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September 20, 2022

Psychic Readings Free Online On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley UYT345

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What Are Psychic Readings?

In this episode of Dr. Lesley’s Unlocking Your Truth, she will give her listeners free psychic readings online. When you think of psychic readings, what do you imagine? Whether they are psychic readings free online or in person, you all may have different ideas. Many people think that they are hocus pocus. Some think a psychic reading can only be a foretelling of the future and can’t be altered. However, it may shock you to realize that, in some way, you all have had a psychic reading or given one. Let’s look a little deeper into this.

Psychic Readings Free Online On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley

What Are The Different Types Of Psychic Readings?

There are all different terms for psychic readings, which you don’t exactly consider synonymous with them. But you don’t think there is a lot of difference between them. But some people have different definitions. So, for example, we use the word intuition and intuitive reading, clairvoyance or clairvoyant reading, extrasensory perception or ESP, highly sensitive person, Empath, and so on.

These all refer to, in my opinion, psychic abilities of some form. And they are the same kind of sensitivity to be aware of things beyond the normal range of physical senses. And some people might call it an intuitive reading or others might call it a psychic reading. Some people might call it Mediumship.

Regardless, these are all ways of using your nonphysical senses to tune in to the nonphysical world. It is all about tuning into the world of energy.

Would You Like A Psychic Reading???

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How To Tap Into Psychic Abilitiesdeveloping psychic abilities can be fun and easy

And so, when I do a psychic reading, I read from a trance state. I go into an altered state of consciousness, including using some very specific energy and meditation techniques. This also involves consciously working with my chakra system by reconfiguring the chakras in a particular way. This tunes out the physical world and tunes into the spiritual world. This allows one to read energy directly.

So, when they do a psychic reading, some people may use a pendulum to ask questions. Others use a card deck such as Tarot cards and deal cards in response to a question. Also, one can use runestones or some other object that enables one to access information intuitively. And while you could do any or all of those things, you may instead choose to use your psychic abilities directly.

How To Tune Into Your Psychic Abilities

There are several different ways to accomplish this.

There are four primary forms of psychic abilities called the Four Clairs you can use:

  • Clairvoyance to see energy.
  • Claircognizance to know things.
  • Clairaudience to hear and speak with spirit guides and spirits.
  • Clairsentience to empathically tap into people’s energy.

Regardless of which of these psychic abilities you may use, you basically tune out your physical senses and tune into nonphysical senses to access the world of energy. And so, in that sense, it’s possible to look at anything about anybody.

So, for example, you can use these wonderful abilities to look at somebody’s energy field, auras, chakras, and meridians, or look at anything to do with their energy. You can see their astral body, for example. You can also sense the energy channels running through their system, such as their chakras, the energy centers you all have.

Would You Like A Psychic Reading???

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Psychic Readings Meaning And Purpose

Why would you want to see someone’s energy? You can see somebody’s energy field and look at the electromagnetic-like energy of their chakras. These energies are configured in packages, which relate to memories, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, experiences that they’ve had, relationships, and all manner of things. You can learn to perceive that electromagnetic energy and translate it into meaning.

Using your psychic abilities, you can look at somebody in the present time. You can look at their energy system and give a reading based on what’s going on right here right now in that person’s life. This can uncover what spiritual growth they are going through. You can see the energy level of each individual chakra. This can uncover someone’s current primary growth cycle because each chakra relates to a different aspect of life.

So, for example, if somebody was more interested in their career, finances, or home life, you might read the energy of the first chakra. And you might read the energy layer that emanates from the first chakra because that relates to those kinds of things.

Or suppose somebody wanted to know about their relationships or romantic partners. In that case, you might read the second chakra, or even the fourth chakra, because those energy centers are related to the fourth chakra. Unconditional love and the interconnectedness of all things. The second chakra is related to sexuality and emotions.

Psychic Readings And The how to discover your past lifeRecords

Now, using your psychic abilities, you can tune into anything so you can look into what you might perceive as the past. What you might perceive as somebody’s past events that happened to them this lifetime, or even to look at other lives and existences during a Past Life Reading. And so, sometimes, people refer to this as reading the Akashic records.

You could say every psychic reading you do is reading the Akashic records. Because the Akashic records are simply a record of everything that ever was, is, and shall be. So whether you read somebody’s chakra, aura, past lives, or future lives, it’s all a reading of the Akashic records.

