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June 6, 2023

Why Are You Out Of Touch With Your Innate Psychic Superpowers? UYT375

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Are Your Psychic Gifts Active?

Are you in touch with your innate psychic superpowers? If so, that is great. Your psychic abilities, such as Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, and Clairsentience, are all part of your basic intuition. They are all beautiful gifts that keep on giving. However, if you are not experiencing these cool superpowers, you might be wondering what’s going on.

Why Are You Out Of Touch With Your Innate Psychic Superpowers?

Do You Need Help With Activating Your Psychic Superpowers?

So you have five physical senses, don’t you? Nobody taught you how to use those five physical senses. They’re just natural. They’re just there. So why does somebody need to teach you how to develop and use your psychic senses? Or why aren’t your psychic senses just there and active?

The five physical senses in your body help you navigate physical reality. On the other hand, you have 22 psychic senses that you were born with. They can help you navigate nonphysical reality. So what’s the difference? Why are the physical senses stronger than your psychic superpowers?

So if they are present within you, why do you need help activating your psychic gifts? These abilities are all part of your spiritual communication system. And the truth is that you are Spirit enjoying a human experience.

You have a body that has to navigate physical reality and needs senses to do so. But you are not that body. You are something else. You, your consciousness, are infinite, eternal, all-seeing, all-knowing, infinite, and a spark of the divine.

What Is Holding You Back From Experiencing Your Psychiclearn how to access your intuition Superpowers?

All-seeing, Clairvoyance, is one of your psychic superpowers, as is Claircognizance, all-knowing. And so what’s going on? Why aren’t you in touch completely with these all-seeing and all-knowing parts of yourself?

So let’s say it like this. You have psychic superpowers. You had them before you were born. You will have them after you die. And most babies still have them and have access to them after they’re born. But then something happens. So what happens? What happens that makes you lose or stop using these psychic gifts?

Why Do You Loose Your Psychic Powers After Birth?

Well, you come into physical reality, and as you know, most babies can’t do very much. As an infant, you can’t speak, walk or think, but you are all still in spirit mode. They still have awareness but more so on a spiritual level. So then, because you have been born and are in the physical world, you have to learn how to be here.

And so, you are here and have to learn to adapt? So you come into physical reality, and you get oriented into the physical world, the way things are here, and you shift your focus to be here, you shift your focus to be in earth plane reality. Your physical senses start to kick in. And so, over time, your physical brain starts to get programmed and wired in a certain way so that you can navigate this world.

You know, it happens naturally, as you start to be able to crawl around, and this little human body starts to explore the physical world that it’s in, with its physical senses. Your physical senses begin to override your psychic gifts.

The hibernation of your psychic superpowers also happens deliberately, as well. Your parents and the adults you are born to want to teach you about this world. They want to teach you how to focus here. So they constantly tell you to look at this, touch it, feel something else, and listen to what they say. So all of the focus comes in on the physical dimension. And you are trained to believe that this is the only reality. So you become deeply embedded and anchored here.

Your Social Environment And Your Psychic Superpowertake the psychic ability quiz to uncover your psychic superpowers Dormancy

You are born into a specific culture, country, political, social, and religious environment. All of these become hardwired into your system. And the information from these aspects of your life also becomes your reality. You are taught to mimic the projection of reality and understanding of reality that everyone else around you has.

This programming is one of the hardest things to get over in most cases. When you have a thought, concept, or belief, it may not necessarily be yours. It’s not that it is not necessarily what you are thinking. It could be what you’ve been programmed to think. And you spit it out and live it in reaction to some stimuli you are experiencing.

So you came here, from this place where you were all seeing and all-knowing, you were born here, and then you became programmed. And you were taught to prioritize your physical senses over your spiritual senses. And to prioritize a particular version of reality to be the reality you should project.

Increase Your Frequency And Remove your Psychic Blocks

All of this is limited to a particular frequency band of experience. Your physical senses are limited. Your eyes can only see within specific frequency bands; your ears can hear within certain frequency ranges. Your sense of touch relates to a particular density of energy. So there’s, there’s a boundary around this physical experience that you are having. You even focus your brainwaves to have a particular reality experience.

