous as my Intuition Cards, My Portico Card Deck.

Just as with The Midas Tree, I treasured that sensation of the words just flowing through me. No Struggling. No pondering. Only words that were being given to me automatically from Spirit side. I occasionally would read what I had written and would be amazed at what came forth from me. the midas tree, my channeled book

I am not alone in this. Many famous authors have done the same. People such as:

Aleister Crowley: the English occultist, poet, ceremonial magician, novelist. He also established the religion of Thelema.

Jane Roberts: Who was an American psychic, medium, author, and channel. She was famous for channeling Seth, a self-proclaimed energy personality. She also published the Seth texts, which you may have heard of as the Seth Material.

Helen Schucman: Who penned a Course In Miracles. Neale Donald Walsch was the author that created a series of books named Conversations with God about that exactly.

Joseph Smith: Who was the founder of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) religion and had translated a set of ancient tablets of gold.

Can I Automatic Write? Automatic Writing Tips

Once more, you may ask if you can do the same. And again, the answer will be, you can. Here are some tips to get you going on that path:

  • Meditation; Find a comfortable place that you can call your own. A place where you can relax and meditate without disturbance. Basically, this will be your write room. This will be the place that will house your format of getting this written: a computer, pen, and paper, recorder, or in the case of artistic work, appropriate art supplies.
  • Learn to be very specific in thought as you meditate. Ask for assistance. You can even start with a question in mind. As you formulate this question, remember to verbalize it as for the greater or higher good.
  • Occasionally what helps in the letting go stage is to doodle. To just put your pen on paper and let it move at will without any specific thought process involved. As you do this, open yourself up to a link with your Spirit Guide or higher being.
  • Also, one way that may help you is to employ your nondominant writing hand. The once more get out of your head and into your heart. Amazingly something will come. One of the most important things is not to judge the process or what results from it. Stop thinking.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Use Automatic Writing For Simple Writing Prompts And Art, learn how to get out of your logical mind and source spirit for ideas and information.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Use Automatic Writing For Simple Writing Prompts And Art :

  • Do not be shy or question anything along the process path. You will be amazed at what pours forth.
  • My gift of automatic writing opened in august. I write my intention to channel and then find myself guessing the words before they are re-written. I keep thinking my mind is taking over. How do I let go so that I do not get in the way if it is an automatic letter for a client who wants a message? I was giving clients messages after a Reiki session, and I want to bypass that! Thank you!
  • Is there a method you recommend for preparing yourself to do an automatic writing session?
  • What is a good intention to set before making art?
  • My hands are always flowing with energy. I also have a heartbeat and pulse that are continuously talking to me. I am interested in developing it further to help my clients and possibly produce books or poetry. Can I get out of the way by just writing, I release any attachments?

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