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December 13, 2022

5 Steps to Developing Your Psychic Powers And Intuition UYT356

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Developing Powers From Your Psychic Ability List

This is the final episode in a series of 11 on Dr. Lesley’s perspective on psychic development. You will discover the 5 simple steps to get you on your way to developing your psychic abilities and intuition. No matter what you do in life, there is always a learning curve. The same is true when one looks at their psychic growth. The pre-curser to the 5 steps is the understanding that you are already psychic and can do it.

5 Steps To Developing Your Psychic Powers And Intuition

Step One – Psychic Abilities Are Actually Common

A well-kept secret is that psychic abilities are actually common. However, you are not. So step one is to understand your unique psychic abilities profile or blueprint. Before you can develop your abilities, you have to be aware that you are actually in possession of these wonderful psychic gifts. Once you have accepted this fact, you need to break down what they might be, their use, and what they might do for you and others.

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As a psychic advisor, I met many people who have had some form of, or an experience with, a psychic ability. And so you have this experience, and you want to understand it more. So, for example, a common experience is to have a premonition or visionary dream.

Maybe you hear somebody say your name, and nobody is there. It could be that you see, have a vision of, somebody who’s passed away. These encounters are signs that you are opening up to your psychic abilities. In many cases, those types of incidents will make you or anyone at least slightly curious.

It will stimulate a desire to know more or, in the tiniest part, answer the question, “am I psychic.” What does it all mean? Step one, understand your psychic abilities. This is difficult to do if you have no experience in the topic. So what most of you do is seek out someone much wiser concerning this subject.

Your Psychic Blueprint

The easiest way to glean this information is through a process called a psychic ability blueprint. This is the equivalent of a Psychic IQ test. Each and every single one of you is entirely distinctive. You are all unique aspects of divine consciousness. And you all have your own unique profile of psychic abilities. So no single one of you is precisely the same.

Intuition Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Abilities Blueprint

Somebody asked Edgar Cayce how many psychic abilities there are. And he said, “there are as many psychic abilities as there are people alive on the earth.” Another way of saying that would be that you are unique and have your own unique profile of psychic abilities.

That unique profile of psychic abilities maps to who you are and your unique life purpose. And your life purpose relates to the specific reason you are in a body here on Earth. And so there is this linkage between your unique profile of psychic abilities and your life purpose.

So through this process of figuring out your psychic ability blueprint, you can understand your unique set of gifts and what you should use them for. Now, like the Edgar Cayce study, you are similar in that we both would say everyone is unique. But your special gifts have been distilled down to 22 abilities channeled through the chakra system.

And so your unique psychic ability profile gives you information about those 22 psychic powers and how potent each is within you. Also, whether they are areas, you are seeking to focus on this lifetime or not. So these different aspects of your psychic powers list would make up your psychic ability blueprint. learn about your psychic ability blueprint

Your Psychic Powers List

So what makes up some of these psychic abilities? Things like clairvoyance. You have all heard of clairvoyance. And that’s your ability to see as Spirit. So anytime you have a vision, that’s your clairvoyance. Another example of psychic ability is your clairaudience. And that would be when you hear something, and there is no physical explanation for what you hear.

Another example would be claircognizance or knowingness. And that’s your ability to know without knowing why or how you know. You instantly know. And that’s another thing about psychic abilities. It is instant information.

Another one is clairsentience or clear feeling. Telepathy is another psychic ability; hearing your own inner voice, the voice of your higher being is another psychic ability, and so on. This is a really great foundation for you to understand yourself. As Jesus said, “know thyself.” This is actually a quote from the ancient mystery schools.

So a great foundation to developing your psychic powers is to have some understanding of who you are, why you are here, and what your unique profile of gifts are. And that is step one.

