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October 18, 2022

What Is Blocking Your Psychic Gifts And Intuition UYT349

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Overcoming Your Blocks To Developing Psychic Abilities

On your quest to awaken your psychic abilities, also known as psychic gifts, you will no doubt make mistakes and run into deterrents. So learning to recognize these issues and learning to clear blocks to your intuition is vital. Basically, there are seven major blocks to developing intuition that everybody encounters and must transcend. This, of course, is if you are serious about developing your psychic abilities.

What Is Blocking Your Psychic Gifts And Intuition?

7 Blocks To Awakening Your Psychic Powers

As you experience how to unlock your psychic powers, you may run into one or more of the seven main blocks to expanding these wonderful gifts. You will probably identify with a minimum of three or four of them, if not all of them.

  1. Taming the wild stallion with meditation
  2. Controlling your monkey mind
  3. Controlling your emotions and sex drive
  4. Releasing effort
  5. Taming the wild stallion with meditation
  6. Facing and overcoming fear
  7. Controlling Your Intellect

But in looking at these blocks, you will find they all relate to the fact that you are a Spirit, having an experience in a human body. And that you get confused between what belongs to the body and what belongs to Spirit. This can lead to you trying to approach your spiritual growth through body-level consciousness. This doesn’t work because the body is a specially designed-vehicle to navigate physical reality. It’s not its job to navigate spiritual reality.

Psychic Development And You; Spirit Or Humandevelop your psychic abilities

So one analogy I like to use when teaching people like you to release their psychic abilities is to imagine a horse and the rider. Imagine a wild horse, and you want to be able to ride this magnificent beast. The wild horse is a metaphor for the body, and the rider is a metaphor for you.

You feel that you are a pretty good rider. But this horse has its own temperament. It wants to run wild and free. It’s got its own internal drives and wants to be left alone to do the things it wants to do. And many Spirits, as they take on the mortal mantel, just created a body, and then they leave the body to get on with it. Meanwhile, their Spirit sort of remains in outer space.

But you are meant to be the rider, sitting firm in the saddle, holding your body’s reins, and guiding it. Because you, the Spirit, are the source of your higher guidance. And that comes through your psychic abilities and intuition. So optimum philosophy relates to bringing body and Spirit, horse and rider, together.

You can see this idea when people are training horses. The horses are wild and skittish and don’t want to do anything the rider wants them to do when they are training it. When the rider starts getting on the horse, it wants to buck and throw the rider off. And so they are not friends in the beginning. And sometimes, this is true for you, the human being, and the human body versus you, the spiritual consciousness.

One of the factors in uniting these two powerful forces, the human and the wild pony, relates to the history of the wild horse. Was it abused? If so, it’s not going to trust you. If it’s been abandoned, it’s not going to trust you. If it’s been allowed to dominate and decide its own path, then why should it trust you. But, on the other hand, it’s quite capable of getting on with things on its own.

Psychic Ability Training For Beginners

So this is an excellent metaphor for thinking about psychic development for beginners. As Spirit, you want to take on human form, a human body. Then you may decide you want to develop your intuition. But the first reason that you have challenges is that your body is the entity that wants to do this. You feel you can guide your own lives. You, as the wild horse, go any which way you please. You cannot be guided in why you are here and what you are here to do. And so, to do that, your Spirit must first tame and then ride the wild stallion. Otherwise, there will be you, Spirit, and you, the human form, and they are not coordinated. They’re not riding together.

So it’s a partnership that needs to be developed. And the mechanism for developing that partnership can be and is a path you take through meditation. There is a specific form of meditation that helps to bring body and Spirit together. It sounds straightforward, but it is pretty efficient.

Overcoming The First Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Taming The Wild Stallion With Meditationlearn how to access your intuition

So okay, now what are these blocks that everyone encounters? Now that you understand the relationship between rider and stallion, Spirit and the body, let’s look at the first of these blocks to awakening your psychic gifts.

So the wild stallion wants to do its own thing. It wants to roam free. Whatever it wants, it chases. So the first challenge is getting the wild stallion to stand still if it doesn’t want to. Daily meditation practice is the answer to developing your intuition and psychic abilities. If you follow a daily meditation practice, you may still feel the temptations of the physical world. Still, eventually, you will connect body and Spirit. But if your body is like the wild stallion, it will be agitated.

It’s going to want to run off here and there. It’s not going to want to sit still. So you have to train the body to be able to do that, which is similar to training a stallion to stay calm. So the first lesson, the first block, is how to train the body to sit and meditate during daily practice.

You want to access your intuition, so is this absolutely necessary, you may ask? Or maybe you don’t want to meditate. Meditation is a very focused, powerful path to developing your intuition, especially if you know the correct energy techniques to use while you meditate.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering

Overcoming The Second Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Controlling Your Monkey Mind

What else can cause a stallion to be skittish? Maybe it sees some of the horses over there, and off it goes. But, on the other hand, it may see some hay or fresh grassland over there.