So you think most of the time, in your waking reality, you have beta brainwave frequency. That is a specific bandwidth of experience that matches a certain experience of your reality. And there is so much beyond that narrow range of a reality’s experience that you are allowing your brains to encounter through your physical senses. And that reality experience is a fraction of the total reality you can access. And it’s learned.

And you know what? It’s learned on purpose. You decided to come here and have this experience and this experience in this great density, this particular frequency range of density, this place where you have this great polarity going on. And you chose it. You chose to embed yourself here and knew what it would be.

You selected to pinch yourself off from the more significant part of your spiritual psychic self. You decided to have this experience because it’s a very focused and extreme existence. And you can learn a lot by being there. So that explains why you were taught to use your physical rather than psychic senses. But you can remove those psychic blocks.

How Easy Is It To Awaken Your Psychic Abilities?developing psychic abilities

So what happened to these intuitive abilities, these psychic senses that you get glimpses of, or those other people tell you that you have? What can you do about it? And so, in some senses, learning to develop your psychic abilities, to a great degree, is learning to undo what you did in the first place and hide them from yourself.

What you need to do is relatively simple in a manner. To activate your psychic superpowers, you only need to reveal to yourself what’s already there. Isn’t that funny? So it’s a revelation, an act of Revelation. You are revealing yourself to yourself. You allow yourself a little glimpse of yourself, and then you can open up to the more prominent aspect of yourself.

So how do you undo what you did to hide yourself from yourself in the first place? Your intuition comes from your higher being. Your higher being is infinite and is not bound by time and space. It exists in much higher frequency ranges than you’ve now limited yourself to in the physical world. So your intuition comes from that higher being. It doesn’t come from the physical body. Your physical body can’t have intuition. It’s stuck in time and space.

How To Turn On Your Psychic Abilities

Think of your higher being like the NASA spirit world control center and your body like the Mars Rover. It was built for the Mars terrain it’s in with the sensory apparatus to monitor it. It was made with the capability to receive and send signals back and forth to Earth. To switch back and forth. So the trick now is to switch from one operating mode to another and yet operate in the new environment.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

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How Can You Be In The World And Not Of The World?

So, when you came here to this reality, you learned to operate as a physical body through the limits of a physical body and reduce and limit yourself to that physical body. So the trick is being able to switch from your physical body mode to operating as Spirit while in the physical body mode.

There is a biblical quote that seems to fit. It’s one of the things that Jesus said, “Be in the world but not of the world.” So how can you be in the world and not of the world? How can you be the spiritual and the physical who you are and still be here? So it’s a process of remembering yourself. You came into an earth body, and you forgot your higher being. You dismembered yourself from your greater being. It’s also why the ancient acolytes were instructed to know themselves because most humans don’t know themselves.

And so, to remember yourself is a process of turning within and rediscovering yourself so that you can know yourself. Because you are under an illusion about who you are in this reality, which is not who you truly are. Everyone on the planet, in a body alive, is under some level of illusion. So, this is called different names by different spiritual traditions. But the meaning remains the same. The illusion is that you are only a physical body. And you have forgotten who you truly are. Infinite Consciousness.

How To Operate As The Higher Consciousness?

So the goal is to operate as a higher consciousness through the body. So how do you do that? How do you operate consciously as Spirit, using your psychic superpowers and intuition, in the physical world?

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

Because intuition is innate to you, it’s your spiritual communication system. But you took it offline. You took it offline when you got here. So you want to plug it back in and put it back online. So the key is you are divine consciousness, and your body is your vessel. Your physical senses help you navigate physical reality. Your psychic senses help you navigate nonphysical reality. You did, however, pinch yourself off from the more significant part of yourself, who lives and exists in nonphysical reality.

And now here you sit going well, you think there’s a bit more to life than this, and you are starting to remember there’s more to you than this. You want to connect with your higher guidance. So it’s time to start remembering yourself, opening yourself up to the more significant part of yourself, and channeling your infinite consciousness through the physical body.

