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July 2, 2011

Psychometry Is An Amazing Psychic Ability!

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Psychometry Provides The Ability To Tell Information About An Object’s Past And Its Owner Just By Touch!

Is psychometry real? Definitely! So what is psychometry or Clairtangency as it is also known? Psychometry is an amazing psychic ability. This is how to do psychic readings through touch.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you wear all the time? We all have possessions that have meaning to us that we become attached to, but did you know that the objects you wear, such as jewelry, can retain your energy? You emit an energy field around you, called your aura, and when you wear an object it becomes imbued with your energy. It then transmits your energy imprint as part of its energy field. Some psychics can hold this object and retrieve this information. The name for this psychic ability is psychometry.

Psychometry Is An Amazing Psychic Ability – How To Do Psychometry

It is a spiritual skill that allows a practitioner to know the history of an object by feeling it which is referred to as a psychometry reading. Information pertinent to using this skill is reached through a combination of energy centers or chakras. One is located in the brow, called your sixth chakra or brow chakra; another is located on top of your head, your seventh chakra or crown chakra, and two more are located in the palms of your hands. These chakras work together to allow a psychic to feel the energy of an object, to see its history, and to know various facts about it and its owner.

I remember a trip to the British Museum in the UK, I went as I normally do to the ancient Egyptian relics as I find them fascinating. As I walked from statue to statue, I was able to read the history of each one. Some of them had “spells” embedded in them for the growth of the crops and the health and well-being of the people. I was amazed and rather overwhelmed that I could know this information about them. Now looking back I was using psychometry to retrieve this information.

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Psychometry Is An Amazing Psychic Ability – How To Develop Psychometry

My first introduction to psychometry was in a class many years ago, where everyone had to close their eyes and remove an object from their person and place it on a tray. Then we each had to choose an object and say who it belonged to. I knew immediately who owned the ring I was holding in my hands and to my delight I was right. This can be a great game to play with some friends who are also interested in exploring and developing psychometry which is also considered a spiritual ability. Here is a psychic ability quiz that includes a psychometry test as well.

If you are interested in studying psychometry for beginners the best way is to find a psychic mentor or teacher who can help you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Psychometry Is An Amazing Psychic Ability, and find out how to learn psychometry or take the next step in practicing psychometry.Are You Developing Clairvoyance, The Psychic Ability Of Clear Seeing

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