Step Two – Transcend your limits, and eliminate your blocks.learn to unblock your psychic powers

You are a human being. But you are also Spirit. So as Spirit, you have all of the 22 psychic powers. And you carry those into your human incarnation. So in your psychic ability blueprint, there is a determination made as to what psychic powers you came into this life with when you were born and where this profile stands today.

And sometimes, people have turned down their gifts and their power for various reasons. Maybe they’ve not been validated or encouraged. Or, in some way, they’ve ended up feeling unworthy, not good enough for various reasons. It could be they were told to be quiet when they were a child. Children should be seen and not heard. That type of thing.

So often, negative programming gets in the way and causes you to shut down your psychic abilities. You might have some fears, such as being raised in a fundamental religious belief system that says being psychic is evil. That is a significant block that you have to overcome to develop and utilize your gifts.

So transcending your limits and eliminating your blocks are key to expanding your psychic abilities. There are two primary groups or types of blocks. One is a group of seven really common blocks that most people encounter.

Seven Blocks To Developing Your Psychic Powerslearn how to access your intuition

Block One – One of the seven blocks is being too busy. It would be best if you instituted a regular practice. If you don’t devote yourself to it, it’s like anything else. It’s not going to happen.

Block Two – Another one of those seven blocks is the monkey mind. You know that too many thoughts bouncing around in your head will distract you like a ping-pong match in your head. So it would be best if you overcame the monkey mind.

Block Three – The third block holding you back from mastering your psychic powers is your emotional overwhelm. Many of you have an emotional roller coaster ride going on within you. The emotions and thought patterns belong to the body’s level of consciousness. They don’t belong to the spiritual being’s level of higher consciousness. And all seven blocks relate to the confusion of what is of the body and of the higher being, Spirit.

Block Four – The next block is more specific to you and your unique path, including your particular life challenges. This can be named an uphill struggle. You have all experienced it. Things that seem too hard to overcome.

Block Five – Overcome Judgment And Egowhat is a big ego

Let’s say that you are going through many relationships and feel like you are giving more than you are receiving. You feel like the people are continuously taking. And actually, you are judging them, and you are judging yourself. , you are judging yourself, “what an idiot you are to let these people get away with that and how awful they are.” This closes off the energy of your heart chakra

Block Six – Overcome fear. Well, this is self-explanatory. Fear can hold you back from everything you want to accomplish. It is like an ice storm that freezes you in your spot.

Block Seven – Overcome self-doubt. The old Henry Ford quote holds true here, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t… you are right.” Jump, and a net will appear.

These are the blocks that show up and are related to the chakras. Chakras are also conduits for your psychic abilities. And so the flip side of each challenge is that when you have transcended it, there is a kind of revelation. As you heal and transcend the challenge, you open your system to the Divine. You are opening your system to access your spiritual gifts, which are your psychic abilities and intuition. So basically, let go; let God. Through your chakras.

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Step Three – Learn Psychic Development Tools And Techniques

Have you ever accomplished anything without learning about it first? The same applies to becoming an accomplished psychic reader or energy healer with your psychic abilities. First, learn your psychic tools and techniques. Study and practice.

Start with grounding and centering, two fundamental techniques that allow you to begin to be in charge as the neutral observer of your reality.

Regarding psychic tools and techniques, many people feel that this is just random. It just happens, and you are either good at it or not. You see people on television being good at it. They have this gift, and they’ve not had to do anything to develop it. It just happened to them. You know, and if it happens to you, it’s random, and you have no control over it.

And so I’m here to tell you that you can train yourself to be psychic, and you all have the ability. Your psychic abilities are your spiritual senses. So, just as in the physical world, you have five physical senses, the ability to see, hear, taste, feel, and smell.

In the psychic world, you have these that allow you to see and hear, know and feel, and many other things in the nonphysical world. So that’s all these psychic abilities are. They are senses. They are ways of sensing energy and frequencies and tuning beyond physical reality into nonphysical reality. And over the 1000s of years on this planet, there have been many Mystery Schools. And many individuals have gone very far in being able to access those tools. And so that’s a legacy that we have.