And so, of course, the way that this has always been done for 1000s and 1000s of years, and still is today, is through meditation. A unique specific daily meditation practice to help you heal yourself, raise your vibration, and reduce the frequency gap between body and Spirit because you’ve embedded yourself in density.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

From even an early age, you have been taught by your family, peers, friends, and society how to fall further away from your spiritual nature. All these things happen in your world of duality that causes you to layer experiences of pain and trauma onto your life. And these adverse incidents cause you to lose your spiritual alignment and distance you from your psychic abilities.

And soon, you will have a thick filter that you are looking at reality through, and you have become even more myopic. So doesn’t finding and studying with a psychic advisor and teacher make sense?

Why You Have Misplaced Your Psychic Superpowerslearn how to develop psychic abilities

So you could almost say there are a few stages of this forgetting. First, you come in as babies and are now in the physical world. Then you live a physical life. And to narrow it down even more, you take on beliefs opposed to your Spiritual Nature. So now, instead of just operating from the Divine truths of the Universe, of which there are few, you take an easier path. You take on worldly beliefs, limiting beliefs from your belief system, pain, trauma, resistance, and other things. And that will narrow your spiritual perspective even more.

So the revelation process for you on your human journey is actually a journey of healing. It has to be because you have not only dismembered yourselves but also misaligned yourself. However, you have dismembered yourselves from your greater being and taken yourself out of alignment. And that also is part of your physical earth journey, to be flipping in and out of misalignment because that is duality.

But that is your story as humans, and your understanding is that that is the Original Sin. The original translation from how that was initially written is “out of alignment.” You are in an out-of-alignment state. So you need to come back in alignment, heal yourself and remove all the baggage and the filters. And reconnect yourselves with your higher being and open yourself to channel from the greater infinite self that you really are. Sometimes a spiritual teacher can be a valuable and helpful aid to help you find your way among all the distractions of your physical life.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Are You Out Of Touch With Your Innate Psychic Superpowers, and possibly find the path back to your innate psychic superpowers.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Are You Out Of Touch With Your Innate Psychic Superpowers:

  • Omyda – Question: do you think it’s possible for a human being to increase their vibrational frequency so high that they can achieve things like teleportation of the body? (Not traveling in a trance. To actually have the body move from one space to another via an increase in vibration).Thanks for your answer regarding teleportation. I once had a man I was speaking to disappear before my eyes & I didn’t know if he was a human who could teleport or if he was a spirit who was temporarily taking a human form to speak to me. I assumed the latter but could to know it could have also been teleportation.
  • Brian – I also think the original translation of ‘sin’ was missing the mark. Like you would with an arrow. It seems to me the more time I spend in a higher vibration, the more these gifts/abilities come back online, just as aligning with 3D brought me to use the physical senses. I don’t know how I know how to use and trust these gifts; it just seems natural; they flow, and the higher vibration seems more natural now. It is indeed like a rediscovery, something I somehow knew; it’s pretty amazing!
  • SG – hello, can you ask a different question? I want to ask about the varicose veins on my legs. They’re getting worse, and I’d like to know energetically how to clear them up and what’s causing it. Thanks
  • Hernandez – Do you think different animal bodies have different innate psychic abilities? (Meaning they say cats seem to know about death and spirit), they are still in physical bodies but seem to have different abilities, more in tune than humans do) As a follow-up, I wonder if animals (generally) are less susceptible to “noise” and programming away from psychic abilities b/c they don’t have the cultural/social limiting beliefs around these gifts that humans do. So they can use them more naturally and with ease.
  • Cole – Is it possible parts of our dreams, possibly astral journeys, that might help us receive those gifts/abilities? A few times, I’ve dreamt of a room that seems important. It’s not a room I remember from this lifetime, yet it looks pretty familiar. It’s got a pleasant, comfy feel to it. However, I cannot quite get to it. Could you look at it briefly? I am curious as to what it means.
  • Denise – Very enlightening. We’ve been dumbed down in regard to our psychic superpowers.
  • Zachary – Thank you for sharing your Truthful insights. I resonate with this completely. Are there groups like those here to chat with, share, and hear each other’s experiences?
  • DG – Wow, that’s interesting about our pets.

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