So its mind is bouncing around. You can call these negative environmental influences. There are all sorts of different environmental influences that can cause your mind to bounce around. This is what you call the monkey mind. The Buddha said that the monkey mind is the human mind is like a barrel of drunken monkeys.”

He was referring to all those thoughts bouncing around in your mind like a tennis match with 10 players.

You all know that feeling. You all know the monkey mind syndrome. You can’t stop thinking. It seems impossible to control the mind and still the mind. You may have tried some meditation techniques where they have you sit and stare at the wall or close your eyes and just sit there.

And oh, my goodness, all of those thoughts that come. You can’t seem to stop those random thoughts from bouncing around in your mind. They are not your intuition. Those types of thoughts distract you from developing your psychic gifts. They come from the body’s level of consciousness. So you need to train your skittish mind from jumping around here, there, and everywhere. You need to quiet it. traveloutside of the realm of my body

And so, there are many different styles of meditation. Most of the meditation practices bring you into the Theta state. These are like empty mind meditations; you think that’s what you need to do to develop your intuition. However, your intuition is most powerfully activated when your brainwaves are in a Gamma state.

And so there’s a specific type of meditation that helps you to accomplish that. There is a type of meditation that I teach that was taught and known in ancient mystery schools. These schools were the ancient training grounds for priests and priestesses. This meditation is what they learned, and it was not shared with the general population. You had to prove that you had a certain level of control over your wild stallion before entering those temples.

But there are specific techniques that, when you know them, are highly beneficial to tame that crazy mind that jumps around. Find a link below to two guided meditations that will help do exactly that.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation

Overcoming The Third Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Controlling Your Emotions And Sex Drive

The next block to developing your psychic powers you must overcome has to do with your emotions. Imagine that, as a wild stallion, you will have strong emotions and sex drives. So, it has these robust poles, these powerful forces. It may quickly become afraid and run away. Maybe it readily becomes aggressive and rears up. But, on the other hand, it may have a powerful desire to mate it, and off it goes.

These are all aspects of the body level. And they are not conducive to generating your psychic gifts. As well, fear or anger are not forms of intuition. Unfortunately, people will often confuse some of these levels of the body with intuitive gifts. So you have to learn to navigate these intense emotions of the body of the wild stallion. Learn to differentiate what stems from the Spirit as opposed to the body.

An example would be that you are attracted to a specific person and feel it’s meant to be. But is that just sexual desire? Or is it a genuine intuition about this person? Or you might say, Oh, that person makes you so angry. And that’s a sign that you didn’t know you shouldn’t hang out with them. That’s not your intuition. It’s an emotional trigger within the body. So the third part of taming the wild stallion is learning to be in charge of those aspects of the second chakra; the sex drive and the emotions.

If you want to truly steer the ship from Spirit, you must do that. And it doesn’t mean to negate or ignore them. It doesn’t mean repressing or denying them. It just means learning to train the body to be aware and to receive messages from Spirit. “Oh, this is how the body is feeling right now. You can come in and calm the body’s anger. Assuage the body’s fear. Make a decision whether you know the sexual encounter you are contemplating is something that you know your intuition is telling you to follow.

Overcoming The Fourth Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Releasing Effortrealease effort to help develop your psychic gifts

So let’s say you know you are a horse hooked up to a cart. This cart is filled with apples to take to market. So this cart is a heavy load and a bit of a struggle. Maybe pull it up a hill, and it’s even more of a struggle. Effort takes energy. This dispelled energy to struggle and get up the hill is one of the differences between body and Spirit.

You are interacting with the world on a physical level to move your body, using your energy. Or, you want to do something simple like pick up a pen, a cup of coffee, or tea. These all take effort. But Spirit is outside of the realm of time and space.

Nothing that Spirit does takes any effort. So if you find yourself in effort, when it comes to intuition, you are like the horse forced to pull its load up a hill. You are approaching your spiritual development through the body and the body levels. And it doesn’t work that way. Developing or using your intuition does not take energy.

Have you recognized yourself in any of the four blocks to psychic gifts and intuition? For example, being too busy and too agitated to actually sit down and meditate, having a monkey mind, having emotional triggers and emotional ups and downs, and coming from a place of effort with things.

Overcoming The Fifth Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Letting Go Of Negative Experiences That Keep You Trapped In Your Body

The next one, let’s say that you, the stallion, have had some negative experiences. Maybe you have been mistreated in some way. Possibly you have been abused emotionally or physically. A man may have whipped the horse to make it work harder. And so that horse is going to it’s going to perhaps judge every time it sees a man. It decides that man is not to be trusted.