The strength of these readings is that you can look at past lifetimes and how they relate to the current lifetime. And because you create in any reality, from your soul’s perspective, frequently, different existences follow the same theme. So it can be helpful to look at past lifetimes because you can learn through other experiences. Whether they are similar to or even the opposite of what you are going through now.

So when people come to you for reading, depending on what they are coming for, sometimes you read their aura. Sometimes you read their chakras. Sometimes you read your past lives. Sometimes you communicate with their spirit guides. Because you specifically ask who their spirit guides are and what their guides have to say to them.

Would You Like A Psychic Reading???

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Free Psychic Readings And Mediumship

So you can tune in to nonphysical beings using our psychic abilities. This is called Mediumship. Occasionally, and this may not be something you mainly specialize in, it happens that somebody comes to you wanting to speak to a deceased relative. Again, you can apply your psychic abilities to this.

It is all the world of Spirit and the world of energy. And that is what your psychic abilities do. They allow you to tune in to that nonphysical world and anything and everything about it.

What A Paid Or Free Psychic Reading Can Help Withbest psychic readings near me

Whether you give psychic readings free or not, they can be beneficial. You can help people with their relationships. Their energetic interaction between people and their contract for being together and interacting with one another.

Sometimes people come because people are not feeling well on a physical level. It’s possible to use psychic abilities to scan the physical system to do a medical intuitive reading. To scan the physical system and look specifically at the organs in the body and how the energy flows through the body.

Sometimes, then, people are not feeling well on an emotional or a mental level. And again, it’s possible to look at that person’s emotional or mental body. Uncovering what’s causing the symptoms they are complaining about.

Other times people come and say they were invaded by a being. So you can use your psychic abilities to perceive nonphysical beings.

Others need help understanding or meeting their Spirit Guides and the messages they receive from these beautiful entities.

Psychic Readings Free Online

The journey is fantastic regardless of why you help people with your psychic gifts. But, we are all here to experience life together. So, join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Psychic Readings Free Online On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley as she psychically answers questions from her radio show listeners.

Would You Like A Psychic Reading???

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Psychic Readings Free Online On Unlocking Your Truth With Dr. Lesley:

  • Brian – I’d love to have a reading on what is going on for me energetically/physically right now. I’ve had a stiff, achy neck for the last three nights. It comes and goes, and it feels like there’s a lot of energy running down the left side of my body. I feel energized and tired at the same time. Sometimes it energetically feels like I could leap out of my body! It’s hard to describe. I’m hoping you could tune in and let me know what you see. A lot of coughing, sneezing, and yawning, so I know energy is moving around for me.
  • SG – I live with my family, and I feel trapped. I want to do more, but I feel like everyone else problems and kids fall on me, although I don’t have my own kids. What can I do to feel free to live my own life?
  • Brydie – My soul is excited. My humanness is feeling so nervous. Going on a date and remembering today my Psychic Blueprint session where we explored relationships… the theme of your show seems to always come at the perfect timing. Actually, it might have been past life readings or relevant. Bless you.
  • May – I would love to meet my guides and their purpose for being with me.
  • Sharon – I would like Dr. Lesley to tell me what I need to focus on for better physical health; what is not in balance? Is there anything serious going on?
  • Kellie – I would like to know who my guides are and what they have to tell me.
  • Katie – Hi! Is it helpful for the person to meditate or center or ground themselves before or during the reading? I would love a reading, please! Thank you.
  • Tracy – Can I get a message from a spirit guide?
  • Shannon – Hi, lovely Lesley, and Mr. Corry. I saw a bald eagle in a full moon meditation last week. It had something in its talons, but I couldn’t make it out. Can you look into this and clarify?
  • Salena – Hi, Dr. Lesley. I am open to any information you can relay to me. I really enjoy your show, and thank you for sharing; I have learned so much from you and Corry.
  • Christine – Help! I’m in the studio and can’t find my nippers. Where did I hide them? Kidding. I’d like to know more about my guides. They’ve done a heck of a job keeping me alive. Or just anything they have to pass into me would be greatly appreciated.
  • Christine – Help! I’m in the studio and can’t find my nippers. So where did I hide them? Kidding. I’d like to know more about my guides. They’ve done a heck of a job keeping me alive. Or just anything they have to pass into me would be greatly appreciated.
  • Karen – Hi, Dr. Lesley. I have numerous gifts and would like to know; what my purpose is with them. Thank you so much. I appreciate any information.

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