As a review, step three states there are tools and techniques that you can learn. You can learn and implement those tools and techniques. It gives you your psychic abilities. It teaches you how to consciously choose to use them, use them, and consciously tune in to whatever it is, or whoever it is, that you want to get information about or communicate with.

Step Four – Practice Readings And Healings On Yourself And Others

This fourth step is deciding what you want to use your psychic powers for. Do you want to use it for yourself, for your own guidance, for your own life, or for your own life direction? Or do you want to also use it to help other people? And either way that you decide to go, you need to practice doing readings. And actually, it is a good idea to practice doing the readings on yourself first. And then you will be more ready to practice with other people.

Sitting at home and trying to perfect yourself in meditation is one thing. It’s a whole other thing to get out there in the world and experience this in action. And it’s through doing that you grow and expand. And so, to master your gifts, it’s about using your gifts. So, first, practice psychic readings on people to master your gifts. Then you can apply them in the way you want, which leads nicely to step five.

Step Five -Apply Your Gifts To Fulfill Your Purpose.do you look for a purpose in your life

Now it is time to apply your gifts to fulfill your purpose and amplify them. Okay, now you know who you are, what your gifts are, how to access them, and how to use them. Now you are consciously walking your path, applying yourself, and using your gifts to help people. You can help yourself to manifest what you came here to do. And the beautiful thing is that growth never stops.

You are constantly expanding and growing. You are continually learning more and going deeper until the day you die. And even then, beyond and into future lifetimes. The more you practice, the more expertise you will acquire and the more mastery you will control.

And there are also higher-level practices that will help you amplify your abilities and transcend your limits, even to a higher and greater degree of enlightenment. For example, if you learn to run your Kundalini energy, you will amplify your psychic abilities. You will really start to transcend your limits.

5 Steps To Developing Your Psychic Powers And Intuition In Review

  • Step One – Understand your unique psychic powers profile.
  • Step Two – Transcend your limits, and eliminate your blocks.
  • Step Three– Learn psychic development tools and techniques.
  • Step Four – Practice readings and healings on yourself and others.
  • Step Five -Apply your gifts to fulfill your purpose.

Those are the five fundamental steps to developing your psychic abilities. The best place to start is at the beginning of the first step. After that, walking and running will follow. Regardless of the speed or intensity, that is entirely up to you. The last thing to say about it is to enjoy the journey.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, 5 Steps to Developing Your Psychic Powers And Intuition as we break down the different ways to increase your psychic powers and intuition.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of 5 Steps to Developing Your Psychic Powers And Intuition:

  • Andarini – Please check which of my chakras is blocked. And would you clear / heal it? Because a healthy chakra is an excellent foundation for developing your intuition, right?
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, could you speak more about the grounding? I’ve got your grounding meditation. And at different times of day, I do short grounding meditations, visualizing the cord going from the root chakra to the earth’s core. I don’t spend much time on it and wonder if there is a certain amount of time we should spend on it or how often? Should we ground every hour or so? I know we can become ungrounded easily. I certainly want to ground effectively.
  • Samie – Please tell me more about my chakras, “feeling trapped,” HOT, and uncomfortable in the heart center, especially during meditation. Are the “blocks” you refer to related to one’s chakras? If so, then personal healing is important. Thank you.
  • AA – I have been going through challenge after challenge in life. The latest one I’m having now is the hardest one and unexpected- though you mentioned that you saw this as a rebirth of mine. Could you see if this relates to developing my intuition in the future?
  • BC – I’ve always felt more connected to the psychic/spiritual realm than the human one. It’s why I’ve had trouble being human. In ways, that’s a good thing because I don’t go with the crowd. I follow my own drumbeat.
  • Denise – I am clearly hearing and seeing Spirit. Had an awakening in 2014 to see more. As a child, I stayed with my psychic abilities. What is my purpose?

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