Or let’s say that the horse is a racehorse, a dressage horse, or some form of competition horse. And it will compare itself to other horses and needs to be the best horse. And you know, you, as the stallion, want to win. You feel you are the only one that can or deserves to win. So these concepts of judgment, competition, or even performance expectations on this horse create particular internal struggles. Basically, every time the master comes by, you try to live up to their expectations, regardless of who that may be.

Your psychic gifts, your intuition, do not judge. There is no judgment as Spirit. No better or worse. And so, one of the qualities of developing your intuition is learning to be a neutral, nonjudgmental observer of your reality. So, if you can do it, this is a great power, giving you dominion over all of these blocks being examined.

Because now you are not enslaved to them. Now, you are not tossed around on the stormy sea. But you can be the neutral observer, see what it is not be pulled into any form of turmoil. It is by accepting it instead of resisting it and railing against it. And that really is the key to starting to be in charge of your reality. Because for something you don’t like to change, you must first accept it. If you resist it, it’s not going to change. Resistance creates persistence. What you focus on grows.

Overcoming The Sixth Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Facing And Overcoming Fearhow to overcome fear painlessly

FEAR- False Expectations Appearing Real. That wild stallion might be afraid of humans or of the rider. There are all sorts of things that you may want to experience, especially expanding and using your psychic powers. To do these things, you must first banish fear. When it comes to psychic abilities, people like you can have pages of examples of what they might be afraid of:

  • They might be afraid of:
  • Seeing disturbing things
  • Seeing things they can’t handle
  • Being responsible for the things that they see
  • Being called crazy
  • Being ostracized and put on the fringes of society
  • Losing touch with reality
  • Being punished, and so many more things.

So what are you afraid of? It would be best if you banished fear. Think about what happens when a wild stallion sees a man or an animal caught in a car’s headlights. It might run away, or it might freeze. If it freezes, there’s no movement. There’s no forward progress because you are stuck on what you are afraid of. And when you are running away, you are not facing what you need to face. All of these things are all FEARs – False Expectations Appearing Real. The best way to get over it is to feel the fear but do it anyway. In most cases, the fear will instantly disappear.

Overcoming The Seventh Block To Your Psychic Abilities: Controlling Your Intellectwhere does intuition come from

The last block you will need to get past is your intellectual mind. This is the part of you that analyzes and weighs all the pros and cons of EVERYTHING. And that process introduces doubt. So your intuition is instant. No need to think about it. Because as soon as you think about it, you start diluting it. You start to dissolve it, you start to control it, and you start to overlay preconceived ideas on top of it.

So it would be best if you were clear about what you are experiencing. It would help if you learned not to confuse the human brain, the intellect, with intuition. Now there is an excellent chart on my website. Scroll down about halfway down, and there’s the chart. It refers to the seven common intuition blocks. You will uncover which ones you identify with.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

Regardless of which blocks affect you, it is worth working through them. You may even want to find a psychic advisor or mentor to help you along your way. The benefits of awakening your psychic gifts will bring you and others great joy.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Blocking Your Psychic Gifts And Intuition as we explore the things that hold most people back from experiencing their psychic abilities to the maximum.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is Blocking Your Psychic Gifts And Intuition:

  • Tina – When I asked my intuition if I should go out with someone named Victor, I saw that as a ‘yes.’ I’m now wondering, though. After what you said tonight if it was my body saying yes instead of my intuition. Can you please look at the energetic connection between Victor and me? I’d like to see whether I need to work on my discernment between intuition and body messages. Thanks, Dr. Lesley!
  • Karen – Am I going through a breakup? Can you help me, please? Would it be in my two dogs’ best interest, Buddy and Kaya, to remain with Robert or move with me? Sorry, it is not a question related to the show.
  • Katie – I completed your course over a year ago and just revisited the list of all the things I wanted to create or manifest in my life. At the time, I chose 2 from my list. However, at this point, I have manifested nearly all items on my list. So, I have to think about what I want now. Lol, I am living my dream. I also believe you were clearing what was blocking my sparkly yellow energy a few weeks ago has done wonders. Thank you for that! It’s just amazing how things just show up in my life. Things that I don’t expect. But they feel so right, and everything flows!
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, I’ve had some interesting things happening. Seems like a lot of energy is moving through me. I have a much deeper level of awareness, even with the monkey mind you mentioned. I see my past with a different perspective, a better one. It seems like a lot is changing. I’m sure it’s all good. However, it’s got me curious. I’m hoping you could look at it and give me some insight. It’s so different.
  • Wies Lawa – I think of all 7 blocks to my psychic abilities you mentioned, none are my issue now. I definitely am intuitive. However, not constantly. So the question is, why is it so easy to sometimes know? I am not experiencing any emotional blockages, I believe, but subconsciously who knows?
  • Lori – Hi Lesley. Can you see what is blocking me from doing some intensive clairvoyant training?
  • SG – Hello. I would like to know what’s blocking my psychic gifts.

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